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    Thriving with Pain-- 5 steps from Ow to Wow!

    in Health

    Living with chronic pain is difficult.  Find pain relief, become active in your care, and find appropriate resources for you is what Thriving with Pain LLC is all about.

    Today explore the Thriving with Pain process; 5 steps from Ow to Wow! for people with chronic pain and those who love them.  More than fluff, practical support.

    Amber Rose Dullea takes you through the 5 steps that can take you from suffering and blame to thriving!  Check out the website, resources, and services on www.thrivingwithpain.com

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    Thriving with Pain -- Step One: Become an expert on you and your pain!

    in Health

    The 5 steps from Ow to Wow supports you to move from suffering and blame to thriving! The first step is to become an expert on yourself. Only you really know what your pain feels like and how it impacts your quality of life. Become a partner with your health care providers by learning the language, tracking what works and what doesn't.

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    thriving point

    in Fun

    thriving point is what makes people them, we listen to music, news, listen to the lastest gossip it's what we do we have fun everything is what makes us thrive to our best.

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    Using Intuition For Thriving

    in Spirituality

    Join Janice as she talks with clairvoyant and teacher, Tamara Heims.  Tamara holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Elementary Education, and is a Certified Angel Card Reader clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. In 2009 Tamara had a spiritual awakening experience that happened to her in the middle of the night. She explains it as if someone turned on all the lights and electricity to the highest volume in her home. It took her several months to begin to understand what had happened.  Today she helps and supports other people who are having these same experiences.
    In 2011 Tamara created a blog called Intuitive Mothers as well as a Facebook group called Intuitive Mothers that supports women and their children with their spiritual awakenings. She works with families and children who are clairvoyant and highly sensitive to their environment. Tamara is a married mother of four children and offers techniques in how to connect and support families to their spiritual inner voice.
    Currently, Tamara is teaching and offering Angel Card Readings as a service of support to those who have had a shift in their lives and are having metaphysical type experiences. Tamara is a warm, gentle and inspiring teacher. You can find out more information through her blog site http://www.intuitivemothers.wordpress.com or by imtamara444@gmail.com

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    Metaphysics of Building Beautiful Thriving Black Communities w/Philippe Matthews

    in Self Help

    I always wondered why the black communities I lived in weren't as nice as other communities.  I found the answer by studying Black History.  I found the solution by studying Metaphysics.  Join me as I chat with Talk Show Host and Author Philippe Matthews about my mission of building Beautiful Thriving Black Communities.

    Philippe has interviewed tons of thought leaders and change agents.  Listen in as I sit on Philippe's proverbial couch while he walks me through some processes I can take to manifest my vision.

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    Natural Healing and Thriving For Highly Aware Children

    in Spirituality

    Michael and Janiece Boardway have been on an amazing journey with the birth of their son, Tristan, in 1993. As parents of one of the New Children, they learned to navigate their way with very little information in a world that didn’t quite understand the uniqueness of these children nor their part in our evolutionary process. By listening to their inner knowing, Michael and Janiece have allowed Tristan to take them on a journey of opening their hearts even more and living a life that they never could have imagined. On the recommendation of their son, Michael & Janiece hosted a teleconference entitled Journey with the New Children from 2010 through 2011, in which they interviewed many speakers on this subject. In 2014, they hosted their own program on Voice America entitled Journey with the New Children, Teens and Adults. 

    Janiece originally receiving her Master’s Degree in Psychology, left the field soon after the birth of Tristan and shifted her focus to a more spiritual realm. She has co-authored an e-book with her son entitled The Light We Share, that shares Tristan’s story that he told his mom when he was 7 years old about his conversation with God before incarnating in this life. 

    Michael is an Architect and Professor. He has devoted his practice to creating spaces that support and nurture individuals, calling his New Architecture, Energetic Vibrational Green.

    They work together as spiritual energy, vibrational and frequency healers, intuitive readers and teachers assisting people all over the world. To learn more about this family and the work they do, please visit their website at www.saturn3lightflyers.com

  • LUwJC#023 Are The Things You Love Thriving?

    in Self Help

    LUwJC#023 Are the things you love Thriving?

    What do you Love?
    What is most important to you?
    Are You Contributing to What You Love?

    Today on Lighten Up with Jen Halterman and Cheri Gillham the ladies are diving into the topic for the month of November: Appreciation and Contribution.

    Are the things you love Thriving?
    Are your Relationships Thriving?
    Is your Career Thriving?
    Are your Hobbies Thriving? 
    Is your Health Thriving?
    Go beyond being Grateful for what you Love!

    Have a question for the Ladies? Call in during the show at (646) 200-0825.

    Learn more about Jen Halterman

    Learn more about Cheri Gillham

    Join in our new Experiment “This Is Me Winning”  #thisismewinning

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Amber Rose Dullea of Thriving With Pain

    in Health

    Portland, OR – According to recent studies, nearly 100 million Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that doesn’t go away. You have to accept it as part of your life. But acceptance is not giving up. Pain is something we experience but it is not the only thing. Having someone who understands how it feels to live with chronic pain and is there to support you can be invaluable.

    Amber Rose Dullea is the founder of Thriving With Pain and the creator of the 5 Steps from Ow to Wow program.

    ‘I’ve learned through personal experience that living with chronic pain is never fun,” says Amber Rose. "My pain was having an impact on my life until I decided I’d had enough. I wanted to do more than suffer and survive, I wanted to thrive again.”

    Amber Rose says part of that process was learning to coach clients in strategies to help them achieve what they want. She wanted to take those skills and work with a population she felt strongly about: people with chronic pain.

    “Every morning I wake up I have to make the decision: Am I going to thrive or am I just going to survive the day? Or is this going to be a suffering day?” says Amber Rose. “We all have pain in our lives, but it’s empowering to know that there’s even a decision to be made each day; that it is in your control.”

    Though the path can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating, Amber Rose can offer the support and accountability you need to thrive once more in spite of your pain.

    “Having someone who can be there for you to figure out what is needed, wanted, and what will move you toward thriving can make all the difference in your quality of life.”

    For more information on Thriving With Pain visit www.thrivingwithpain.com.

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    Totally Whole Presents- "Going from surviving to thriving"

    in Spirituality

    We can get stuck in merely surviving instead of thriving.  Our past can hold us back, trauma can hold us back, our fears can hold us back, we can allow circumstances to hold us back.  It is God's desire that we prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper (III John 2).  God desires for us to thrive.  Dr. Cook will discuss the difference between surviving and thriving.  She will look at it from a spiritual and psychological perspective.  She will give us action steps that will help us to begin to thrive.  Fasten your seat belt and prepare yourself to be challenged. 

    To listen in dial 646-929-0630.  To join the conversation hit number 1 and you will enter into the studio to ask a question or make a comment.


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    Thriving Relationship - With Kids

    in Self Help

    Meet Adam Johnson, CFMW, speaker, transformational life coach, and energy worker and Linda Wasil, CFMW, acclaimed author, speaker, transformational life coach, and energy worker as they discuss how to create relationships that thrive with everyone and everything in your life you desire.
    Anne Maxwell, LCSW, RPT-S, CFMW child and family play therapist and Access Consciousness™ Facilitator will be joining them to look at how you can create thriving relationships with the kids in your life as well as anyone who ever was a kid.
    What if there were simple tools that you could use to create a harmonious life with your children and with others? 
    Are you willing to look beyond where you are now? 
    Are you willing to unlock those parts of your life that seem to reappear and to block you from being who you actually are? 
    Do you play … with your child … with your spouse … with your friends?  What is the energy of play?
    To learn more about Anne go to:
    If you have any questions for Adam or Linda to answer on this or future shows, please email Adam at adam.jms.johnson@gmail.com. You can also call (347) 215-7043 to have your questions addressed during the show.

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    Thriving with Pain--Member Practitioner Nicole Henderson

    in Health

    Meet a member Practitioner--Nicole Henderson--Author, Medical Remote Viewer and Integrative Health Consultant offers Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy (CMDT) for pain and healing. Find out more about how understanding your body's language can lead to healing.  

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