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    Political Thrillers!

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    There was a time, when talking about politics, was taboo. Today, it is common place to read, or hear about one political view or another; expressed openly; and in some case violently.  With so many political scandals being revealed, one tends to wonder what else is being covered up; and in the name of “Diplomacy” of all things. We, as a nation, have given a lot of power, to a few people. People we trust to make “right decisions”, for the good of the country; are those the only decisions being made…”right decisions”? “Too much power in the wrong hands”, can cause chaos. What about “too much power” in the right hands? Good intentions, don’t always deliver good results; then what about “bad intentions”. Politics, Scandals, Greed, Power, Violence; how do we begin figuring it all out? Tonight we’ll tackle “Political Thrillers”. We welcome back “Movie Maven” Ms. Karen D.” to give us her spin on the four, politically based, films up for review!

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    Chiller Thrillers

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    Brrr!!! During this Halloween-theme episode, horror expert A.J. Hakari rants and raves about horror flicks set in snowy locations. Plus, host Betty Jo Tucker reviews The Colony, a sci-fi Ice Age thriller that will be released on DVD the day of this show. What are Hakari’s Top Five Chiller Thrillers? And which frightening snowy films will end up on his worst list? Nominees under consideration include such movies as 30 Days of Night, Let Me In, The Shining, Misery, The Thing, Dead Snow and Wind Chill. 
    Hakari, aka The Mad Movie Man, is one of Movie Addict HQ’s favorite guests. He’s a member of the Online Film Critics Society and has contributed film reviews to such diverse outlets as Terror Tube, Review Express, Classic Movie Guide, and ReelTalk Movie Reviews. He also created his own film-related blog, Cineslice, which is now featuring a popular 1970’s Horrorthon. 

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    The Dead End presents...Thrillers

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    What actually constitutes a "Thriller"? Adventure? Action? Mystery? Page-turning ratios?
    Browse around your local B&N (while you still can) and you might notice that the Horror section has dwindled to one or two bookshelves, while Thrillers and Fantasy novels can fill two or three aisles. It's clear that the Horror label is considered a minus to marketing mavens in the publishing industry, and yet--the Thriller and fantasy sections are chock full of -- horror books! 
    Hmmm. So what's the real deal? Join us this Wednesday at 8pm Eastern for a riveting, spine-tingling, bone-chilling, ________ (insert your own thriller cliche here), look at what makes a Thriller…a Thriller.

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    Holistic coach and hypnosis therapist now writes thrillers and spiritual books

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    Dr. Yves E. Patak, MD, born in 1968 in Zürich, Switzerland. The author works as a holistic coach, hypnosis therapist and acupuncturist in his own practice. Writing is his passion: six of his novels have been published, other literary works have been awarded, further projects are under way. Dr. Patak has two children and lives with his family in a rural part of Zurich, Switzerland.

    For his medical studies Patak spent three months in Jamaica and often travelled to the Far East, India, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean. This brought him into contact with miscellaneous cultures, rites and tribal medicine, and has strongly inspired him both in his work as a physician and writer. The author’s main focus currently is mystery novel and thriller.          

    Dr. Patak holds a US degree in Basic Medical Science USMLE/ECFMG, and Clinical Science

    For additional information on radio show host, David Clarke, including spiritual counseling sessions, go to:
    www.authordavidclarke.com  or email him at dcowder@twcny.rr.com

  • An Interview With Alan Jacobson

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    Alan Jacobson is the Best Selling Author who has published 9 books, with a 10th, The Lost Codex, to be released very soon. 

    We'll be talking with Alan about his writing, collecting books, and much more. 

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    Authors Tom Abrahams and Murray McDonald are LIVE on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes two excellent authors to the studio.  Joining me first is Tom Abrahams, a veteran television journalist and best selling author of the Allegiance series.  Tom's new book, Allegiance Burned,  is the second novel in an exciting series of action adventures.  It combines political thriller with espionage and science fiction in the explosive, fast-paced world of a reluctant hero... Guns. An heiress. Nuclear Fission. Jackson Quick just couldn't stay away. Tom is also a contributor to the Perseid Collapse KindleWorld series.  Also joining Tom and me in the studio is author Murrary McDonald.  He had this to say:  I write action thrillers - fast paced and action packed with a plot that will keep you enthralled and intrigued right up until the shocking ending. If that sounds like your type of book, you're in the right place! Murray  also contributed to the Perseid Collapse KindleWorlds series.  

    Please join me LIVE at 9pm ET / 6pm PT for this fascinating hour of chat with two best-selling authors. Call to say hello at 347-633-9609.  

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. See us at http://authorsontheair.com, http://facebook.com/authorsontheair, and tweet @authorsontheair or @PamStackHost.

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    Mission Impossible & The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: From TV to Hollywood!

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    In the 1960's, thrillers were the "Name of the Game" on network television (pun intended). Spy series were especially successful. So much so that more than 40 plus years later, their allure has beckoned a new generation of fans, current movie goers, to these savvy recreations, that have kindled a new spark into the spy thrillers of old. Our focus will be on the 2015 releases of two such action films that got their start as TV series back in the mid to late 60's; Mission Impossible and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Join Critic Karen D (@kdmoviemaven) and me, you host Greg Morgan (@reelmovieguy) as we discuss these two films and reminisce a little on these TV classics. 

    [Our show will be simulcast live on Blog Talk Radio and Streaming on the Blab social media platform from 11:00 pm until 11:30 pm EDT, then continue solely on the Blab platform from 11:30 pm until 12:00 am EDT]

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    Tamara and Alistair join Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

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    Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! kicks off October with guest host Briar Lee Mitchell grilling Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross over hot coals until they scream for mercy. They'll be talking about books, ghosts, Halloween, and anything else Briar stirs into the cauldron.

    Briar Lee Mitchell is an author, illustrator, and host of the Doctor Briar Lee Mitchell show. As well, Briar teaches college and does K-9 Search and Rescue with her partners Bardy (blond lab) and Thor. 

    Thorne & Cross joined forces in 2012, intending to write a short story together. One thing led to another, and they have since completed two full novels, The Cliffhouse Haunting and The Ghosts of Ravencrest. They are currently working on their next collaborative novel, due early next year. 

    Tamara is the author of such international bestellers as Haunted, Moonfall, Candle Bay, and the Sorority.

    Alistair's novel, The Crimson Corset, an Amazon bestseller, is available now,

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio.

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    Horror Author Armand Rosamilia Scares Us (Here's why that's a good thing!)

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    Armand Rosamilia is an author with over 150 releases to date. He writes about zombies, horror, contemporary fiction, thrillers, movie adaptations erotica and anything else he wants to write about. He likes to talk in third person. Check him out on Amazon and his blog at http://armandrosamilia.com

    Chelsea Avenue blurb: 

    On July 8th 1987, in Long Branch, New Jersey, The Haunted House Pier and Murphy's Law club fires destroyed not only local landmarks, but everything Manny Santiago found dear. 

    And it isn't over. 

    The entity responsible for killing Manny's family and wreaking devastation in the small seaside community has reappeared. Again. As it has every year since. And is growing in power. 

    Every July 8th it returns, as survivors of the fires, including Manny, are mysteriously led back to the now-vacant seaside lot on Chelsea Avenue, where the entity intends to finish what it started in 1987 once and for all.


    TAWE from Sparkol. You can easily create animation from a single image. Here's what I created in about 30 seconds yesterday. I loved it so much that I became a brand new affiliate for Sparkol. So, if you click the link and decide to use Sparkol, then I'll probably receive a small reward for referring you. You can, of course, also simply contact the site directly. 


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    The Authors Corner

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    Join us for Saturday morning book reviews beginning with our Suspense and Thriller series featuring "The Parables of Life" a 12 episode crime and investigation series featuring America's most loved Black Crime Fighter; U.S. Marshal Harry Bailey. Here exerts from each of his 12 suspense thrillers from Author Larry Montgomery, Sr. first collection of works. Available this Christmas in a limited edition box set. Join us for a brief look into the high speed, fist throwing, foot stomping and quick shooting of America's next Wesley Snipes, Alex Cross real life law enforcement officers who will travel the world to close a case. This week we review Volume 5 of 12, "A Friend at Midnight".

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    Upbeat w Tom Hayes and Best Selling Author, William Bernhardt

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    William Bernhardt is the best selling author of the Ben Kincaid series of crime thrillers. He has over 10 million books in print from crime thrillers to children's books. He teaches the Red Sneaker Series of books and workshops sharing his knowledge and wisdom of what it takes to write and sell a best selling book. One can see the list of awards and credits on his website...www.williambernhardt.com. Tune in for a great show.