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    ............tik tok t................

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    ....tik tok..t

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    Metal International EP6

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    Tonight's show will feature global metal by:

    Bathtub Shitter - Hip ls The Main (Osaka, Japan)


    Bhayanak Maut - Chakna for Church (Mumbai, India)

    Chthonic - Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace (Taipei, Taiwan)

    Carrion Witch - Limbless Twitching Torso (Sarasota, FL USA)

    Dark Philosophy - Disruption (Cairo, Egypt)

    (de)absolve - Phantoms (Orlando, FL USA)

    Cronian - Drifting Station (Norge, Norway) & Sverige, Sweden)

    Hatesphere - Need To Kill (Aarhus, Denmark)

    Psychostick - Obey The Beard (Tempe, AZ USA)

    Voracious Infection - Eternal Sores (Lima, Peru)

    Illusion Suite - Orpheus' Quest (Oslo, Norway)

    (N)ception - Song 5-8 (Orlando, FL USA)

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    ............i iz bak...............
    .....Kallin it...Like it iz....
    ....at..such a time..az thiz......

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    Njb aka Joannie Daniels Dyer Author of PoLi-Tik-N

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    Joannie Daniels Dyer is the author of poems that would make any political activist agree with its contents. As native of Denver Colorado. Conming  from a long list of creative people. The Book PoLA-Tik-N gives you a glimpse in the genious of the Bryant, Dyer, Daniels Family. POLITICALITY - publishing award 1980 in The American Collegiate Anthology                                                                                                                                                             Library of Congress BEST of 95 2ND PLACE IN FASHION MERCHANDISING WHO'S WHO IN PHI BETA LAMDA 2nd AWARD W/ DECA 2008 Please tell others ot listen to this wondeful author and creative mind share how she came up with this book and whyhe TV Channel Proposal can be linked to : http://www.gofundme.com/yyles  or go to the www.breakingnewsjournal.net site and click on the red slipper to see. .

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    ..will be...
    ..Kallin it..Like it iz...

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    ..will be...
    ..Kallin it..Like it iz...

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    Ünnepeld a Tested idén Karácsonykor – Celebrate your Body this Christmas

    in Self Help

    Mi lenne, ha idén Karácsonykor a testedet tisztelnéd és ünnepelnéd és nem mások 'tiszteletét' fordítanád a tested meggyalázására?

    Mi lenne ha az az 'alak' aki veled van mindig és ott van érted mindig nem csak a veled-járója lenne az ünnepi perceknek, hanem társakká válnátok az ünneplésben? Mondjuk úgy, hogy ez mindenkinek az örömét és ragyogását szolgálná?

    Szeretnéd kipróbálni, hogy ez milyen is lehet? Hogyan is kéne ezt csinálni? Szeretnél tippeket?

    Milyen megszokások, vélemények, vélemény rendszerek, ígéretek hátráltatnak és akadályoznak abban, hogy a természetesen eredendo gondoskodást, kedvességet a testünkrol ennyire semmibe vesszük és elfeledkeztünk róla?

    Láttál már cicusokat felkelni? Milyen csodás amikor mosakodnak, nyújtózkodnak, ide-oda hajlítgatják, gördítik a testüket.... mintha minden reggel újra szerelembe esnének a saját testükkel?

    Mi lenne ha kedvességet ajándékoznál a testednek idén Karácsonykor?

    Ha szeretnéd ezt kipróbálni, akkor errol fogunk beszélgetni: Birgitta Thewlis és Lampert Mária




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    ..... http://www.HumansWakeUp.com  ......

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    Conversations with Liz Black f/Gospel Gangsters

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    For well over a decade, Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award Nominees, and Gospel
    Hip-Hop pioneers, the Gospel Gangstaz, have taken the raw and uncut Gospel to
    streets that few would even contemplate walking, even by day. Having been saved
    and delivered from those very same cut-throat California streets the original cypher
    of four, former members, Tik Tok and DJ Dove, and current members, Mr. Solo and
    Chille Baby, renowned members of notorious West Coast gangs, The Bloods and The
    Crips, found Christ in the very same street corners of Compton and South Central
    Los Angeles where they hustled. The group's Founder, Mr. Solo, accepted the
    salvation of Jesus Christ after he almost died in a gang-related shooting, in which
    fellow Crip, Chille Baby had also been involved. In an interview Mr. Solo said of the
    Gospel Gangstaz:
    “The Gospel Gangstaz stand in a position to help, because we have seen how the
    Gospel of Christ is real. Our lives were changed from selling crack, drive-by
    shootings, car-jacking and illicit sex, to a life of peace, joy and happiness because of
    Christ. We want to go back to the hood and let our light shine.”
    The Gospel Gangstaz formed their musical association after rival ex-gang members,
    Mr. Solo, from The Crips, and Tik Tok, from The Bloods, became prayer partners at
    the Church in which they were born again. In the early stages of his own walk with
    Christ, Mr. Solo personally ministered to his friend and fellow Crip, Chille Baby, who
    accepted Christ, and was later invited to be a member of the Gospel Gangstaz,
    along with the group’s DJ, DJ Dove. The Gospel Gangstaz are renowned for their
    ministry focus of spreading the love and hope of Christ to young men and women

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    Kesha Fan Radio Episode One

    in Pop Culture

    AnimalRADIO, a program for Ke$ha fans, premieres Episode One where we will discuss what Ke$ha means to us, discuss "My Crazy Beautiful Life" Season Two airing next week on MTV, the Ke$ha review of the week, and we open it up to fan callers/tweets. With host Amanda @TheBabySpoon + cohosts Kody @xxxtml and Angel @DancewithKesha.
    This program encourages fan involvement, so please tweet the hosts leading up to showtimes and use hashtag #AnimalRadio We will try to be appropriate, but listener discretion is advised.

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