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    Power of Perception Coaching with Dana Ray

    in Spirituality


    I’m Dana Ray, the world’s first Quantum Wealth singer, author and speaker; co-founder of the first Healing Funk & Rock band Living Air.


    As a teenager, all I want was to become a financially free, successful rock star; although I didn’t know what it means. So, I started online in my spare time, as a Graphic Design Freelancer; while studying different wealth coaches, who inspired me to pursue my artistic dreams.


    Soon, I discovered my fear for having an email list to produce my music and make it online. It was more than fear! I was offered a huge MLM opportunity so I could be millionaire! My mind poisoned me again; I didn’t join. Instead, I dropped college to start a business selling guitars; just in case the internet stuff didn’t work. Big Mistake! No sales, more bills and still broke. I depressed!


    But not everything in 2013 was bad. Tidying my room, I found The Secret DVD, did what it says and it didn’t work.


    Within two months of trial and error, I found the Key to make it work and founded my first successful venture: an online marketing outsource company called Volgo Studios.

    Next year, I became a vocal coach and co-founded my first healing band. But I wasn’t happy. I badly wanted to be rich! But online rich people make terrifying product launches! Finally, I overcame that block and in January I successfully did my first one!


    It was a pdf guide revealing the exact quantum path I rediscovered to be financially free in 30 days. It also includes the tools and methods I use to “clear” my money beliefs. If it sounds too good to be true, wait till January 2016; I will relaunch it to start the year with the right food.

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    Power of Perception writers with Derek Vasconi

    in Spirituality

    Derek Vasconi was raised in Sharon, Pennsylvania, a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. He didn't stay there for very long, as after graduating from high school, he co-founded the metal band, From A Second Story Window, and went on tour for most of his early 20's. In 2006, Derek made the decision to move on from the band and pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development, which he achieved, at Penn State University. After doing this, he went to Japan to live on and off for the next five years, and life has never been the same for him since. Derek has accomplished a myriad of things in his life, including founding a traditional, independent book publishing company, creating an iphone app (eMobo, which brought the Japanese cell phone novels, or "keitai shousetsu," to the Western world), and now, has pursued writing himself. His first book, KAI, showcases Derek's passion for both Japan and horror, as he blends them seamlessly in an unforgettable and jaw-dropping debut book about one girl from Hiroshima who wants to destroy the world. Additionally, Derek is currently working on several more horror novels, and when he's not writing, he spends his time hopelessly devoted to all things otaku, listening to JPOP music, and hanging out with his little daughter and pet cat, Gachapin, who hates all humanity.

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    Power of Perception music with Monty Greig

    in Spirituality


    Monty Greig has been a singing and entertaining for audiences all over Ontario since 1999. In his Rock & Roll Days, as lead singer for the Popular 80’s style band "One Night Stand" he served as the show opener for Canadian Rockers "Trooper" and for 60’s Legends "Dr Hook and the Medicine show". For many years he relished the idea of trying something new. While working in Las Vegas, he fell in love with the whole "Rat Pack" style of music and entertaining. Upon arriving home, he started his journey into jazz standards and has never looked back.  For the past 5 years he has been pleasing audiences by bringing to life his "Crooner Show" and breathing new life into classic jazz standards from the best in the business. As a high energy entertainer and a soulful singer, Monty has the ability to bring a crowd to their feet and have them dancing the night away.  
    In 2010 he recorded his first jazz standards demo, self titled "Monty". This made its way to several small radio stations around Ontario. In 2012 he released "I’m Gonna Live Until I Die" which featured 2 original tracks and was subsequently picked up by many more radio stations across Canada via DMDS. It was November 2013 when Monty released his third album "Winter Wonderland" through networking efforts and DMDS. He was able to have this album picked up by even more stations in Canada, the U.S. and in Europe.  In January 2014, he was able to market 2 of his albums on iTunes, Amazon, and many other media outlets, and has had a consistent level of sales in the Canadian, U.S and European Markets. Over the past 5 years Monty has gained over 10,000+ fans through social media outlets and has gained popularity from his 250+ live performances over this time period.  In early 2014 Monty teamed up with Mark Zubek to help bring his original music to fruition. 

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    Power of Perception Coaching Katie Epton

    in Spirituality

    Bio - Katie Epton – TLC The Life Coach

    32 years old, (33 on January 26th 2016).

    Lincolnshire, UK

    I have been a ‘professional’ Life Coach since August 2015. I decided that I would become self-employed after the birth of my daughter, now one, as I did not have a job to return to because I was made redundant. I decided that now was the time to try as I would not be giving up a wage (because I wasn’t earning one) that way if I was not successful at least I’d tried.

    Life coaching is something that I have wanted to do for many years. Out of personal interest I enrolled on a distance learning course in life coaching level 3, and this lead me to NLP where I attended a weekend and then week long course, NLP licensed practitioner, run by Richard Bandler himself. I went on to attend college where I studied counselling level 2 & 3. I also have a certificate in Psychology at level 4.

    Since becoming a life coach I have been inspired by Psychologies Magazine and Action for Happiness Charity to start my own Happiness Club, something which they do and write about in the magazine, I was thrilled when Suzy Greaves, Editor, asked me to Blog for them.

    I network on both facebook and twitter and enjoy connecting with all kinds of people. I want to help as many people as I am able by providing independent, unbiased support. I have helped clients with their phobias and in several areas of their lives, I give support and guidance and I use the term ‘advice’ very loosely as it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to choose their path, 



    Website - www.tlcthelifecoach.co.uk

    Twitter - @TLCTheLifeCoach

    Blog - www.lifelabs.psychologies.co.uk ;


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    Power of Perception music with luke potter

    in Spirituality


    Luke Potter – Biography


    Luke is an artist / songwriter from the UK.


    At the age of 17, Luke picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time and started writing songs not only about love but also about growing up…


    Artists that have influenced Luke include the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Jason Mraz, Fountains of Wayne, Goo Goo Dolls and the music of his father who played in bands way back when…!


    January 2013 saw the release of Luke’s EP, ‘One Day’.


    He also did a UK school tour and a tour (10 shows) in the USA in July / August 2014 to a great reaction.

    The ‘So Sugar’ album produced by Bleu (Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers…) was self-released on November 18th, 2014 to a great critical reaction - see reviews section on his website at www.lukepottermusic.com


    And at the end of 2014 Luke played a set at The House of Blues in Orlando. This was very special as it was on the same stage that Luke had seen so many of his heroes perform (Goo Goo Dolls, Ed Sheeran etc) and he received a great response. He’s since played at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool where he received a great reaction to his music!


    His single, written during his travels to Sweden, ‘Do You Love Me (Yet)’ was released on iTunes on June 26th, 2015. The single was selected as ‘Record of the Day’ (by ROTD) in the UK – a prestigious tastemaker.


    This was followed up by ‘Ready or Not’ self-released on October 30th, 2015.. Reaction to the pop song (with R&B undertones) has been strong and Soundout picked it to be their track of the day.



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    The Perception Deception Show 2-1-16 New Time 3-5PM EST

    in Elections

    Join Us at 8PM EST for a 2 Hour conversation on the future of Cannabis in Michigan.

    Guest Call In Line:
    (646) 668-2239

    Tune In, Join In, Get Heard, Not Done!

    This isn't your controlled talking points Cannabis Minded Radio Show.
    This is a show to discuss the unthinkable, Actual Repeal of Prohibition in Michigan.
    You can keep up to date with upcoming shows, guests, and
    other show informaiton including Archived shows at

    Join us on PalTalk here in the Abrogate Prohibition Michigan Campaign group.
    Paltalk is Free, Easy to use, and allows 250 of us to communicate at once.

    The views and opinions expressed on the MichICAN Nightly Radio Show are those of the
    hosts, and guests, authors or organizations, and are not necessarily those
    of this station, it’s management or other Hosts or advertisers. The shows found on
    the BlogTalkRadio can promote any lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation
    or other personal practice. These shows are for entertainment purposes only and are
    not intended to offer legal advice, or to treat, diagnose and/or claim any cure of
    disease or condition.  Although the Host of this show have made every reasonable
    effort to be factually accurate, no responsibility is assumed for editorial or clerical
    errors or error occasioned by honest mistake. All information contained on this Website
    is subject to change.

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    Power of Perception Coaching Dan Ryan

    in Spirituality

    Dan was born and raised in a small Midwestern town surrounded by a large working class family. He had a happy childhood - being the youngest of five brothers.

    Early on, he struggled in school and was challenged throughout his adult life with the  undiagnosed learning impairments of ADD and dyslexia. He spent his junior and senior years enrolled in the school vocational program working construction until midday then going to school for the afternoon and participating in sports after school.

    After graduating from high school, Dan had a beautiful son and began his journey raising him as a single father while working in a factory for seven years. During this time he saved his money until having enough to go to college.

    He graduated from a small community college, and he and his son moved across the state to attend Illinois State University and graduated with a double major - History and Social Science – and a teaching certificate. While at ISU, Dan became a father again, to Brittney, a wonderful daughter.

    Moving back to his hometown, Dan taught 6th grade for five years before receiving a scholarship from the University of Illinois. After be granted a sabbatical from his district superintendent, he graduated from the U of I with a Masters of Education. Soon thereafter, Dan was blessed with Lexi, a fantastic granddaughter.

    He returned to his home school district and became a certified media specialist. He oversaw the reopening and expansion of the high school library and ran it for five years.

    After taking care of his mother in his home for an extended illness, he decided to change direction and become a building contractor. He did this for eight years. In the meantime, he met and married the love of his life, Jill, and gained a wonderful stepdaughter, Meghann!


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    power of perception writers with RC and JP Carter

    in Spirituality

    RC & JP Carter (Chris & Joan to their friends) have been married for almost forty years. They have five daughters, one son and thirteen grandchildren. Chris has been a full time air traffic controller for the last 27 years. Both Chris and Joan were also actively involved in Christian ministry for 20 years before retiring. They served as both associate pastors and pastors of their own church. They ministered deliverance to many people during that time. Even now during their paranormal investigations, they are often called upon to cleanse and anoint homes and sometimes the people living there.

    Joan first saw apparitions at an early age growing up in Massachusetts. She was always told that ghosts were not real, which didn’t stop the spirits from making themselves known. Chris was exposed to the paranormal with a UFO experience when he was young in Illinois. Now they both enjoy doing paranormal investigations in residential and public buildings when called upon.

    During their ministry they wrote many plays and skits. They took a troop of performers throughout southern California performing in churches and dinner theaters. Since they had a large family many of their vacations were full of adventure and misadventure. When they would return home from a vacation they would regale people with stories of their travels. People constantly told them “you should write a book”. Now many years later they decided to do just that.

    Their first three novels, The O’Rourke Series, are mysteries. These books have both strong male and female characters. In this series of books old school detectives solve hi-tech crime. The O’Rourke team are diligent, loyal, fearless, honest and hard-working people. They are the stuff America is made of.

    Book four of the O’Rourke Series is currently on the drawing board. .


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    Power of Perception Coaching with David Wade

    in Spirituality

    David Wade Bio :


    Psychotherapy/Clinical Hypnotherapy Adv Diploma

    National Cert in Health & Exercise

    Tutor in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy Diploma


    Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy Ireland

    Association of Coaches and Mentor’s ( Great Britain )

    working the first 20 years both as an active athlete and coach.

    I have run 21 marathons as well into 1,000 other races. Within I found people drawn to me both for running and weight loss coaching, but also these would come to me with issues that were affecting there every day lives.

    This drew me into why they would open up with their most inner secrets, and the word trance came into my live. I discovered that when people exercise they go into a trance, relax and start to release, what is holding them in life. This brought me into the world of Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy, so I went and studied and discovered a new passion and developed a product that allowed me to coach and mentor people. This product has a mind & body program which helps you to move forward in your life, while dealing with issues that have being holding back your life. This why I developed , Goal Centred Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching, to help the client to move forward in their life’s without having to spend years in therapy, they control the progress and pace of the therapy, no matter what issues they bring to the table.

    I also teach part time in a program with kids, who every day school is not for them. I also coach a running group of adult athletes 2 evening’s a week, as well as being on the committee of the Waterford Viking Marathon our own city marathon.


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    Power of Perception music with Dezert Rocket,

    in Spirituality

     For Dezert Rocket, the last 25 years has been anything but uneventful.

      He began his professional career as a singer/musician by forming a band (his 3rd at this time) with a local St. Louis celebrity who had a gold album to his credit, and Dez soon found himself touring North America. After 2 years on the road, he settled in Los Angeles. He began studying acting with a notable LA theatre guru, and in 1997 formed his band "I Hate Lucy" which later became, for legal reasons, "Chongo Guru". They played the local LA scene until 2001, when Dez' life long battle with depression and addiction began taking it's toll.

      Many describe his pursuit of happiness a "vision quest", experiencing all that life has to offer;  the good, the bad, the mystical, and the unbelievable. Dez has had the privilege of working with many recognizable names in the biz both on stage and behind the scenes, learned many things from a famous Dakota medicine man on a sacred indigenous land in central California, where he participated in many sweat lodge ceremonies, and crossed paths with some incredibly interesting people during his years as a drug addict.

      In 2014 Dez released his first two singles as a solo artist. He performed all vocals, guitars, bass and keys, as well as produced and engineered the tracks. He filmed two music videos in support of the singles, one of which he was able to display some of his talents as an actor. His singles are available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other outlets, and his videos can be found on a variety of websites, including YouTube at http://youtube.com/user/dezrocket.  

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    Power of Perception healers with Tara Kandece

    in Spirituality

    Hello my name is Tara Kandece I was born in Oakdale California. Which is a  town in the Central Valley. I am also known as Intuitive Tara, Shamrockkelly and Tara Kandece. I have had this gift my entire life, at first it was just something that I thought everyone had. My furst memory at threevyears old was my little Cousins funeral. So i grew up thinking death was a normal and good thing. Something everyone  goes through. I wasn't sad because I was born thinking we all have lived once and we will live again. When you die you are just going home. I went through life not talking about it much because I realized that people don't alwats see it that way and will make fun you. Not until something really amazing  happened that I decided to come out of the Spiritual Closet I call it in my 30s. The response has been amazing. Besides being a Intuitive Psychic and Spiritual Medium I help find the missing and I am a full time student working on my doctorate and metaphysics next will be my PhD in philosophy. I also own a headstone cleaning company called Heavenly Headstones L.L.C. and the mother of three girls who are also gifted. Visit my website at www.intuitivetara.com or facebook.com/intuitivetarakandece