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    Can We be the First Tobacco-Free Generation?

    in Youth

    Teen hosts Sydney, Dylan, and Kaitlyn discuss reasons that tobacco smoking is still an issue, how tobacco companies market to young people, and ways to quit smoking or help a loved one quit.

    Teen Talk supports the Great American Smokeout, which occurs on the third Thursday of November and encourages smokers to use the date to make a plan to quit, or to plan in advance and quit smoking that day.

    For more information on how you can quit, visit nysmokefree.com or call 1-866-697-8487.

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    Ramsey Tobacco Coalition

    in Lifestyle

    Today's episode will be a special one! We have Alicia Leizinger with us from the Ramsy County Tobacco Coalition. She'll be talking about some of the projects that she is working on; like targeting youth in adds for little flavored cigarillos. 

    We will also discuss how you can help stop distribution to minors and take action in your community.


    Host/Producer: Erica Brady   Co-Host: Alicia Leizinger

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    The role of tobacco prevention in reducing the rate of NCDs

    in Health

    This week Dr. Elvira will speak with Dr. May Myat Cho, Program Coordinator, Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA). They will discuss the influence tobacco has on the development of NCDs and poverty in Southeast Asia and what is currently being done to reduce tobacco use.

    Dr. May Myat Cho is currently working as a program coordinator in Southeast Asaia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) and also acting as a secretariat for the International Network of Health Promotion Foundations (INHPF). She has completed her Master of Public Health (Global Health) in 2012 from the Thammasat University, Thailand and was a medical doctor working at Sanpya General Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar. She worked a researcher at Mahidol University Global Health (MUGH) and acting as a network secretary for the AAGH (Asia Alliance on Global Health). She was a global scientific secretary for the 21st IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion employed by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. She was invited to be a panelist in AIDF Food Security Summit Asia 2013 held at UNCC, Bangkok and as a speaker in 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Nutrition Science and Therapy by OMICS Group, 15-17 July 2013, Philadelphia, USA. She was a peer reviewer in different international journals and an editorial member for the  eBooks in the area of Nutrition and Maternal and Child health, OMICS Publishing Group. Her biography was published in the 31st edition of Who’s Who in the World publication.

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    Cigar Talk With Randy Holman From Tobacco Plaza LTD

    in Lifestyle

    We will be live with Randy Holman, Marshal Holman and Danny Owners of Tobacco Plaza today Thursday 4/10/2014 at 4PM EST. We hope that you will listen in to hear what Randy has to say about cigars, the industry and upcoming events as well as the years past events. We hope to hear from some of the members of Tobacco Plaza if they decide to call in to speak with randy and maybe share their best moments at Tobacco Plaza events.

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    in Health

    Silvia Casabianca discusses tobacco use and the strategies of the tobacco industry to lure youth into consuming cigarrettes with members of Collier County SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) and an officer from the Collier County Health Department.
    This program was first aired Nov 27, 2011 on WGUF98.9. Some of the information might be outdated.

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    Smoking is Worshiping Pagan God/Dr Pat Holiday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshal Perot

    in Religion

    Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28

    Smoking is Worshiping Pagan God

    Burning tobacco originated with ancient aboriginals. The modern world learned of the use of tobacco from the Indians. History reveals Columbus found the Indians smoking and watched with surprise and wonderment. The Grand Pipe or Pipe of Peace was first observed among the Indians of Upper Mississippi country by the French. They called these pipes "calumets". According to the Indians the pipe possessed a supernatural power and a "charming" effect to compel the partakers of the smoke to a brotherly bond of peace (obviously not the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ).

    Historically the Calumet was considered a sacred pipe to offer smoke to the demon gods above and below. Tobacco was looked upon as a sacred plant and burning it brought favor in the eyes of the gods (demons), even a member of an enemy tribe who entered a house and smoked with the host, was guaranteed protection and safe conduct when he left.

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    Thank You Jesus For Healing and Saving Bobbi Kristina Brown from demons

    in Prayer

    It is always a blessing to know that God hears our prayers and wants the best for us.  God does not want any human being suffering from sickness and/or diseases (alzheimers, cancer, comas, mental illness, viruses, plagues, in need of deliverance from alcohol/domestic violence/demonic activity/drugs/gambling/illicit sex acts/tobacco/etc.)  If you have a family member sick at home, in the hospital, in any type of medical facility, in a group home, on life support, or terminally ill, after listening to this program you will gain the necessary steps to receive your Healing Manifestation.  These tutorials on this radio program are designed to assist in understanding God's  procedures and safeguards into the prayer system.  I am a certified family mediator with a Master in Divinity, a Master in Management, and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (law degree).  As a person aspiring to be an expert in family issues, I am discussing all positive ways for families to rebuild, restore, and repair their households to become successful families in this 21st century.  I Love You.  Rev. Diane gechrisianchurch@gmail.com or gechristianchurch.org

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    The HyperSloth Happy Hour Thursday Throwdown

    in Comedy

    Turn your shitty life around by listening to The HyperSloth Happy Hour! We solve all your problems in 60 minutes or less. Just call in with your most frustrating, heartbreaking, ball busting problem and we'll crack our noggins wide open and let the brilliance inside gush forth unto your soul like a cerebral money shot!

    Here are a few of the topics we obliterated with genius this episode:

    Why does MIDI never work?!

    Why don't printers ever work?!

    Do beavers really exist?

    Sheriff ZigZag deals out neighborhood justice.

    Rufus' dog VS chickens.

    And some quotables from the show include:

    "Don't buy your pants at Sam's."

    "You have a good looking set of man teeth!"

    "It will make you want to build a computer chip out of a beaver's tooth."

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    Red River Radio's No Limits with Barbara M. Hodges

    in Books

    Happy Mother's Day to all just a bit late.

    My two guests for May are Gerrie Ferris Finger and Serita Stevens. 

    Gerrie Ferris Finger grew up in Missouri, then traveled South to join the staff of the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  She traveled the Tobacco Roads of Georgia and Alabama and the narrow, historic streets of New Orleans. She wrote about Natchez, Mississippi's unique history, Florida's diverse population, and the Outer Banks struggle to keep light houses from toppling into the sea. In 2009 she won The Malice Domestic/St. Martin's Minotaur Best First Traditional Novel for The End Game.  Her latest book is Running With Wild Blood.

    Born in Chicago, Serita Stevens (a registered nurse) came out to Los Angles when offered a teaching job at USC.  Serita says she has always been a writer.  With her master’s in writing (with honors) from Antioch University in London, England, she went on to become well known in the romance and mystery field.  Her latest book, co-written with Jo Schaffer is, Against Her Will.

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    O YE DRYBONES: THE BACON REBELLION / the invention of white race

    in Current Events

     Bacon’s Rebellion of 1676, the largest and most consequential slave revolt in the history of the continent. At first a small opposition movement within the Anglo-American ruling class, over profit-making opportunities in Virginia, the revolt became hurriedly a mass rebellion of bond-laborers, their sights set on the chief garrison and magazine at West Point.

    Nathaniel Bacon was a member of the colony council and a militant opponent of Virginia land policy. He had prepared the revolt a few years earlier by organizing an armed mutiny of angry taxpayers at Lawnes Creek Parish, and, in November of 1676, proclaimed freedom to all bond-laborers, in anticipation they would join his cause against the big tobacco bourgeoisie. He was right. Thousands of bond-laborers – six thousand European Americans and two thousand African Americans – took up arms against the numerically tiny Anglo-American slave-owning planter class. Seizing the day, dramatically, they drove Governor Berkeley back to England, hat in hand, and shut down all tobacco production for fourteen straight months.The slave rebellion introduced a near terminal crisis in the young British imperial system, and, for the Anglo-American slave owners and planters, the frightening prospect of losing forever the entire Chesapeake, home to some of the richest tidewater land on the planet, which they had been exploiting massively and ceaselessly for the previous sixty years, through a system of bond-labor servitude known as chattel slavery.The rebel leaders weren’t having it, and, according to Grantham himself in the official report he penned weeks later, recommended “cutting me in peeces.” Grantham described the rebel leaders as “foure hundred English and Negroes in Armes.” This is no small point, as the historical record of Virginia verifies.

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