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    The Next Step: Author Toby Whaymand

    in Books

    Toby Whaymand grew up in Swindon and makes his home now in Milton Keynes, Britain's newest town. He has been writing stories since his early teen years, with the idea for his latest book, The Next Step, coming to him at the young age of 14. 

    One morning when he was in his early 20's, he woke from vivid dream of a plane crash which stayed fresh in his mind, years later the imagery was put to good use... 

    After some Scandanavian friends signed a record deal with Warner in 2008 and found great success, Toby was inspired to revive his own dream of being a writer and started to piece together an outline for what would become The Next Step. He found that despite the many years in between his initial ideas and his time spent working on the outline, most of the characters and the storyline had remained the same. 

    Currently an IT Support technician at a local school, Toby aspires to continue his writing to take it to the next level. His slight dyslexia has been one challenge of writing he has been working to overcome but his passion for telling stories has kept pushing him forward. 

    The Next Step focuses on the human factor and how humans relate to one another. It features Toby's own observations of life as the story itself matured over two decades. The Next Step is a fast-paced, exciting read that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. A truly unique story.


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    Toby Levins Interview

    in Entertainment

    Toby Levins.

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    Dr. Toby Watson: Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry

    in Psychology

    Dr. Toby Watson

    Dr. Watson is the Clinical Director of Associated Psychological Health Services and he is the former Chief Supervising Psychologist for the State of Wisconsin-Dept. of Corrections-KMCI, and the former Executive Director of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry. He has a special interest and expertise at relaying long term research and best care practices for individuals seeking information on alternatives to psychotropic drugs. 

    Dr. Watson lectured before the Congress of Mexico, submitted testimony before the FDA, and has appeared on national television and radio shows throughout the United States.


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    Man of the hour: Randall E Toby..June is Men's month on H&F

    in Motivation

    Speaker / Trainer / Entrepreneur / Philanthropist, Randall E Toby is the Man featured this morning with Host Rikki. R. Jones. 

    Randall E. Toby, a Brooklyn, New York native, " a speaker whose  presentations are tailored for each individual audience and his message is of one encompassing defeating obstacles and making the right, sound and credible choices in and for your life.

    Randall is a Trainer who offers street smarts, real world business experiences that are used to motivate and inspire the lives that cross his path."

    Call in 347-826-9723 press one join the conversation

    Online send your questions or comments to "Hand and Footprints" Facebook fan page 


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    Drivers under stress

    in Health

    Thursday 7/30/15 6PM ET  “Drivers under stress”

    This weeks Truck Driver Health series addresses drivers under stress. Continued discussions on health leads us down another path this week, emotional difficulty and how it affects each person.

    There are many drivers who have had or are having emotional difficulty while driving professionally.  What do they do? Who do they turn to? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    Tonight as our guest we have professional driver and driver advocate Toby Bogard.  Many know Toby for his nutritional insight and exercise videos, including his latest one  Truckers Workout

    Toby will share with us his own recent trials and where he reached out for help as well as how he came out victoriously, stronger than ever and now continuing his goals to help others.

     Join us as we discuss the many difficulties that so many drivers go through, as well as the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Call in # to listen to show via phone or to join in  347-826-9170

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    Episode 17: Hampden Sydney QB Nash Nance

    in Football

    On tonight's 17th episode of Inside the WarRoom we will be joined by special guest Nash Nance! This Qb is a well rounded player who started his career as a Tennessee Volunteer and took his talents to Hampden Sydney to make an impact. He has all the tools that scouts are looking for and shows great pocket poise..  He is a proven winner and leader on the field and an excellent student in the classroom.

    Nash Nance

    6'3 220

    QB Hampden Sydney

    Follow his journey to NFL on Twitter: @Nnace6


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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Welcomes Xavier Toby

    in News

    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Hosts Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees are pleased to welcome Xavier Toby.

    With a background that includes engineering, journalism, creative writing and comedy, Xavier brings a unique skill set and perspective to his every undertaking.

    Over the last decade Xavier’s been performing on the comedy circuit and at festivals throughout Australia and around the world. At the same time as frequently contributing to several highly regarded newspapers, magazines and websites. After spending six months on a mining site in 2013, in February 2014 UWA Publishing released Xavier’s debut non-fiction book: ‘Mining My Own Business’. Following on from its success, a sequel will be out in August 2015. His first book of fiction ‘Alpha Male’ has just been sent to USA publishers by a literary agent. During 2014 Xavier has continued to perform at comedy clubs and festivals, as well as staging his regularly sold-out comedy and history walking tour: ‘When We Were Idiots’. His touring in 2014 & 2015 has taken him around the world, including a run of sold out shows in New York City, where he currently resides when not in Australia.


    ‘Mining My Own Business’ – released in Feb 2014 through UWA Publishing

    ‘Going out of My Mine’ – due out in August 2015 through UWA Publishing

    ‘Alpha Male’ – currently under consideration by several Australian and USA Publishers

    His website is http://www.xaviertoby.com

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    Toby Needleman - Keys to Audacious Aging

    in Management

    Toby is a Positive Psychologist and a Life Success Coach with almost 4 decades of experience in helping

    clients unlock their true potential, and live lives with purpose, passion and meaning. Today Toby’s topic is the

    Keys to Audacious Aging … Growing younger and making the rest of your life, the best of your life!

    Questions discussed:

    1) Where would I begin

    2) I’m wondering what’s next for me?


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    Nance L. Schick. Coaching Readers to Resolve Conflict without the Courts.

    in Business

    Nance L. Schick, Founder, The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick

    The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick helps businesses that struggle with conflicts among their clients or customers, employees, managers, owners, and vendors. Nance L. Schick helps businesses resolve immediate conflicts and build skills to address future ones.Nance L. Schick’s first book, ‘DIY Conflict Resolution’ now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.

    www.nschicklaw.com and www.thirdearprogram.com

    Nance L. Schick, Esq. is an attorney, mediator and conflict resolution coach who has been in solo practice in Manhattan since 2003. A former human resources supervisor, freelance sports writer and minor league hockey agent, she is often the Chief Resolution Officer for her clients and friends. A graduate of and frequent presenter for the Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac Growth Venture program, she was a finalist in the 2013 Urban Rebound-Count Me In Pitch Competition and Enterprising Women Magazine’s 2014 Woman of the Year Awards. Hear her story as told recently to Franne McNeal of Significant Business Results on Significant Business Results Radio.



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    Nash Nance, Hampden-Sydney, QB (Tennessee Vols Transfer) NFL Draft Podcast

    in Football



    Height - 6'4

    Weight - 220

    NFL Draft Prospect


    Nash Nance left Tennessee to transfer to Hampden-Sydney College in Farmville, Va., an prolific offense in Division III known for passing the football. 

    The NFL sized quarterback with all the tools is now embarking on his path towards the NFL. His combination of arm strength and pocket awareness are two things that standout about the Hampden-Sydney standout.

    Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest Nash Nance on the College2Pro.com Players' Platform Show. 

    Bringing the NFL stars of tomorrow to you today on the C2P. 

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    NBS Show 6-30-2015

    in Sports

    Tonight's topics


    NBA Draft
    Quick recap of the lottery picks (1-15)
    Winners and losers of the draft (2 each)
    Potential busts
    Potential ROY candidates

    Bobby Portis or Larry Nance, Jr.: Who had the more negative Tweet? Do you believe athletes should be more carefully with social media?

    Free Agency starts July 1st. What players do you see changing teams?

    Knicks or Lakers: If you are a FA, which team is more attractive?

    Do you believe LBJ will resign with Cleveland? If so, what FAs could Cleveland sign to complement LBJ and make a run back to the NBA Finals?


    NFC South preview
    - What QB in this division is on the hot seat?
    - What coach is in the hot seat?
    - Will any team get 10 or more wins?
    - Team records and predictions

    The Road to Fantasy Football 2015 preview segment ( Powered by fanupnetwork.com)

    Auction Draft vs Snake Draft: Which one do you prefer? Which one is more competitive?

    Top 5 QB in Fantasy Football


    Are You Kidding Me?