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    Talk Jamaica- July 5

    in Current Events


    Talk Jamaica comes your way today between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.: We discuss the Commission of Enquiry into the Incursion in Tivoli Gardens.

    Then at 5 P.M., how has the Portia Simpson Miller administration been doing up to this point? Join us as our panel give their assessment.

    Then, later in the broadcast, we take you into our Talk Vault feature, at 5:35 PM where we sit down with Neston Melville, GSAT Teacher at Our Lady of the Angels Preparatory School, whose students are beaming after attaining excellent results
    Listen live via www.talkjamaicaradio.com/listen or via the Talk Jamaica Radio mobile app

    Listen live via www.talkjamaicaradio.com/listen or via the Talk Jamaica Radio mobile app

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    Talk Jamaica- August 31, 2014

    in Current Events

    Today on Talk Jamaica we focus on the discontent of members of the diaspora over the decision of the Police Services Commission not to shortlist a Jamaican-born FBI agent for the post of Commissioner of Police. A leading voice against the PSC decision, as well as the State Minister of Foreign Affairs will join us. In the second half of the show we'll be joined by the Managing Director of the JUTC to discuss the bus company's future viability. If not a fare increase, then what? Later on in the show we speak to Wade Brown , one of the organizers of the spelling bee competition taking place in Tivoli Gardens today. We also have In Perspective, The Week That Was and Talk History. Our Talk Back questions is : Should a landmark be named after Roger Clarke to recognize his contribution to national development? Join Ricardo Brooks and Ralston Chamberlain at 4pm. Tune in: http://talkjamaicaradio.com/listen.php. 

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Michael Lington!!!!

    in Music

    Hang onto your leftover Memorial Day hats, y'all - you're about to take a ride to Memphis!  That's what "Soul Appeal" IS: the latest project from Michael Lington that takes him back to why he fell in love with the saxophone :)

    Back in Copenhagen, Denmark, life was a serene routine.  Michael was the grandson of the revered band leader, Otto Lington, an early champion of Jazz in that country.  Learning his instrument early, he became a member of the esteemed Tivoli Boys Guard - that association earned him an education which culminated in two ways: college and the means to operate a recording studio while he toured in Europe.  

    Michael landed in Los Angeles in 1990, where he found work with Bobby Caldwell.  His first CD, self-titled, dropped in our laps in 1997.  Seven albums in total, this new one finds him completely at home - and we don't mean Denmark!  Michael always loved what he heard of that beloved R & B sound from the 60's and 70's: King Curtis, Jr. Walker, and Wilson Pickett.  He wanted to pay homage to that fire in his belly that persuaded him to keep playing - so, "Soul Appeal" was created.  Our guest had help to get his message across - but the truth is that he could have done it ALL himself!  R & B/Pop Producer, Barry Eastmond, got a chance to work with Michael - as did Ray Bardani, who engineered for Luther Vandross.  In the studio while the music was being created: Kenny Lattimore, Ryan Shaw, Lenny Castro, Ray Parker Jr. and Paul Jackson Jr.  

    Steve Perry - the legendary Journey front man - came by because he was friends with Eastmond.  What he heard during the sessions blew him away.  And he told Michael how he felt: inspired!  Some of us just saw Steve in concert in the past 24 hours and he wasn't lying :)

    Michael Lington joins us on 5/27/2014.



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    Talk Jamaica-March 9, 2014

    in Current Events

    The Commissioners for the Tivoli Enquiry have been named:  Today, we speak with a Human Rights activist and two residents of Tivoli Gardens in our discussion segment.

    Also in our broadcast, we look back at these stories from the week that was

    Later in our TALK BACK segment, we take your calls and present your responses to our feedback question: Given the furor surrounding the appointment of Velm Hylton QC as one of the Commissioners for the upcoming Tivoli Enquiry, should she be removed and why?

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    Talk Jamaica- March 2, 2014

    in Current Events

    In our discussion segment, we examine the issues surrounding the decriminalization of ganja in Jamaica.

    Also in our broadcast, we look back at these stories from the week that was: Government’s naming of Commissioners for Tivoli Enquiry triggers controversy and bank clerk found dead. Those and more in that segment

     Later in our TALK BACK segment, we take your calls and present your responses to our feedback question: What's your reaction to the recent announcement by Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Minister, Phillip Paulwell that ganja could be decriminalized this year?

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    Lloyd Stanbury Esq Entertainment & Music Business Consultant

    in Music

    Lloyd Stanbury is licensed to practice law in Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean. He has represented many internationally successful performers, managers, music producers and film projects, interfacing with other entertainment attorneys, music labels, publishers, broadcasters, and entertainment business practitioners from around the world. Stanbury has also gained valuable practical insight into the arts and entertainment business through his own activities as an event promoter, radio station executive, music producer, artist manager, lecturer and researcher.
    Edmund Braithwaite  will honor Nelson Mandela at the “2013 Toast of Brooklyn - Wine & Food Festival”  from 6-9pm Friday, September 13thand the festival Saturday, September 14th, 2013. The festival will be outdoors at Bed-Stuy Restoration’s West Plaza Courtyard 1368 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY, 11216.
     Jamaican Born Rebel Keke I (Christopher Thomspon) career began at a very young age. He was taken under the wing of legendary Sugar Minot.  Keke I won many singing contest and performed at many openings for Sugar Minot. Later on in his Career, he came out with “Tivoli Gardens”.  He has been the only artiste to sing a song about Tivoli Gardens.  In 2013, He performed at Jamaica’s largest regg

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    Pulse Preview: Security focused Sessions

    in Technology

    Going to Pulse in Las Vegas March 3-6? Here's a preview of all the Security focused sessions from the actual presenters and product managers in the "Pulse Protect" track. If you are going to Pulse this is an opportunity to build your schedule and get some more information on the best sessions as you build your schedule.  . http://www-01.ibm.com/software/tivoli/pulse/  #ibmpulse #security #ibmsecurity

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    João Pedro Perez, VP, IBM Security Systems Sales Worldwide.

    in Business

    João Pedro Perez  joined IBM in 1987and had a variety of experiences in his career. He spent his early days as a systems engineer and field representative.  He moved on to become operations manager, sales manager, channels manager and business development. During that time João Pedro Perezalso worked in the Latin America headquarters.  Mr. Perez has led IBM Brazil's Software Business Unit, Americas zSeries Software and Americas Tivoli Sales. Additionally, he led in SWG, the launch and worldwide execution of Synchronicity, Crush HP and SW Castaway. He has served as the Transition Executive for the Micromuse and Vallent Acquisitions and responsible for all aspects of its Integration to IBM Tivoli.    João Pedro Perez has served as the WW Sales Leader for Tivoli and is currently responsible for Security Systems Sales Worldwide. 

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    Kimberly Shivler - Collaborating For Success

    in Business

    On the show we will be discussing how collaborative business, co-working and strategic relationships create collective success.
    Kimberly Shivler, M.Ed. has worked as a writer, instructor, developer and serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. Her business experience includes computer network and database administration, technical training and writing, project management, web development, and work as an aesthetician and spa owner. She also worked for large corporations including Tivoli, an IBM company, where she was part of the worldwide technical sales and marketing team. Kimberly currently owns KimTeachesTech, a technology company dedicated to empowering people to create and maintain websites to make money and promote their businesses. She recently expanded her training facility into a shared space that allows other instructors to deliver training and provides a place for entrepreneurs to enjoy the benefits of Class A office space without the commitment of long-term, expensive leases. She intends to make Oceanfront Offices, in Deerfield Beach Florida, the future of small business office space. Like her career, Kimberly's writing has spanned a variety of fields including software documentation and instruction, manuals for aesthetic and medical devices, and general health articles. She has contributed to Livestrong.com magazine and other online publications

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    Can Jamaica recover from the FX of Edward Seaga leadership

    in Politics

    How can Jamaica recover from the FX of Edward Seaga's damaging puppet leadership and restore Michael Manley's? What do you think of this article __. A lot of us don't know why what is talked about in the news is happening today. As always, the press gives a shallow snapshot and does not go in depth so we can get a clear view of what is happening in Jamaica. Here is a profile of Manley and Seaga, two Jamaican prime ministers and how the U.S. installed the White supremacist Seaga as a puppet Avatar in Jamaica. Seaga, a notorious CIA agent who sold Jamaica to servitude of US interest was given a franchise by the CIA. As his reward, the chief Carribean CIA agent, Edward Seaga was given a free hand in ensuring his perpetual dominance over Jamaican politics in macrocosm and Tivoli gardens in microcosm. Seaga then built up Jim Brown and his Shower Posse, into the most feared gang on the Island of Jamaica. Jim Brown and Shower Posse took over the Habour Fronts of Kingston, and controlled the ingress and egress of all drugs and general shipment into the Island. With that assured source of fund, Jim Brown expanded into other businesses, bought land, and commercial properties. His gang was armed with the best, biggest and the most sophisticated weapons. His name was feared throughout the Island. _ from Yahoo question
    http://www.khilafah.com/kcom/index.php/a… http://www.africaresource.com/rasta/seso… http://www.michaelmanley.org/

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    Zeta Awards 2012

    in Dreams

    Get Ready For The 1st Annual Music Award Show In Chattanooga TN @ 5pm Historic Tivoli Theater 709 S Broadway ,Chattanooga TN Congrats to all the Nominees that will Bring musical talent to the stage  Big Ups to all and looking forward to see some of the talent on  the Blog Talk Radio Ride Kudos to you all a special Shout Out To Pastor Millsapps and Daughter Felecia Millsapps for rewarding New and Hot Independant Artist for around The World .