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    TNE SSBA Draft!

    in Sports

    TNE SSBA Draft show, come check it out and see were you got drafted.

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    No Matter What We Must Stay Focused In life

    in Christianity

    In this life many different things will come up while we are working on life goals. Example on the job working hard to go to tne next level of promotion. No matter how late we have to work or how hard it get done ,because we are seeking a better position. In our spiritual walk with God we should apply the same tatics no matter how long or hard we have to work we should be willing and stay focused. to get it done

    How many people we help each year? How many people know we belive in God and told them about his goodness? How are you know in your community or do you mine your business and turn a blind eye and deaf ear?

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    After the pillage in Baltimore what happens to the folks? And the Police .

    in Lifestyle

    After tne riots what will happen to urban areas . Just one Black Shooting away. The family of police officers , what has there life been . Once a proud profession now is in shambles.

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    My Gospel Soul Radio

    in Christianity

    Breaking the Yoke of Bondage through the Power of tne Word of God!

    The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength.  We must stay focused on Him in order to make it in this world!


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    SID;'To The Hoop With The Hoopster'/Duke-NCAA/Nets -NBA-Win/TRUST*IN**GOD***

    in Sports



    Legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''DOC''Stanley Sr.,takes to the airwaves once again with his renowned and legendary radio show,the award winning,'SPORTS IN DEPTH'.
    Melvin''Doc''Stanley with his iconic sports posse is an in depth informative educational and historical look at the world of sports,on this revered famed legendary award winning radio show.
    Di-versing from both a daily and historical perspective,bringing too both an in depth look and perspective not only on the sports of our times, but too,of the players and performers of the said events, both now and of yesteryear.
    'Sports In Depth',AKA SID, also brings us the unique strategies of sports from an intellectual prospective.
    Not just athletics because as it takes GOD given raw talent and conditioning it too takes a blessed mind fueled with passion, determination,interlect and a belief of competing and accomplishment.
    And with the in depth knowledge and diverse intellect, of Doc's iconic posse,'Sports In Depth' is too,''the world in Depth''.
    On this segment of SID,we introduce the new weekly basketball show,'To The Hoop With Hoopster',as Lewis''The Hoopster''Hart co-hosts with Doc giving you the 411,insigths,historial facts and the never heard before data on the world of the hardwook.We too congratulate both Duke and our own Lady A who once again delivered the KO punch with her predictation that Duke would win the NCAA title.
    GOD Bless you,thanks for joining us once again,where we always,''Rope the Rumors,Hog tie the Issues and Brand theTruth''.
    ''You can show it and not say it,but you can't say it and not show it.''
    Doc Stanley

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    Spring Fever!

    in Spirituality

    Spring us in the air and this is an opportunity to show enthusiasm in your world. Are you ready for a new love, new job, new car or a new adventure?

    Tne in tonight at 6:30 to find out! 

    Call ins welcome


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    Don't Have New Year's Resolutions

    in Entertainment

    We Are Born Twice But Only Live Once

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    Championship Monday

    in Football

    join clemson Tom and Richie as the talk playoffs and tne ncaa championshi

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    Tne Chris and Wayne Show

    in Paranormal

    Jon your hosts Chris and wayne aboard the Haunted Ship of Doom broadcating LIVE from the SOO THIS THURSDAY at 8 PM for yet another night of madness and mayhem! Our guests for the the show ill be the yoopers themselves The Upper Penninsula Paranormal Research Society!!!!!

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    TNE - “When the foundations are destroyed, how can the righteous operate?"

    in Spirituality

    Most often, I read from the Bible, and “try” to acquire some wisdom from my study. LOL. Since I have been on the Path of XPR, I have realized how little is conveyed by the translations that used to be the basis of my meditations. Come and discover why?

    In addition to the weekly format of The New Essenes; this evening's show allows you to feel your way around the Mouth. Join us each week as we expand into a deeper kNOWing.

    The New Essenes is a gathering of ordinary people practicing deep introspection as a way to solve everyday problems. Our inquiry is based on the idea that language is alive and that the Word is where our Power lives: since speech is an act, communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done.

    By joining in and coming back, we increasingly benefit from the distilled essence of an ultimate method of inquiry, based on Sacred Geometry and known as the Path of XPR.

    Our meetings last one-hour & are structured as follows:

    1.       The first 5 minutes: Welcoming, Checking In. One Minute of Silence.

    2.       The next 10 minutes:  Reading the SIX UnderStandings, Reading of the FOUR Forces & the FOUR Motions. The TWIN Missions: XPR & emPowering NOW, Feeling into the TWIN QKode.

    3.       The last 45 minutes:  Introduction of a topic. Group Sharing & Inquiry, Reading of the SIX XPR Steps, Summary / Ritual Closing. 

    To receive your free eBook sign up via Open Meetings Tab at http://www.empoweringnow.com/new_essenes/ - Don't forget to check the calendar for upcoming shows.

    You can also visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/empoweringnow for other shows focusing on The New Essenes.


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    Premiere Broadcast of: LisaMarie's Sunday Brunch

    in Radio

    Thank you for joining Yours Truly; Lisa Marie for another Divine Inspiration.

    From tne awesome! Heavenly Place's "O"taste and see that the Lord is Good! I'm excited to share with you an assortment of angels  Food that has been prepared from the Master's Table.

    Psalm 78:23-27
    Though he had commanded the cloud above, and opened the doors of heaven and had rained down manna upon them to eat, and had given them of the corn of heaven.by his power he brought in the south wind be & Stay Blessed as you tune in. Love Ya!


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