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    Tom Ziglar; Living Ziglar

    in Motivation

    When Tom Ziglar walked away from a professional golf career to join his father, Zig Ziglar, in the family business he thought he would eventually regret giving up his dream. Instead, he says, it was replaced with something better. Most people don’t have the opportunity to work for a company where people literally write you a letter and say you changed their life. His father’s sales training and inspirational messages have touched hundreds of thousands of lives for more than half a century. When Zig fell and hit his head, resulting in a brain injury and short-term memory loss, he handed over the day-to-day operations to Tom, who is carrying out his father’s legacy. The elder Ziglar has since passed and is very much missed by his family and the world. Tom says: You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. We don’t tell anybody anything new. It comes right out of the Bible and it’s simple and easy to understand. We give companies and individuals the tools, skills and values they can use to change their personal and professional lives. You can follow Tom on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Tom Ziglar - Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

    in Self Help

    Tom is the proud son of Zig Ziglar. He is also the CEO of Ziglar Inc.
    Prior to being named CEO, Tom began his career  in retail and direct sales.
    He joined The Zig Ziglar Corporation in 1987.
    Tom is the co-author of Born To Win, taking the Ziglar philosophy and applying those same principles to the business world.
    Tom enjoys golf, like his dad Zig used to, and working out several times a week. He has been married to his wife Chachis for over 25 years and they are the proud parents of Alexandra. All 3 of them are owned by their dog Max.

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    Conversations With PASSION - Tom Ziglar

    in Self Help

    Conversations With Tom Ziglar, Leah Carey, Suzie McNeil, Nathan MacIntosh, Carlos of YTV's Next Star, and much more.

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    Upbeat with Tom Hayes & screenwriter/actor/playwright/comedian George MacDonald

    in Comedy

    Author of the play "Wating For Whitey", comedian, actor, screenwriter, George MacDonald joins Tom in an up-to-date conversation on the production of "Waiting for Whitey" as well as his recent article in the 'Somerville Times' about his actual meeting with Whitey Bulger. George will give us the behind the scenes inspiration for his work and the trials and tribulations and success of putting up the production. So, listen, call and join in on the fun.  

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    Upbeat: Tom Hayes and Rebecca Tripp with Ed McDonough, Marketing Guru and Coach

    in Comedy

    Tom Hayes and Rebecca "The Metaphysical Flight Attendant" interview Ed McDonough, internet marketing guru and executive coach and introduce Rebecca's new success coaching program, "The Abundance Attractor".  

    Tom Hayes and Rebecca "The Metaphysical Flight Attendant" Tripp interview Ed McDonough, entrepreneur, marketing guru and exectutive coach abotu his book, "The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy" . Tune in to learn what it takes to thrive in the internet age.

    Since 2001 Ed McDonough has been a successful entrepreneur and multi-business owner who has a unique talent for developing and implementing long-term marketing strategies. In addition, he also enjoys helping passionate entrepreneurs plan, promote and launch their business from the ground up.After 25 years in Corporate America as an Information Technology professional, Ed parlayed his long-time woodworking hobby into a profitable custom furniture and cabinetry business which he owned and operated for seven years.Due to his rapid success with his first business, other business owners sought Ed's advice in regards to planning, starting and marketing their business, which eventually lead him to developing a full-time business coaching practice.Today Mr. McDonough is the owner of Executive Coaching in Walpole, MA 




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    John Carver Show - How to be a WINNER (Zig Ziglar)

    in Self Help

    The late Zig Ziglar has been one of my teachers via his books and audio material for over twenty years.  On today's show I am sharing part of his seminar called "How to be a Winner."

    You know what it means to be a winner.
    Now find out how to become one. 
    You have the potential. But you need that powerful lift that can vault you over any obstacle: a winning attitude. Your talents and skills are inert without a winning self-image to activate them. "Attitude is more important than aptitude," asserts Ziglar as he leads you to think and feel like a winner. Winners are not born - they're made. You can train your mind and body for high performance by applying Zig's formula to your everyday life. As you gain a winning edge, you'll be able to:

    Find the positive in people and situations
    Change bad habits
    Set goals
    Have more rewarding relationships

    You can get more information about Mr. Ziglar at www.ziglar.com

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    Upbeat w Tom Hayes and Rosemarie Young present Maine Ghosts Busters

    in Comedy

    The internationally famous 'Maine Ghost Busters' join Rosemarie Boccia Young and Tom Hayes this morning to speak about paranormal investigations in Maine and world wide. This team has investigated paranormal activities like UFO's, Ghost Hauntings, Big Foot sightings, etc. Join us for a spooky show and call in with your reports of paranormal experiences. 

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    Upbeat with Tom Hayes with Rosemarie Young and Hazel Moore, Clairvoyant, Coach.

    in Comedy

    Hazel Moore is  a teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart. In her own words, "I do not channel, my Soul embodies me and my knowing comes directly from that Source. It is my heart's desire to express more fully the teacher and healer that awakened in me in 1984."

    Her captivating story takes her from an island paradise in the Mediterranean where she felt her soul was dying in an abusive relationship and she decided to 'let go' and found a deep relationship with her true Source. In that decision and relationship, she found herself, freedom, insight ,power and abundance. Join us as Hazel explains how you too can discover your own intuitive power and universal love. 


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    Upbeat with Tom Hayes with Rosemarie Young and Sarah Newton, Parent/Teen Coach

    in Comedy

    An author, speaker, consultant, creator of teenology and youth media expert, Sarah Newton has shared her wisdom with millions who have tuned into her TV and Radio shows, followed her writing and listened to her thought provoking talks. She has the ability to raise the expectations and aspirations of all young people she comes into contact with and works tirelessly to support young people to support futures that propel them forward. She is obsessed with youth culture and supports organization to understand, anticipate, and prepare for the future that this generation will create. She can often be found wearing a super-hero cape, talking about The Hunger Games and using the metaphor of story to get her message across. She loves Heroes and Heroines, slays dragons often, loves cakes and has a huge shoe collection. Tune in to meet this fascinating human and futurist. 

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    Conversation With Passion - Dr. John Izzo & Tom Ziglar

    in Self Help

    Conversations with Dr. John Izzo, Tom Ziglar, Dr. Dave Collins and Marc MacDonald, Margaret Magner of Magner Ink and Michele Carter of Willow Esthetics.

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    UPbeat: Tom Hayes interviews Eileen LeDonne and her RV Life!

    in Comedy

    Entrepreneur, Mother, Single Mom, World Traveler, and now traveller with her four year old daughter in her own RV. Join us as Eileen discusses her purpose, her dreams, and her new reality as she travels the United States in her RV alone with her four year old daughter. She will speak about her plans to film a documentary about the growth of RV travel and life in the United States. How families and individuals are finding alternatives to living that heretofore never existed. The Sociology, the families, the economics,  and the lifestyles will be treated. Join us fro a fascinating show. 

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