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    Timmons Brothers '' “A Review of The Byrds ''

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     “A Review of The Byrds: Folk Rockers and Innovators” 
    The pioneers of folk rock and country rock, the Byrds combined harmony, an electric 12 string guitar, and thought provoking lyrics. They were influenced by The Beatles, but they also fascinated The Beatles. The Timmons Brothers review the legacy of a band from the original five of McGuinn, Crosby, Hillmam, Gene Clark and Michael Clarke (who were inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1991) to several shifts of changing personnel. Through the changes, they continued to be innovators with their sound. A rare combination of combining commercial success with Top Forty singles while extending rock into new underground areas, the story of the Byrds is as interesting as their freshness in their music to this day.

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    The Timmons Brothers: The Roots and Branches of the R&R Family Tree Part 2

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    The roots of rock ‘n’ roll originate in multiple genres of music, but on a more narrow sense, rock artists can be the root of their own rock ‘n’ roll family tree. In Part II, the focus is on two artists (Poco and the career of Eric Clapton). The Timmons Brothers trace the roots of each and the number of artists/bands from their family tree of rock ‘n’ roll. The Poco branch extends to Loggins and Messina, The Eagles, and The Buffalo Springfield among others while the elongated branch of Clapton to many artists will be explored.


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    Timmons Brothers - “A Look at 1973:

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    1973 is a landmark year in the laurels of rock music history. Although the contemporary top 40 hits of 1973 may be lost in the vaults of time forgotten (does “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” or “Playground in my Mind” come to mind?), few of us knew at the time we were also experiencing some of the greatest rock music and artists for future generations. The album debut releases by such artists as Queen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Aerosmith along with impactful album releases by established artists (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd and solo work by each former Beatle, et al) set the stage for 1973 as the genesis of what would later be called “Classic Rock”.  Join the Timmons Brothers and their in-depth retrospective of 1973 rock music as the benchmark for an integral core of the popular classic rock format in the radio industry.

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    Timmons Brothers Singer/Songwriter Part II

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     The Singer/Songwriter Part II: The Golden Era (1970 – 75) As a follow up to Part I, the focus of the Timmons Brothers will be the second half of the era  when the singer-songwriter arguably enjoyed their greatest commercial success (early to mid 1970s).  From Harry Chapin to Jim Croce and Gordon Lightfoot to Billy Joel among others, the singer/songwriters provided commentary on the times with their lyrics while evoking emotions with their melodies. Through it all, this period may have been the most noteworthy for the singer/songwriter. 

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    The Timmons Brothers: A Look at The Debut Album

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    John and David are back to explore the world of Rock and Roll .
    The topic of discussion will be. 
    From Rock’n’Roll legends to single album artists, they share in common the making of a debut album. The level of success for the debut album varies as much as the level of success in the performer’s career. The first album can be a springboard and launch a great career (such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones). The first album can also be a collection of veteran rock performers who assemble a new band (such as Led Zeppelin and Bad Company). Join the Timmons Brothers as they debate what entails a debut album and discuss several categories of the debut album.
    “The Debut Album: Where It All Begins for Performers”

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    Brothers Speak!

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    This Week on BROTHERS SPEAK: We focus on men in our community who are working to prove that Black lives do matter through service, philanthropy, and/or youth and community advocacy. Join me and my special guest Jim Allen and Jeff Beckham as we discuss some or the problems plaguing our community and possible solutions that can bring solidarity and hope to our young Black boys/youth.

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    Brothers Speak!

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    Welcome to Brothers Speak! Today we begin a new segment of Think Positive Radio. Brothers Speak is a platform that explores the hearts and minds of men while debating and discussing issues important to leading our community toward positive change.

    Our topic for the show is entitled ““The Reality of Marriage: How Do Black Men Really Feel About Marriage and Commitment?”

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    The Timmons Brothers - The Singer/Songwriter: vol 1

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    The singer/songwriter has evolved from the roots of traveling performers in 19 century Europe to its own niche in today’s contemporary music market. In Part I, the focus of the Timmons Brothers will be the first half of the era  when the singer-songwriter arguably enjoyed their greatest commercial success (mid 1960s – mid 1970s).  From Dylan to Donovan and Neil Diamond to James Taylor, the singer/songwriters provide commentary on the times with their lyrics, grab your heart with their melodies,  make a political statement with their compositions, and through it all, they write, compose and sing their own musical material.

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    The DuCross Brothers: The Sports Warriors

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    The Brothers on this show will be discussing the fallout of UFC Fight Night 57 in Austin Edgar vs Swanson. Does Frankie Edgar deserve a title shot against Jose Aldo or should he fight one more contender?

    In other MMA news going on around is that TitanFC 32, finally announced the newest date as to when this fight card is going to take place. During that announcement that also made a add to the card for a Co-Main Event, we have the details on that..you don't want to miss that. 

    In minor league news out of Canada. Fight4Pride, held there 2nd event in Laval this pass weekend. We will have the report on that and much more. 

  • Obama; the Castro brothers' most useful Idiot

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    In a defining moment abandoning Cubas' civil rights movement in their struggle against Castro apartheid Obama bails out the terrorist Castro brothers and the military mafia that runs Cuba with the Popes' blessing. Jewish American hostage and unwitting pawn Alan Gross is released after 5 years of unjust captivity in the Castro gulag in exchange for convicted murderers and castro spies in conjunction with a US Presidential pronouncment of impending change in Cuba policy.   

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    Chrisagis Brothers: Brian & Shawn - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - LIVE!

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    Brian and Shawn Chrisagis RETURN to Celebrate Christmas early this year!  Tune in to hear about the brother's new Christmas TV special AND hear their new music!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask the brothers a question!

    Like their Facebook fanpage here!


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