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    A New Sound of Triumph

    in Religion

    Rev. Diana R. Williams is an ordained Elder, a published Christian author and professional inspirational speaker with over twenty-five years of ministry experience in mobilizing, mentoring, and motivating Christian leaders. One of her spiritual gifts is that of encouragement, thus hope, joy, love and peace are central in her ministry mandate. She is a graduate of Candler School of

    Theology, Emory University with a Master of Divinity that awarded dual concentrations in Religion, Health and Science and in Women and Religion.

    Rev. Diana R. Williams is authorized to expound scriptures, hold gospel meetings, perform marriages, and celebrate the Sacrament, offer pastoral counseling and conduct clergy visits to the sick. She has the ability to relate practical solutions for success in everyday life situations and relationships. Her services of motivation and encouragement consulting include presentations and productions designed to enrich audiences through individual appearances, one-day seminars or conventions. She is a prolific writer of numerous uplifting Internet articles and Bible studies. Her books; Help To Get Over It, Get Out of The DRY PLACES and You are Set Apart & Transformed all convey messages to exhort people everywhere never to lose heart or give up.

    Exploring GOD’S design to deal with the past, present and future, she takes her readers on a journey through the scriptures to garner nuggets of wisdom applicable today.

    Often called GOD’S cheerleader, she enthusiastically shares the love of Christ with others. Motivated with a passionate commitment to proclaim GOD’S transformative power and loving kindness, Rev. Diana R. Williams has served as revivalist, guest preacher for campus chapel and Women’s Day services and inspirational speaker for nonprofit organizations, retreats, symposiums, civic groups and social events.

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    You Matter: From Trauma to Triumph

    in Lifestyle

    Continuing with the theme, You Matter, Linda discusses the effects of trauma and how to move From Trauma to Triumph. We'll take a look at the question, "What is trauma and how can I break the barriers of it and move on with my life?" We'll also look at steps to you can take to, press towards the mark for healing and wholeness.

    Stop allowing your past to hold you back. In the words of Bishop T.D. Jakes, "Forever a victim? I don't think so!" You can achieve your goals, have your dreams come to fruition and live the life you were created to live.

    Note: This broadcast may be a trigger. We pray that the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)


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    It's Joker Time

    in Comedy

    Time is up. Challenge is over. Time for the accused RLSH to accept their sentances.

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    Your Voice Your Time

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight 8pm eastern, 6pm mountain, 5pm pacific, and 7pm prairies and Tejas. Feel free to call in and question Jerry

    Janiece Hanning will be along to finish up our Q&A of first time HC ownership.

    As well, Jerry Mills will be in the studio with us during most of the show but for certain the last hour of the show. Any questions for Jerry Sky or myself...please feel free to call the number below

    Guest Call In(347) 637-3388


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    From Trouble to Triumph

    in Spirituality

    "My name is Barbara Archer and I grew up in Baltimore Maryland I am the youngest of five children I have three children of my own two of which resides in Atlanta Georgia and the third resides in Pennsylvania. I grew up in a very dysfunctional home with a father who was abusive toward my mother as well as an alcoholic and my mother was a strong Christian woman who loved the Lord and raised us in church from the time we were young. My life was simple but good at least we never had to worry again about my father drinking and abuse. But within a few years my life would change I was brutally raped at the age of 14. I walked away and came home to my two children I knew I had hit rock bottom when I just walked away like it was nothing, but God had a different plan three days after I went to jail there was a warrant for my arrest I was in jail on no bond so I had to sit there until my court date. But God is so good there was a booklet pamphlet and it read" How God deals with hard heads" I knew that was for me I read that pamphlet and fell asleep with it on my chest when morning came the pamphlet was gone and I began to ask the women have they seen it no one remember seeing it so at that moment it was as though an angle came to bring me the pamphlet but shortly after my children were about to be placed in Foster Care I had come to the end of myself and.. 

    Please join me as we converse with Ms. Barbara at 5pm CST

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    Your Voice Your Time

    in Entertainment


    Join us Monday night, 5pm pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm prairies and Lone star, and 8pm eastern...

       Kimmi Krauss, Mike Lehane, and Michele Wolf..will be with us as we talk ambassador WDs. 

    Join Skylar and Myself for what promises to be a great look at what it takes to train and raise an ambassador WD.

    Provided we have time we will take phone calls, so please feel free to call in and ask any of our guests whatever it is you'd lik to know about ambassador WDs.

    Guest Call In (347) 637-3388

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    Championship Time "Sports" Gospel Radio Talk Show_ESP_2_25_14

    in Spirituality

    Championship Time "Sports" Gospel Radio Show.  This is where "You" will experience "Sports" like never before.......


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    Championship Time Radio Show_Eps_02_07_15

    in Spirituality

    Championship Time "Sports" Gospel Radio Show

    This is where "You" will experience "Sports" like never before----

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    A Time Of Reflection

    in Religion

    This Week's Destiny Focus:  Heal or Hurt : The Choice Is Yours

    Speaker: Pastor Adrian B. Bernard

    Speaker: "A Time of Reflection " is a radio broadcast that will Encourage, Enhance, Enrich, Enlighten and Empower listeners to trust God in every area of their lives naturally and spiritually and to  pursue their God Given Destiny without apology.  We are mandated to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as we stand firmly upon our foundational scripture, "And are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone."  Ephesians 2: 20

    Join us daily Monday through Friday at 1PM PST and tune in expecting to hear and receive Fresh Oil from God Almighty.  We appreciate your support. Call in # (858) 683-1334. Please email us at: newdestinyministries54@gmail.com or mail us any Prayer Request or Praise Reports you would like us to share on the broadcast to: New Destiny Ministries, P O Box 5702, Stockton, CA 95205. Also, visit and Like our New Destiny Ministry Page on  Facebook and visit our website: www.newdestinyministries.com to hear our Archived Messages. Visit us on Twitter: @newdestiny54 and our Youtube channnel.

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    Powerful Testimony Of Overcoming Adversity To Triumph

    in Christianity

    In this program we will hear a tremendous testimony of someone who had overcome adversity from childhood.To a life of success and triumph. The chronology of the guest's life events will be expored. A varied group of panelists will asks questions and comment on the topical issue.

    A group of young adults will also be on the program to express their point of view of life from their world. This show will be very interesting, and will be rewarding experience for the listening audience.

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