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    "What Do Black Women Want in a Man?"- Classic Rebroadcast

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    Did you miss our special on “What do Black Women Want in a Man”, where we discussed: Jeremy Meeks and the REAL reasons many women end up having their hearts broken by sexual and emotional predators, the Obamas allowing their kids to listen to Jay Z and Beyonce, the United States impending war with Russia and Iran, Michelle Williams' new gospel song with Beyonce & Kelly Rowland, the difference between a real relationship and a situationship, the new James Brown movie and MANY other topics? If so, tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" tonight at 9:00pm EST for a special rebroadcast. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... "REAL Radio that Matters for over 10 Years".

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    Do You Know What Your Customers Objectives Are?

    in Business

    Listen to today's Talk Business With Howard 5 minute podcast with business expert - strategist - and advisor to CEOs, presidents and business owners, Howard Lewinter: Do You Know What Your Customers Objectives Are?

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    What do you NEED and Want?

    in Spirituality

    What is it that you really need or want from God? In realit, it may be you in the NEED or Want department. It may be a family member, friend or someone you have just met, but each one of us need or want something from God. If you have arrived, I would like to know your journey, beacuase with God all things are posible. We are going to want and need in this life-time. On tonight (9pm), come let us adore Him (Jesus) first and the make all of our requests known unto God. He is a healer, he can send a breakthrough and God can mend a broken heart. There once was a song that says, "How can you mend a broken heart and how can you stop the rain from falling down?" I use to try to use the scientific theory, but then realized God is the anser to all those hard problems and situations. So if you would like, please join us tonight on the radio station as we seek God!

    If you would like to be on the show email: emonya_love@yahoo.com



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    What Do You Want? - Episode 133 - Are you Happy?

    in Self Help

    Well I am back for the last 3 episodes of the shows.  The regular shows will be ending on June 24th, so we have 3 more shows to go.  

    So this weeks episode is all about happiness and what comes from just being happy.  We'll start with the question, are you happy and go on from there.  What do you say, you up for it?  You may find out some interesting things.  Hope so anyway. 

    So join me for the last of the show and send What Do You Want?  The regular broadcasts off with a bang. 

    Thanks for sticking through it till the end it has been a great 3 years, so join in for a little more fun.

    Love, light & laughter, 


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    Stuck in a Fearful Conflict Process: What You Want Conflicts with What You Do?

    in Self Help

    Is your behavior inconsistent or erratic? Do you find yourself behaving as you think you should, but not completely wanting to do so?  Does it feel like you are split in two?

    A Course in Miracles says that what we do comes from what we think. Our behavior is not autonomous. It is only at the thinking level then that we can exercise choice. Therefore, if we experience conflict it is because we have not made up our mind about what we want, and this produces fear.

    “Only your mind can produce fear. It does so whenever it is conflicted in what it wants, producing inevitable strain because wanting and doing are discordant. This can be corrected only by accepting a unified goal.” Text pg. 30.

    Today with Eloisa Ramos we explore Sections VI and VII of A Course in Miracles Text and what it says about fear and conflict and how to bring about conflict resolution.

    “The fundamental conflict in this world, then, is between creation and miscreation. All fear is implicit in the second, and all love in the first. The conflict is therefore one between love and fear… We have already attempted to correct the fundamental error that fear can be mastered, and have emphasized that the only real mastery is through love..” Page 32-33.

    For more information about Eloisa Ramos, her book Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth, EFT and to download a free flowchart of the Ramos Clearing Technique; visit www.healing-with-eft.com

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    WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? MEN WANT IT TOO "Is LOVE...Still worth the investment?"

    in Romance


    I've Got LOVE On My Mind...That's The Topic, Here's The Question..

    ."Where Has The Love Gone?"

    Are people even falling in love anymore? Or has it become just a disposable passing in engegement?

    Who do YOU love? A

    re you in love?

    And if not,why not? I'll ask the questions tonight, and discuss some ways to ignite the passion again.

    Let's Get LIVE! And dive wright in... Inquiring minds... really do want to know.

    Do you still get the tingles, when you're out on the mingle?

    Does that feeling last past the last whiff of scented perfume on the pillow.... or is it fleeting,

    And gone with the leaking...? I want to raise thoughts and mindsets tonight, so call in as I ask the questions...



    Is LOVE...still worth the investment?

    Let's hear which side of the fence love falls...on...

    Or fails...to measure up to.

    I've Got LOVE On My Mind... y'all... So,

    Join me...


    As I get LIVE!!!! This FRIDAY NIGHT THE 13TH! ...

    After Dark!!

    I am Diamond Ryan, Your hostess, with the mostest.... Let's do this!

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    What do you Really Want? - with Franco DeNicola - Evolutionary Update

    in Education

    This weeks show is our quarterly update with unified soul, Franco DeNicola. We begin with a discussion of the energies that came to Earth during September and the profound way that the successive waves of energy in the last few years have shifted us relentlessly, little by little. The following two hours covered a huge part of the amazing journey we are all having, as we shift internally and project a new reality, one never seen before on this planet!   Please join hosts Amy Brimicombe, Tammy Anahata and Chris Hales as we explore the changes in our world with Franco...

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    The Smarty and Hallie Show - Episode 1 - We Do What We Want

    in Entertainment

    Thanks for joining us for our first show back! We're excited to bring you news and gossip you really want to hear, along with games, giveaways, and regular guests! Let's get this show on the road!

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    What Would Jesus Do? The Rock of Offense

    in The Bible

    Many of us say " i love Jesus" or " i give my life to him" . We may feel like that but if we would've had the opportunity to be in the presence of the man would we think the same? Would we be offended by him?

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    Do Tha Knowledge Radio Presents Buy Black Tour with Ty Black

    in Motivation

    Do Tha Knowledge Radio Presents The Black Friday Edition with Ty Black

    Peace and Black Power Family,


    Welcome to special Black Friday episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where knowledge is born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. The day is finally here and we have continued to rally support to place economic sanctions upon the devil's power structure. The powers that be had cotinued in a genocidal manner to eliminate black and African people wholesale in the wilderness of North America. Do Ta Knowledge Radio has the honor of documenting the struggles for Black Power with New York activist known as Ty Black. In a recent write up she is describe as, God morning Warriors. This is a great write up

    "Some want to take that even further. Ty Black is a NYC-based activist who's been promoting a "Buy Black Tour" for almost a year (you can see some dope videos here, here and here). After the fatal police shooting of Akai Gurley last year, Black's response has been black unity. She thinks supporting black-owned businesses should go hand in hand with boycotting the big-chain stores that rake in holiday spending money this time of year.

    "Not only should we be boycotting black Friday. We should be spending black. Not just any black businesses, the ones that support black communities and/or black products in their establishments, and hire black employees." Join us Friday 11-27-15 at 1pm PST 4pm EST as we do tha knowledge wit this Warrior Queen. Call in live at phone number 713-955-0707 with your question or comments and press #1 to speak with the host or our special guest. Black Out is in full effect. Here is the link:http://tobtr.com/8099637 


    Peace and Black Power

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