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    Tolec and the Last Undersea Base

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    Imagine a war in space - between extraterrestrial civilizations - for our future.
    This is no sci-fi thriller plot, but reality.  Or at least it was, according to our guest Tolec - a person from our world who says he's also a contactee and representative of an intergalactic body known as the Andromeda Council.    Don't miss this special episode as Tolec explains that the space war is over, and the good guys have won!  Hear very specific details about a final operation that is now it the cleanup stage.   Tolec has come to prominence in the 2012 underground following interviews with the likes of Alfred Webre, Lisa Harrison and many others.   Tolec and Tim will discuss the greater, in-depth details of the "clearing out" of the final Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base, and other aspects of the on-going transition on this planet as the Draco & Hydra Reptilian lead 'Cabal' & 'Illuminati' highly malevolent power structure is being defeated, and dismantled...for good.

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    The Coming, with Tolec and the Andromeda Council

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    Astrid Stromberg invites Tolec, Earth Representative to the Andromeda Council, to Brilliant Essence radio, Thursday Guest Specials.
    Tolec is a human representative of the Andromeda Council, an intergalactic governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets... for worlds in both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.
    His Andromeda Council contacts indicate it has a number of “biospheres”, twelve (12) at this time, large planetoid spacecraft, stationed around Earth. And that these are complete living & working environments.
    Join Astrid and Tolec as they discuss these coming events, as well as humanity's future relationship with this foreign body of governance our planet and its people are a part of today.
    Thursday April 12th. 6PM PST /9PM EST
    Call 1+646-200-3700
    Open chatroom

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    Roundtable Discussion ~ 11/01/14 ~ Expanded Citizens Disclosure Panel I

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    Date: Saturday,  November 1, 2014 - Join us on Saturday,  November 1, 2014, 11 AM HST, 2 PM Pacific, 4 Central, 5 PM Eastern time for a 3 hour roundtable discussion with Participants: Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Lessin, Alfred Webre, Laura Eisenhower, Ray Kosulandich, Tolec, Theresa J. Morris & Elizabeth (Diamond) Mulligan.

    Call 646-649-0893 or 347-945-7207  or (209)255-1000 (or) +1-424-203-8405 Pin 883267# to listen or ask a question.


    Duration:  three hours 

    Panel: Eight panel members, Janet Kira Lessin and Dr. Sasha Lessin moderate. 

    Questions:  four to five questions (depending on length of answers). 

    Scenario:  Imagine an expanded Citizens Hearing on Capitol Hill records your testimony for documentaries for Congress and key world leaders. 

    Bio:  Send Janet (aquarianradio@gmail.com) a one to three-paragraph bio. Make its first summarize who you are and what you do.  Janet or Sasha will read that paragraph to the radio audience before you first speak.
    More at  http://wp.me/p2OzDR-2Jk on Aquarian Radio

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    Alien Contact Org w/TJMorris & Friends

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    A Roundtable Discussion with Participants: Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Lessin, Alfred Webre, Laura Eisenhower,  Ray Kosulandich, Tolec, Theresa J. Morris & Elizabeth (Diamond)  Mulligan - See more at: http://www.aquarianradio.com/2014/10/02/roundtable-discussion-expanded-mock-citizens-disclosure-panel-i/#sthash.aqC10wx5.dpuf. NOVEMBER 1, 2014 - Held Saturday Disclosure Associate Colleagues- Exopolitics-Ascension Center Org - ACE Andromeda Metaphysical Group. TJ Morris ET Radio & Aquarian Radio -SPONSORS & PRODUCERS

    ACO is proud to present the Alien Contact Org with TJ Morris & Friends. ACO is acronym for Ascension Center Org, Associate Consultant Organizers who work along side Theresa J Morris. Theresa J Morris is host to friends in this universe and others. TJ Thurmond Morris is the name of TJ born to share this Ascension Age with those beings of kindred spriits. Theresa aka TJ has a way of being fun and entertaining as well as loving and trusting with others who cross her path in cyberspace., UFO Sightings and ET Contact. TJ is an ET Contactee and her stories are happening from past life memories in the Ancient Wisdoms to the present with New Thought Teachings. TJ is searching for others who desire to join an annual gathering and want to support a spiritual community based on the fact that we are all humanoid sentient intelligent benigs sharing the birth-life-death process as body-mind-spirits. TJ shares the esoteric side of life as the paranormal and spiritual science now under the caregory of spirituality. TJ has formed the Ascension Center org, ACE Metaphysical Institute and the ACE Nonprofit Inc as three (3) names to work together inside the ACO-ACIR for various genres in cyberspace.

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    A Guiding Lite-1st hr Michael Tellinger 2nd hr Tolec-Updates

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    ****DOUBLE HEADER****
    1st hour -  Michael Tellinger vs. Standard Bank
    Everyone seems to feel a change in the air.  Will this change come soon?  Who is on the front lines of this change?  Is there any evidence that real people are working for this change?  Tune in as we discuss the possibility...
    2nd hour -  Tolec-Updates re: Operating Structure, Key Protocols & Guidelines - Of The Actual Andromeda Council
    Tolec and Dr. Marra will be discussing: The Andromeda Council and their latest developments...They will also dive into: life as a 4D human, what healthcare will look like, the modalities we will be using, and energy work...  Tune in, as we discuss the possibilities...

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    Talking Shifting Consciousness

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    Today, my Guide Jayriel and I will be discussing topics concerned with the changes on Earth that are happening now...all contributions are Welcomed, either live, or by email (via my website) prior to the show.

    This is a new process for us on air...as I will be relaying Jayriel's words in response to my part of the conversation with him, rather than as a direct channel...we are closely aligned now, allowing for this form of interaction between us :)

    We will be talking about:

    * The magnetic object that is headed in Earth's direction according to BPEarthwatch and his caller known as Michael (see links below) - what is happening with that?  Is it a Craft?

    *  What is 2014 really all about?  

    *  What is the role of our Galactic neighbours at this time, and when do we get to meet them face to face, including those aboard the Xanterexx?

    *  When do we see some real shifting of frequencies, that include the dimensional shift and the 3 days of darkness for those who are awakened?

    *  What are the warning signals that our Earth will be experiencing great changes?

    * What can people do to be prepared and ready - physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually?



    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REjqlKfVQDo - about magnetic body, also this one:  http://youtu.be/Qv7cSIC35_w by BPEarthwatch

    http://www.andromedacouncil.com/index.html - see Tolec's announcement of what this is

    http://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/ison-cobra-tolec-a-new-perspective-video/ - a very interesting response about the previous ones!


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    "Nature of Reality Radio" New Years 2014 Special

    in Spirituality

    On the New Years Day 2014 episode of Nature of Reality Radio, I will be riding solo as I couldn't find any guests who were able to come on. While topics of discussion will be coming to my mind as I speak, I do plan on taking time on this episode to discuss principles of liberty and freedom, and on the flip side discussing the principles of tyranny. I will also take some time to discuss the Freedom of Information Act war that I am waging against the NSA. I will also cover news, take calls, and make predictions for 2014.

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    Tolec the galactic picture of why Reptilians have been here.

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    Tolec will disclose - the much bigger galactic picture of - why - the Reptilians have been here on Earth

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    Visit with the Xanterexx / Comet ISON Crafts

    in Spirituality

    In today's show, I will be sharing about my own journey with those aboard the Xanterexx, a large Biosphere Craft, specialising in First Contact, that is moving towards Earth in the form of what has been named Comet ISON, to accustom us to the notion of connecting and actively interacting with our higher dimensional sisters and brothers who come to us in Love.   
    We are in a phenomenal time of transformation and change...I would like to receive your comments, questions and shares, to discuss how it is to finally meet our Galactic Brethren...what is it, that you would like to know or to understand about them, or this unfolding process.
    This will be another very intriguing and interesting show - come join in the discussion if you are listening live :)
    http://www.andromedacouncil.com - so much information via Tolec of the Andromeda Council here.
    http://youtu.be/BkgXfrnX_pg - short overview of Xanterexx and Escort Crafts - source of pics used here, with Gratitude to Tolec and the Andromeda Council.
    http://youtu.be/7AUljj2XTSI and http://youtu.be/8mzO-204reM from BP Earthwatch channel plus later ones eg http://youtu.be/b3-KMSe0104 and http://youtu.be/XFMTOa7-1D0
    Testify to Love by Uluwehi Gurerro on In My Heart CD

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    First Contact Radio

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    First Contact Radio 9/13/13 Show #995 hosted by Joshua PoetCOSMIC WEATHERSpaceweather.comhttp://www.spaceweather.comAstrologyhttp://www.mooncatsastrology.com/calendar/9-13.htmMoon Phasehttp://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.phpMayan Oraclehttp://www.starroot.com/cgi/daycalc.plUFO NEWSPossible UFO activity over Toronto, Canada 6-Sep-2013Glowing UFO With Light Beaming Up To It, Reno, Nevada On Sept 6, 2013, UFO Sighting News.Flying saucer flying over Sweden 10-Sep-2013FOO FIGHTERS VS UFOSDAILY STORIES4MIN News September 13, 2013: CNN, NASA Vids, Rapid Fire News, Spaceweather2013 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 911 Truth - INSIDE JOB911 Video ArchiveStrength of gravity shifts – and this time it's seriousANDROMEDA COUNCILTolec speaks about Comet Ison, Xanterexx biosphereRevelation 10Book of Revelation Study GuideGalactic Federation of Light Archangel Michael September-11-2013Angel Mesage 4 Uhttp://www.firstcontactradio.com

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