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  • Welcome To Tokyo kick off party live

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    Join us live on the air as we kick off the offical Welcome To Tokyo radio tslk show

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    kidd tokyo

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    juss dewin dumb borin shyt

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    TRN's "Indy Spotlight " Hosted by DrPhilOMac Featuring ..Tiki Tokyo #Bossette

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    Come one come all to our very "FIRST" TRN Indy Spotlight  were "Independent " Music, Art , Design and idea's are thrown into the Spotlight for all to enjoy. We could not think of a better way to start our .... "First" (Yessss) guest is none outher that The Hot and multi-talented Female MC "Tiki Tokyo".

    Join DrPhil & Tiki as they dicuss her Love of Music , MC Background, Upcoming shows (April 1st W/Too $hort) in the Mid West and her new Video and  (#HOTFIRE) soon to drop Album "Lean Back Pu$$y". Feel free to call in at (347)884-9299 or just listen by clicking the link below. Lets Turn on Tune in and TURN UP this Sunday @7:30 cst with Tiki Tokyo and Tru Radio Network ... Always Indy Baby!!!!!!

    TURN ON      TUNE IN    And .......... TURN UP!!!!!!!!


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    Sports Palooza: "Tokyo" Rosenthal & His "A Fauxtographer's Yankee Stadium Memoir

    in Sports

    Welcome to another edition of Sports Palooza Radio! Thank you for stopping by. Today, we know that the start of spring training is just around the corner and soon it will be baseball season!  We thought it was a great time to talk to Arnie "Tokyo" Rosenthal and his amazing story and book "A Fauxtographer’s Yankee Stadium Memoir."

    So just who is Arnie “Tokyo” Rosenthal?  For eight consecutive Major League seasons, this Valley Stream, NY, native (now a resident of Chapel Hill, NC), who envisioned and dreamed of himself as a baseball media broadcaster, beat reporter and photographer, “schemed and tricked” his way into the House That Ruth Built with full access to the Stadium’s field, press box, dugouts, clubhouses and even top level complimentary seats in the stands.  Over that time period, he recorded very few actual player interviews and filed very few stories, but he and his attractive girlfriend/soon-to-be-wife took hundreds of photos of players, managers and coaches that have never been seen by anyone. That is until now.


  • Martial Arts and Mysticism: A Little China and A Little Tokyo!

    in Movies

    Ever since I was a kid, I've always been facinated by the martial arts, and the mysticism surrounding this ancient art of self defense. My introduction to the martial arts, came from different televison shows and and many blockbuster films of the time (over two plus decades ago). I wanted to revisit two films from my youth to see if they stood the test of time, or had youth "clouding my judgement" as to their true entertainment factor! So lets take a look back to the late 80's and early 90's at two film that, at the time, made an impression on me: "Big Trouble In Little China" and "Showdown In Little Tokyo". Join me, host Greg Morgan (@reelmovieguy) and co-host Ms. Karen D. (@kdmoviemaven) on this episode of "A Reel Point Of View'. 

     This week, A Reel Point Of View will be simulcast live on both Blog Talk Radio and a new live video streaming media platform called Blab (www.blab.im). For those new to the blab.im platform, all you’ll need to do is visit the website www.blab.im and in the search engine type Movies, then enter. Scroll until you see our episode under A Reel Point Of View, click on the picture to watch the broadcast. Now for those of you who’d like to participate in the conversation on blab, just click on Join+, then you’ll be asked to sign into the blab through your twitter account. If you are unable to view the show live, no worries, the simulcast will be shared on our A Reel Point Of View youtube channel. 

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    Tokyo Nights: Introducing Tokyo

    in Youth

    Just a bunch of rambling and nonsense. Come join me and call in to interact!

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    Co-operative Multiplayer Live # 103- Tokyo Takes Our Heart

    in Video Games

    This week, Sean and Marc discuss everything that came out of Sony's press conference at the Tokyo Game Show.

    How will some of the things affect the West, namely the $50 PS4 price cut, will other regions see it as well? When could we see Kingdom Hearts II.8 and exactly what is it? There's also a Danganronpa game coming to PS4 and a new Resident Evil game that you may not want to know exists.

    Marc also discusses more on MGS V, playing WWE 2K15 on PC, and even going retro to play Super Mario RPG on an actual SNES.

    Just in case you didn’t know, we now have a W2M Network Facebook Page (which you can find at: https://www.facebook.com/W2MNetwork). It would really help a lot if you like the page and get your friends to do so as well. It’s really there that you can keep up with everything going on with the podcast.

    There's also a W2M Network Youtube Channel as well.

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    Episode 2481 - Showdown with the Devil in Tokyo - Jesus Wins. with John Ramirez

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2481 - Showdown with the Devil in Tokyo - Jesus Wins Ministers John Ramirez - Sister T & Shannon Davis
    Recorded 5-13-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com
    John Ramirez Website is: www.johnramirez.org

  • Intel Chip Chat Live - OpenStack Tokyo - 2015

    in Technology

    Join Host Allyson Klein and her guests live as they dissect the datacenter from the OpenStack Summit floor in Tokyo.

  • Steph & Pete Review the Amazing Draw in Wuhan and Recap Aga's Win in Tokyo

    in Sports

    Stephanie Neppl and Pete Ziebron discuss yet another solid WTA draw - this week in Wuhan, where every match the last few days has been "must see TV"  Several storylines have emerged including British qualifier Jo Konta who keeps winning and the impressive play this week of US Open runner-up Roberta Vinci.  Meanwhile, last week Aga Radwanska prevailed in an equally impressive field in Tokyo.  Join Steph and Pete for full analysis of the WTA on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network. 

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    in Politics

    Crime Scene Investigator and Private Investigator Nic Giles will be presenting the following material.

    In December of 2009 this evidence was presented in Japan. 
    Richard Gage AIA founder of Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth
    and Josef Princiotta Forensic Communicator, presented evidence of
    the planned and controlled destruction of the 3 World Trade Center Towers.
    A total of 15 presentations were given in 7 cities during the month.
    Special presentations were given to members of the government of Japan.
    At the request of Senator Yukihisa Fujita a special presentation was given
    in the Diet (The seat of Japanese government) in Tokyo on December 8th.
    The Japanese people lost 24 citizens on 9/11.
    Senator Fujita requests a Criminal Investigation. We support his position.

    9/11 Truth $100 a week for 10 years Physics Challenge (Well Can Ya?) Bet not!!