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    The Power of God's Timing and your Anointing

    in Religion

    Join Apostle John Wesley Williams II today for The Key Radio Show @ 11 am cst. LIVE as he teaches a powerful kingdom word entitle "The Power of your God's Timing and your Anointed!"

    Don’t mis teaching that is thought provoking, and lifestyle quenching! To listen just go to www.mykeycenter.org or call in @ 516.418.5625, to ask a question or speak to Apostle Williams follow the prompts when you call in.
    This will be a life changing word for you!!!


    in Prayer

    One does not have to walk withn the LORD long before one learns that HE is a GOD of economy

    and HE often masterminds blessings and answers to prayer in a way that affects multiple people

    and situations at the same time. In fact, this is HIS unique trademark. He may wait to answer a prayer

    so that when HIS answer comes, it has more impact than what was originally ask. When we are in the

    arena of prayer, we have to consider GOD'S souvereignty which means HE has absolute and supreme

    authority to do whatever HE chososes, whenever HE chooses to do it. We see a couple of examples

    from scripture in the life of Daniel and again in Hannah's life when she prayed for a son. 

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    A Word From The Apostle (Understanding God's Timing)

    in Religion

    Do you have questions about the Prophetic timing in your life. Join Apostle Williams as he Teach You, Train You, and Coach You in the Prophetic Timing in your life! Part 2

  • Progress Takes Time & Timing Is Everything

    in Lifestyle

    Ladies:  Join me, Sandra H. Sawyer, for a thought provoking episode titled: "Progress Takes Time & Timing Is Everything" as we close out the month of September.  You don't want to miss it...  For Such A Time As This!   


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    A Conversation With The Apostle! (Understanding Your Anointing & It's Timing)

    in Religion

    Do you have questions about your Anointing and the Prophetic Timing of how to used it in your life. Join Apostle Williams as he Teach You, Train You, and Coach You in how the Lord expect you to used it and when to used it in your life! 

    Don’t mis conversation that is thought provoking, and lifestyle quenching! To listen just go to www.mykeycenter.org or call in @ 516.418.5625, to ask a question or speak to Apostle Williams call 713.664.5876

    This will be a life changing word for you!!!

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    Beet Juice and Nutrient Timing, the Keys to Successful Performance

    in Sports

    Beets are fast in becoming the new power food for athletes and as it turns out, for good reason. Listen as Richard Diaz and his featured guest Dr John Ivy, world renowned expert on the role of nutrition in exercise performance discuss all the reasons why every endurance athlete should be supplementing their diets with Beets. After listening to this episode, you would be hard pressed not to seek out one the most powerful, natural ergogenic supplements on earth! We will also discuss nutrient timing: How, why and when best, to take in food for optimal performance. Seriously, this is an episode that every recreational or elite athlete will benefit from.

    Be sure to visit our new Podcast Site for even more great content: www.naturalrunningnetwork.com

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    Strategy and Timing Require Discernment

    in Spirituality

    Ecclesiastes 11:4 reads, "4 He who watches the wind will not sow, and he who observes the clouds will not reap."  Are you in the midst of a struggle and waiting for a change and nothing's happening? Are you waiting for that "perfect" time to move forward in fulfilling your purpose? These situations happen in most of our lives, waiting for insight but not seeking it from the right source. Today we will share concerning strategy and timing - and the importance of discernment. 

    Join us and be Empowered!


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    Timing on Marriage

    in Poetry

    Join Mr. Virgo and Author Ronnie Dawson as they discuss timing on marriage.

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    Timing, and Being Timed

    in The Bible

    As it is written: (all things are) according to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord

    In these words the message of the Preacher and the message of Jesus are united. All is vanity but through this vanity, His Divine moment of Eternity flashes into us, comes upon us, and draws us into itself.......when Eternity calls in time, then vanity vanishes.......when Eternity calls in time, then pessimism vanishes.......when Eternity times us, and the events that intersect our lives, then our time, becomes a vessel of Eternity.......then we too, become vessels of Him that is Eternal.......and we leave the concerns of time and timing behind.

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    in Romance

    You could be overweight because of your timing!
    You could get your feelings hurt alot because of your timing!
    You could not get a job promotion because of your timing!

    I know he/she looks good
    smells good
    blah blah blah
    but is the timing right?
    Are you really ready for a relationship?

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    Paul O'Brien: Great Decisions, Perfect Timing

    in Spirituality

    How can you intuitively know the right decisions to make in every area of your life? Visionary entrepreneur Paul O'Brien explores insights from his profoundly powerful new book Great Decisions, Perfect Timing: Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence.

    Have you missed an exceptional opportunity because your timing was off? How do you know a risk is worth taking? How can you tell the difference between wishful thinking and a path to pursue? An intuitive approach to strategic decision making will enable you to take your life, your business or your career forward with confidence, free from the stress and confusion so often accompanying the crossroads we encounter in life.

    The founder of the Divination Foundation, Paul O'Brien invented a new category of multimedia software in 1989 which evolved to into the world's largest astrology and divination web sites. Since Paul strategically sold his business in 2007, he has authored three books, including The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for Intuitive Decision Making. For 30 years, Paul has hosted the Pathways radio show focusing on personal and cultural transformation.

    Paul is generously offering a free download of his book at Divination.com/Frontier. If the link is no longer available, use the Contact Us link at Divination.com to request a book and mention the show.

    Paul's web sites: GreatDecisionsPerfectTiming.com   Divination.com

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.