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    International Sunday School John11:38-44 wk of 01-31-16 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Hello everybody this is the Grover Weaver Ministries.org commentary on the International Sunday School Lesson on John 11:38-44, the resurrection of Lazarus for the week of 01-31-2016; it’s a matter of life and death.

    Our opening text finds Jesus, our high priest who is at the grave of his beloved friend, Lazarus groaning and grieving and weeping with his family and friends who moan his  death. The Hebrew writer (5:7) presents Christ as our High Priest as one who is touched by our infirmities.

    Let’s pray...

    Let’s be sure we are talking about a dead man, Jesus plainly said in the 14th verse of the chapter, ‘’Lazarus is dead’’. The non christians don’t believe that a fully human and fully divine can raise another man from the dead down here on earth from the dead. Jesus and John give a response to those thinkings in verses 35, 38 and 39 because if Lazarus was dead in verse 14 and Jesus was both man and God and John shows us him groaning and weeping at his beloved friend’s grave then he is the resurrection and the life when he calls him forth from his grave in verse 43.

    None of the people’s doubts or thinking did Jesus focus on other than Martha and Mary, a family who were part of his ministry and provided for his needs when he came to Jerusalem to worship. Jesus loved them dearly, and his heart was impassion for the sisters’ grieve...


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    International Sunday School Acts 16:1-15 Wk 11-15-15 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Hello everybody this is the Grover Weaver Radio Show a ministry of the Grover Weaver Ministries.org. The show is a commentary on the International Sunday School Lesson for the week of 11-15-15 on Acts 16:1-15.

    A study on Paul’s Macedonian Call to take the gospel to the western world.

    Welcome I am Grover your minister and sunday school teacher. Welcome to the broadcast.

    The outline is twofold Paul invites Timothy to the ministry verses 1 thur 5 and Lydia becomes the first convert on the continent, verses 6 thur 15.

    Shall we pray:

    O Lord we are blessed by the Abraham’s blessing all because you loved us first while we were yet a sinner. Our prayer of thanksgiving is the whole world be filled with your blessings. Amen.

    Now a verse by verse commentary on Acts 16:1-15

    (Thanks for Listening)


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    International Sunday School John 2:1-12 for the wk of 01-24-16 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Hello everybody this is the Grover Weaver Ministries.org Radio broadcast of the the International Sunday School Lesson on Saint John 2:1-12 the marriage at Cana of Galilee the place Jesus performed the 1st of 37 specific miracles; 20 in St. Mark, 21 in St. Matthew, 21 in Luke and 8 miracles in St. John which are called ‘’signs’’...


    V 3 Jesus’ mother tells him they have ran out of wine/

    V 4 is no disrespect of Mary in any form or fashion you could paraphrase it by saying Madam, that concern you, not me. My hour has not yet come.

    V 5 is Mary response to the servants, ‘’whatever he saith unto you do.

    V 6 - 8 Jesus said to them fill to the brim the six waterpots that were used to hold water for foot washing and purifying in a manner the Jews are custom too and draw some out and take it to the governor of the feast and they did so.

    V 9 - 10 the ruler of the feast tasted the wine it was better than the wine he had drunk when he arrived at the feast and he called the bridegroom to comment how unorthodox it is to save the best for last.

    V 11 Jesus’ miracles always had a two-fold purpose. This miracle resulted in the manifestation of his glory. John the author of the gospel of John said in V 14 of chapter 1, ‘’...the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth’’. And the second part of the purpose was to get his disciples to ‘’believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name’’, John 20:31.

    V 12 After the wedding, Jesus’ family and his friends and disciples returned to his home in Capernaum. His birthplace was Bethlehem; He was raised in Nazareth; He lived and conducted his ministry out of Capernaum his home town...

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    International Sunday School Lesson Hosea 1 wk of 01-17-16 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Hello everybody this is the Grover Weaver Ministries.org commentary on the International Sunday School Lesson for the week of January 17, 2016 from Hosea chapter 1; ‘’your goodness is always in the eye that is beholding the broken relationship’’.

    Welcome to the class I am Grover Weaver your preacher and Sunday School teacher.

    Hosea means “God saves”. Hosea personal experiences in his marriage become the face of the nation of the Northern Kingdom as it went in captivity to the Assyrians.

    The infidelity of Hosea’s marriage with Gomer allowed him to preach repentance and present his marriage as an example of his forgiveness of his wife spiritual idolatry to him as God’s example of his forgiveness of Israel spiritual infidelity to Him...


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    International Sunday School Genesis 29:15-30 wk of 01-06-16 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Hello everybody. This is the Grover Weaver Ministries.org International Sunday School Lesson commentery  on Genesis 29:15-30 ‘’Jacob negotiates with his uncle Laban  for a wife”.

    The theme for this narrative is ‘’bait and switch’’. A bait and switch scheme is common when a merchant lurchs you in through a deal and then change the terms and put you in a different deal that’s better for the merchant...

    Now let us look at this scoundrel, Jacob who comes from a long line of flim flam artists; old people back in my day would say that ‘’boy came by his scandalous ways naturally. He got it from his momma’’.

    Jacob and his mother Rebekah conspired to deceive the elder brother Esau and the elderly father Isaacs, who eyes were deem to get the birthright for the younger son, Jacob (read all about it in the background scriptures in chapters 27 - 28)...  

    Verses 15 - 20 Jacob serves Laban for Rachel the younger and prettier of the two sister...

    Verses 21-27 I don’t think it is to finer of point to say Laban  was a gambling man he roll the dice to get 7 additional years of work from Jacob for his two daughters. At any point in the 7 year saga he would have given Jacob Rachel’s hand in marriage if someone had step forward and asked for Leah the less in beauty than her sister Rachel...

    Verses 28 - 30 Jacob’s dream comes true he gets to marry the beautiful Rachel and the next 7 years were served with joy and happiness with his new bride...

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    The International Sunday School lesson Leviticus 22:17-25;31-33 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    I am Grover Weaver minister and Sunday School teacher welcome everyone to the broadcast by the grace of God we open Leviticus 22:17-25;31-33. Thanks for listening.

    The Book of Leviticus outlines the methodology God used to saves man from the penalty of death.

    The book is devoted to the worship of the redeemed people of God multiple mentions of holiness or holy, sacrifice, priest, blood, offering; over and over the book commands, ‘’Ye shall be holy, for I am holy’’.

    The week’s lesson in Leviticus is a prelude to the story of the sacrificial lamb which will be born in a stable in the a little town of Bethlehem and sacrificed on a hill outside of the gates of Jerusalem hanging, bleeding and dying for humanity’s sins. The narrative will be build in the coming weeks for our Christmas celebration of the Baby Jesus.




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    International Sunday School Exodus 20:8-11;31:12-16 Wk 12-06-15 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone I am Grover Weaver, this is the Grover Weaver Ministries.org commentary on the International Sunday School Lesson for the week of December 6, 2015 from a book in the Pentateuch Exodus 20:8-11; 31:12-16.

    The Sabbath and the Manna which fell from heaven during the wilderness days were for a specific dispensation and for a  particular group of people. It was a shadow and a type of a certain thing to come in another dispensation, the Church Age. The Sabbath was established for Israel only as was the Manna.

    The sabbath means cessation from labor, a time of rest. The sabbath appears in scripture as the day of God’s rest in the finished work of creation there was no mention of a sabbath during the long period from Eden to Sinai it was revealed to Israel in Exodus 16:23 and made a part of the Law in Exodus 20:8-11 which is the verses we are studying in the first half of our lesson today.

    God was speaking to the Children of Jacob not the Christians when he said in verse 8 of Exodus 20, ‘’Remember the sabbath and keep it holy’’.

    Verse 9 reads ‘’Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work’’.

    Verse 10 & 11 “But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work....

    The seventh day sabbath was never made a day of sacrifice, worship, or any man ner of religious service. It was simply and only a day of complete rest for man and beast...

    Verses 12-17 of Exodus 31 is the sign of the Sabbath between the Lord and Israel...

    Thanks for listerning and have a bless day in the Lord.

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    International Sunday School Acts 18:1-11 & 18-21 Wk 11-29-15 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    Hello everybody this is the Grover Weaver Ministries.org Radio Show broadcast of the International Sunday School Lesson for the week of November 29, 2015 from the Book of the Activities of the Apostles chapter 18 verses 1-11 & 18-21 with the theme being ‘’Speak without fear”. I am Grover Weaver your minister and sunday school teacher welcome to the class. And, a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Paul in his Marsh Hills message preached Jesus and Him crucified and we are the offspring of a loving God who will raise us from the dead. In Him we move and have our being. Our God is a God not made with man hands. The Godhead is not like gold, or silver, or stone, carved by art and man’s device.

    And when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked; and others said, we will hear thee again of this matter so Paul departed from among them.

    Paul packed up his stuff and shook the dust off his feet and garments and came to Corinth, being ‘’pressed in the spirit, he testified Jesus is the Christ.In the preacher’s travels God ordered the ‘’footsteps’’ of Paul and Aquila’s to cross paths. Being a tentmaker it was a joy to met another tentmaker, they started a small business of making tents. Their crossing paths were indeed a economic blessing as well as a SPIRITUAL one: Aquila was added to the ministry. Paul became his mentor and taught him and his wife Priscilla who were ordered out of Italy by Claudius because of their ethnicity to becoming the first couple of christian workers in bringing the lost to a saving knowledge of Christ.


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    International Sunday School Acts 17 Wk 11-22-15 by Grover Weaver

    in Christianity

    I am Grover Weaver this is my ministry’s commentary on the International Sunday School lesson for the week of 11-22-15 on Acts 17:1-4,10-12, 22-25, & 28.

    Welcome Let us pray.

    O Lord thanks for sharing your love to the sinner when you shared it with Paul and called him from death unto life

    Thanks be to the Almighty God who love the world so that he gave his begotten son to whosoever whosoever can put their faith in him shall be set free from death. . Amen.

    The refugees are coming Praise the Lord the Syrians are coming glory be to God the muslim refugees are coming we ought to be excited to preach Jesus and him crucified share with with them our belief of resurrection from the dead. But instead we as a so call christian nation are trying in influence the people to reject the refugees and damn their soul to purgatory. I am ashamed of the church the white men within the church are silence while satan wreck havoc on the body of christ. where would the church be today if egypt had reject joseph, mary and jesus when they were refugees crossing her border fleeing the violence of Herod.   

    After the broadcast I am calling and I ask you to do the same call the White House Comment line 202-456-1111 and tell the president I support his ISIL strategy and his refugees policy. 

    V1-4 Paul and Silas share the gospel in Thessalonica and the so called church turned the people against Christ.

    V10-12 They share the gospel in Berea and the church turns the people against Christ again.

    V22-28 Paul gets creative to preach Christ to the Corinthians.





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    Pitt Football Star Todd Pipkin

    in Sports

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Coach Karen Hall will interview Pitt Football Star Todd Pipkin.


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    Carolina Clay - The Story of Dave with Leonard Todd

    in History

    Leonard Todd is the author of CAROLINA CLAY, the story of the slave potter known as Dave. Newsweek calls it “a fascinating account.” Publishers Weekly describes it as “a sweeping tale of the South itself.” It was a finalist for The National Award for Arts Writing, and it won the South Carolina Center for the Book Award for Writing. It is published by W. W. Norton.

    Born in South Carolina, Leonard was educated at Yale University. He is a former Fulbright Scholar to France. He lived for many years in New York City, where he began his writing career with travel articles, short stories, and novels for young adults. Two of his novels, set in areas of the South that he knew well as a boy, were optioned for film productions.

    Author Leonard Todd will be talking with us about the great ceramic artisan known as “Dave,” who lived in South Carolina during the 19th century. He was a potter, a poet, and a slave.

    For many years, very few details were known about this enigmatic man. Leonard, however, discovered a startling personal link to him and set out to uncover his story. The prize-winning book, CAROLINA CLAY, is the result.

    Leonard now lives with his wife, a poet, in Edgefield, South Carolina, where he recently wrote the book, lyrics, and music for his first theatrical musical, SUNNY DAY, which had its premiere at the Edgefield County Theatre Company.

    Leonard has told Dave’s story to audiences at the Smithsonian, at Oxford, on National Public Radio, and today he will be telling it to us.