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    Bodega Fresh Radio: Director - Will Feagins, Jr

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    Director Will Feagins, Jr films and visuals have caputred not only the art of Hip Hop but also the emotional experience of the independent artists' journey to success.  His latest film, Divided Time, features a group of impassioned artist (Abyss, Mikeflo, Snub Zero, Jawz of Life and more) who are balancing on the tightrope between their dreams and responsibilites. Listen in on the conversation Sunday, 7PM with host Nadine Michel 

    *Divided Time will be featured at the Maysles Theatre on Saturday May 30th - for tickets and times go to www.maysles.org**

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    The Goddess Rising Network : The International Genocide Against Black People

    in Current Events

    What were the factors that led to this potential unraveling for the growth coalitions?

    Urban renewal increased tensions rather than resolving them, leaving cities in a greater state of fear and uncertainty.
    Demands by African-Americans to integrate neighborhoods and schools put the growth coalitions in a bind because they feared increased white flight if the demands were met. Most growth coalitions tried to walk a tightrope, some more successfully than others.
    Many local banks and corporations were bought up by even larger corporations from outside the city, or moved their headquarters to even larger cities, leaving the growth coalitions holding the bag. Some growth coalitions then fragmented.
    Up-scale neighborhoods, environmentalists, left-wing activists fresh from Civil Rights and anti-war struggles, and well-educated high-tech workers passed slow-growth legislation or blocked specific projects in some cities.
    Low-income people in small towns and urban neighborhoods, often led by women and minorities, became part of an environmental justice movement that resisted the creation of chemical dumps and waste treatments plants in their areas (Szasz, 1994).
    Unions based in service workers and government employees later joined the slow-growth, pro-neighborhood coalitions in some major cities.Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Are we being targeted? Isn't that genocide? We are the only minority in America that is on the decline in population. If the current trend continues, by 2038 the black vote will be insignificant.

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    Greg Archer, journalist and author of "Grace Revealed" March 26th, 9PM EST

    in Books

    Seventy-five years after Joseph Stalin's reign of terror across Eastern Europe, entertainment journalist Greg Archer takes a step back from Hollywood and examines his Polish family's mind-bending odyssey of the 1940s. In the process, he exposes one of the most under-reported events of the 20th Century: Stalin's mass deportation of nearly two million Polish citizens to the Siberian gulags and the life-shattering events that followed. The book, Grace Revealed, takes you on that journey.

    But the author's quest takes a dramatic turn. As he walks an emotional tightrope between the past and the present, can a serendipitous global adventure become a saving grace, heal the ancestral soul and bring justice to his family and their forgotten Polish comrades?

    Greg Archer is an award-winning journalist, editor, cultural moderator and author. His journalism and man-on-the-street coverage of agents of change, arts, culture, travel and the entertainment industry appear regularly in The Huffington Post, San Francisco Examiner, Jetset Extra and on his popular YouTube portal. He has been a contributor to Oprah Magazine, The Advocate, VIA Magazine, Palm Springs Life, Bust, Prevention, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Monterey Herald and other publications.

    The book trailer for Grace Revealed is at the link below:


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    It's Your Mid-Morning Lunchtime Friday Groove - the JTA will weave some of the illest independent spoken word and music artists with label artists creating a mellow smooth soulful jazzy Hip Hop, I wanna rock right now, conscious playlist. INDIE FRIDAY is a more than listen playlist -- CALL-TO-ACTION If you're feeling a cut, please shout it out on social media (instagram, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc), add the indie artists to your streaming playlists (Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, etc) and BUY BUY BUY the music!!! [advisory: very little explicit lyrics]

    PLAYLIST: ART (Chrisette Michele - Lyricist Opus), EVANGELIST (Lamar Anthony Hill - Black Male), YOU FOUND ME (De'Borah - The Voice Performance), I WANNA ROCK (Farrah Burns), TIGHTROPE feat. Big Boi (Janelle Monae - The ArchAndroid), WHAT KIND OF COOL (Cody ChesnuTT feat. Hezekiah - Cure for the Common Soul)), CORNERED (Hezekiah - Cure for the Common Soul), TO A PLACE (Jonathan Emile - not released), BLACK RAGE (Lauryn Hill), DANCE WITH ME (This, That & the Third - Cure for the Common Soul), SUPER CHRIS (Chrisette Michele - Lyricist Opus), FIND YOURSELF (Akua Naru - How Does It Feel?), BRAVO (Ledisi - Pieces of Me), WHEN G.I. JOE MET BARBIE (Keziah feat. Richard Shaw - Cure for the Common Soul), ANYTHING (LaMonte Wheat), PARIS Ooo, La La (Amanda Brown - The Voice Performance).

    Find Master Griot Radio's All Time Playlist which features links to tracks on www.MasterGriotRadio.com/Playlist

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    GetAtMeHotNewHits ft Neyo, Beyonce & O.T. Genesis

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight we spotlight the new Neyo "She Knows" (great cut thats creeping to the top).  The New Beyonce "711" ( Beyonce now has a cut thats crazy DJ frendly and radio and sales out the box).  O.T. Genesis "CoCo" (this cut is making moves in the street and also showing decent sales numbers).  This week all the cut were already buzzin and its going to be interesting to see what happens next.  Our 3PcSnack tonight is a Janelle Monae single megamix on "TightRope".  See you at 11PM tonight (347)826-7743

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    SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAY: Im Walking In Wellness

    in Self Help

    GRATITUDE TUESDAY! It's your mid-morning lunchtime wellness groove SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAYS. We're back with your active affirmation, I'm Walking In Wellness. Beginning today through Jan 1, 2015 we will speak more about our blessings than our problems.

    What's one thing you are grateful for today?

    More than an affirmation, SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAYS will inspire you to natural living and empower you to achieve wellness from the inside out, mind, body, soul, and bank account. Built on the foundation of the Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, a socially responsible direct selling company that redefines empowerment by supporting individual vision and purpose through the marketing of highly differentiated natural botanically-based beauty and wellness products.

    I'm Walking In Wellness is an affirmation, nutrition, community based wellness program and Soul Purpose distributor. Be more than our valued listener, be our wellness partner and empower others as a customer, fun Lifestyle Party host, community partner and/or empowered entrepreneur!

    JOIN | credits: TIGHTROPE ft. Big Boi (Janelle Monae) FEELING GOOD (Judith Hill - The Voice) GUIDED MEDITATION (Iyanla Vanzant)

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    SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAY: Im Walking In Wellness

    in Women

    It's your mid-morning lunchtime wellness groove SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAY. As a Cancer Survivor, our special guest from The House of D'OR is successful entrepreneur, mother, keynote speaker, and Project BUILD Executive Director, D'OR talking Bras and Wellness! Also, working our lymphatic system with Jonelle Monae's TIGHT ROPE feat. Big Boi.

    We're back with your active affirmation, "I'm Walking In Wellness with Soul Purpose." Is what you put in your mouth, on your skin, and allow into your spirit, Life Giving or Life Robbing? More than an affirmation, SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAY will inspire you to natural living and empower you to achieve wellness from the inside out, mind, body, soul, and bank account. Built on the foundation of the Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, a socially responsible direct selling company. I'm Walking In Wellness is an affirmation, nutrition, community based wellness program and Soul Purpose distributor.

    CALL-TO-ACTION Be more than our valued listener, be our wellness partner and empower others as a customer, fun Lifestyle Party host, community partner and/or empowered entrepreneur! Download your complimentary "BEAUTY from the Inside Out Mag."


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    Music, Movies and More featuring Koa and Billy Bates

    in Entertainment

    This week, Matt and Shawn talk the CMA Awards despite not being involved. They did, however attend the Broken Bow Records' pre party! Matt also went to see O.A.R., and shawn went to Birmingham, AL.

    We also feature an interview with Jen DeLia and James Worte from the independent film Billy Bates! The film explores the fiery world of Billy, a thirty-year old enigmatic artist. On the one hand, Billy’s reality is a kaleidoscope of artistic beauty and on the other, an extremely troubled existence. As Billy floats the tightrope between brilliance and madness, he seeks solace in overcoming his personal inner-demons.

    And this week's #NUartist is Koa! Koa was formed in 2012 at Belmont University by Chase Bader (vocals and acoustic guitar) and Conor Kelly (lead guitar). After writing their first EP, “Cool It Down,” members Ryan Ladd (bass), Will Youngclaus (drums), Alex Mathews (saxophone) and Ryan McClanahan (percussion) came together to form the soulful beach-rock sound that is Koa.

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    Ask a PI-What your clients say about YOU

    in Legal

    Do You Know What Your Clients are Saying About You?


    Do You Know What Your Clients Are Saying
    About You?

    Because I do. Well, probably not you specifically but I get calls every week from prospective clients that begin with a complaint of the first PI they called or hired. In the interest of personal development, a closer look at a few common complaints I hear may be insightful.

    “The last place wouldn’t even quote me a solid price.”

    If you deal with new calls that are not from attorneys or other service firms, the client’s number one concern at the start of the call is likely how much your service is going to cost. Your client wants to know that your fee is reasonable for the service you provide and that they are not going to be ripped off or scammed in any way.

    This may not be the most common complaint I hear about other PI’S but it is one you can easily avoid by being transparent. Gather the information you need to quote a price to get the job done and quote a firm price. If there will likely be additional fees, especially if the amount is unknown, make sure your client understands this up front and save frustration down the road. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver.

    The tightrope walk is often about securing a fair price for your time and energy without scaring away your prospect. I have found that the secret to overcoming a client’s possible “sticker shock” when you talk money is to show your client as much value as you can before you quote your fee. If your client trusts that you are the right person for the job, the exact dollar amount becomes much less important to them.

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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Yolanda Conyers: Co-author of "The Lenovo Way: Managing a Diverse Global Company for Optimal Performance," http://www.TheLenovoWay.com

    Kelly James-Enger: Author of "Six-Figure Freelancing: Make More Money as a Writer, Second Edition," http://dollarsanddeadlines.blogspot.com

    Nelito Monteiro: A successful entrepreneur who will be talking with Michael today about how to achieve financial independence, http://www.nelitomonteiro.com

    Tiffany C. Wright: Author of the upcoming book, "The Funding is Out There! Access the Cash You Need to Impact Your Business," http://www.thefundingisoutthere.com

    Joel Trammell: Author of "The CEO Tightrope: How to Master the Balancing Act of a Successful CEO," http://www.theamericanceo.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    Cornell West Discusses Hope on a Tightrope

    in Books

    Dr. Cornell West, author of "Democracy Matters" and several other NY Times bestsellers, talks about his newest book "Hope on a Tightrope" and his upcoming trip to Charlotte. To purchase tickets, visit www.realeyesbookstore.com.