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    TOC 12 FIGHTER INTERVIEW with Tiffani Underwood and Ray Harl

    in MMA

    FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015  |  11:00 PM

    Meet the Female Forces of Team SWMA who are preparing for their journey to cage at TOC 12 - Sat. April 11, 2015 at George Wythe High School, Wytheville, VA.

    Tiffani Underwood is scheduled to face off against Hannah Elswick in a 130 lb bout. Her teammate and the current TOC WMMA BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION, Rayanne Harl, is putting in work to defend the strap against Joy Miller of Team Jedi Mind Trick.

    Sponsored by: Southern Tire & Muffler of Wytheville, VA


    For event information and online tickets visit:  www.titansofthecage.com

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    Double Standards.....Why Women Can't Do What Men Do!

    in Romance

    As women, we want and deserve to have the same rights (and respect) as men. I don't care what anyone thinks; we birth males, there's absolutely no reason why my son (or any male) should have more rights than I do! The hell? However, there are a few exceptions! And it's not necessarily a "right," but us women have to understand, there's just some things we CANNOT and SHOULD NOT do as a female. Yes, if we want, we can definitely piss standing up, operate heavy machinery, change a tire and all the other things society considers a "man's job," but can we have multiple sex partners like men and not let feelings get involved? I know some women are reading this and saying "hell yeah we can!"....okay, I need for you to ladies to call in! As much as I want to believe we can, we're not built that way. And multiple sex partners? Forget what society thinks and the names you'll be called.....our vaginas are attached to something sacred - a womb! Sleeping around eventually catches up to you. I don't care how many kegels you do a day, there's no exercising the womb. Now I'm not saying a woman can't enjoy a fling here and there, but we have to be careful in the decisions we make. A woman would settle down with a man knowing he's had a VERY active sex life....not so much the other way around! A woman would have to move to another town cross country and just start over! lol but I'm serious! We'll talk more this Wednesday, so make sure you tune in to hear what our special guest, Comedian Barry Nalor has to say on this topic!

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    Dr Melinea on Chronic Infections

    in Spirituality

    Physical ailments usually begin from an internal source such as belief systems and emotions which are
    stored in the body. 98% of all physical complaints can be tracked back to an energetic imbalance that
    stems back from an emotional trauma or belief systems, from a gall bladder attack to a broken ankle.

    So her job is to track back to where the illness began and not to simply treat the physical ailment itself, but allow the healing to occur at the source of the issue. Treating the physical ailment alone is like putting air into a flat tire and never finding out why the tire is going flat.

    Dr. Holman believes that understanding yourself at a deeper level, such as your belief systems and how
    you got to where you are is crucial to optimal health and healing.

    Today Dr. Melinea Holman will be speaking on Chronic Infections and how it relates to emotional trauma and your belief system.

    For more information on Dr. Holman visit Center For Health & Healing or call 239-278-5355

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    Race Talk Live with Kate Moss: NASCAR Crew Member Devon Armstrong & NASCAR News

    in Sports

    On the show, we will be chatting with front tire carrier for the 22 XFinity Series car and 21 Sprint Cup car at Team Penske... Plus we will hear from young drivers Cruz Skinner Kodie Conner about their latest in racing and their upcoming schedules.

    We will also hear from Stat Guy Stephen Conley, and social media moderator Mike Reed, plus CLNS contributor Adam Neimeyer!

    See you Wednesday 7-8pmEST for the fastest show on the radio!

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    Talking Motorcycles 2nd Annual show before Daytona!

    in Sports

    Our 2nd Annual "Night before Daytona" radio show is being co-hosted by Dan Johnsen, formerly Director of Flat Track for AMA Pro Racing.

    This show will feature 2 Grand National Championship winning riders who will be competing at Daytona Flat Track in 2015. Defending GNC Champion "the Jammer" Jared Mees and "Jersey" Jake Johnson will appear in this episode. They finished 1st and 3rd  in GNC1 for the 2014 season and their insight into what it takes to win Daytona and the title should be of interest to us all.  

    In addition, we will introduce the new on-air personalities who will be covering Grand National Flat Track on FansChoice/TV and Public Address for the 2015 season. Scottie "Hollywood" Deubler will anchor their show, 7 time Grand National Chris Carr will be providing color commentary and Dani Medin will be working on the floor interviewing riders as well along pit road.

    Talking Motorcycles is powered by SOZO!

    Facebook/Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone

    Twitter: @twowheelb

    Email the show: twowheelb@msn.com

    Special thanks to:

    SOZO Motorsports, Crosley Radio/Crosley Brands, Bell Helmets, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Dunlop Tire, Motorcycle-Superstore.com and NextMotoChampion.com, KymcoUSA.

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    Race Fans Rock - Broadcast No.14

    in Sports

    Tonight on Race Fans Rock radio show, host Infield Jen is talking to her "Dedicated Fans in the Stands Reporters" from this weekends race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Branden & Monica Loock! They are going to share their amazing racing expericence and report on all the behind the scenes "things" they got to check out first hand! 

    Then Jen is talking with Hillman Racing's Chris Brook, tire specialist for the No.40 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team. Find out how Chris got his start in racing, what he's been through and some of his best moments on the job! 

    Plus Jen will go over what happened at the track last weekend and what is coming up this weekend as the NASCAR guys and girls take over Phoenix International Raceway! 

    Show starts at 8pm ET, 5pm PT. YOU dont want to miss a single minute of this show.. so make sure YOU tune in!



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    Gray Hughes Talks About Tire Tracks at Gravesite, MM's Timeline

    in Current Events

    Show #2: Gray Hughes in the first hour talks about his research into the tire tracks at the grave site. What vehicle made the tracks? When were they made? Is there any way for LE to examine old satellite photos of the site? Gray will be taking questions as well. Do your homework on this subject and go to my blog to see Gray's images and a video.  HERE 

    Hours two and three are open phone lines and a detailed look at the timeline of events that has been presented by Mike McStay compiling all of his media interviews over the past four years. Why does this not add up? 

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    Celebrity Interview - Frank Monastra

    in Entertainment

    Imagine growing up as a child and never being privy to the concealed activities of your loved one? Frank Monastra grew up believing his grandfather, Frank Brancato, was a tire salesman - yet to the world, he was a feared made man who controlled illegal gambling in Ohio for years. Today, we will discuss Brancato's life, his loves and how his influence left an impact on Mr. Monastra. Great interview coming!!!

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    A Presença do Senhor das Hostes \ The Presence of the Lord of Hosts

    in Christianity

    Estando Josué já perto de Jericó, olhou para cima e viu um homem de pé, empunhando uma espada. Aproximou-se dele e perguntou-lhe: "Você é por nós, ou por nossos inimigos? "
    "Nem uma coisa nem outra", respondeu ele. "Venho na qualidade de comandante do exército do Senhor". Então Josué prostrou-se, rosto em terra, em sinal de respeito, e lhe perguntou: "Que mensagem o meu senhor tem para o seu servo? "
    O comandante do exército do Senhor respondeu: "Tire as sandálias dos pés, pois o lugar em que você está é santo". E Josué as tirou. Josué 5:13-15
    Terça feira, 3 de março, 23h Portugal (19h Brasília)

    Being Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing, holding a sword. He approached him and asked him, "Are you for us or for our enemies?"
    "Neither one nor the other," he said. "I come as the commander of the army of the Lord." And Joshua fell down, face to the ground, out of respect, and asked him, "What message does my Lord have for his servant?"
    The commander of the Lord's army replied, "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy." And Joshua took them. Joshua 5: 13-15
    Tuesday, March 3rd, 6pm EST \ 5pm CST \ 4pm MST \ 3pm PST - USA

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