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    Chiller Thrillers

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    Brrr!!! During this Halloween-theme episode, horror expert A.J. Hakari rants and raves about horror flicks set in snowy locations. Plus, host Betty Jo Tucker reviews The Colony, a sci-fi Ice Age thriller that will be released on DVD the day of this show. What are Hakari’s Top Five Chiller Thrillers? And which frightening snowy films will end up on his worst list? Nominees under consideration include such movies as 30 Days of Night, Let Me In, The Shining, Misery, The Thing, Dead Snow and Wind Chill. 
    Hakari, aka The Mad Movie Man, is one of Movie Addict HQ’s favorite guests. He’s a member of the Online Film Critics Society and has contributed film reviews to such diverse outlets as Terror Tube, Review Express, Classic Movie Guide, and ReelTalk Movie Reviews. He also created his own film-related blog, Cineslice, which is now featuring a popular 1970’s Horrorthon. 

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    Holistic coach and hypnosis therapist now writes thrillers and spiritual books

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    Dr. Yves E. Patak, MD, born in 1968 in Zürich, Switzerland. The author works as a holistic coach, hypnosis therapist and acupuncturist in his own practice. Writing is his passion: six of his novels have been published, other literary works have been awarded, further projects are under way. Dr. Patak has two children and lives with his family in a rural part of Zurich, Switzerland.

    For his medical studies Patak spent three months in Jamaica and often travelled to the Far East, India, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean. This brought him into contact with miscellaneous cultures, rites and tribal medicine, and has strongly inspired him both in his work as a physician and writer. The author’s main focus currently is mystery novel and thriller.          

    Dr. Patak holds a US degree in Basic Medical Science USMLE/ECFMG, and Clinical Science

    For additional information on radio show host, David Clarke, including spiritual counseling sessions, go to:
    www.authordavidclarke.com  or email him at dcowder@twcny.rr.com

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    The Dead End presents...Thrillers

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    What actually constitutes a "Thriller"? Adventure? Action? Mystery? Page-turning ratios?
    Browse around your local B&N (while you still can) and you might notice that the Horror section has dwindled to one or two bookshelves, while Thrillers and Fantasy novels can fill two or three aisles. It's clear that the Horror label is considered a minus to marketing mavens in the publishing industry, and yet--the Thriller and fantasy sections are chock full of -- horror books! 
    Hmmm. So what's the real deal? Join us this Wednesday at 8pm Eastern for a riveting, spine-tingling, bone-chilling, ________ (insert your own thriller cliche here), look at what makes a Thriller…a Thriller.

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    Author & TV newsman Tom Abrahams & political thrillers on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes author and national television newsman Tom Abrahams to the studio.  Tom is a Texas television reporter and anchor who has spent more than 20 years covering local, national, and international news.Read more about Tom's work at tomabrahamsbooks.com.  Also check Tom out on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOBT_ZfDEwE.  This is a LIVE broadcast so please join us by calling 347-633-9609.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Please see us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/authorsontheair, send us a Tweet @authorsontheair or pin your favorite books on http://pinterest.com/authorsontheair.  Shout out to author, musician and composer Robert Gregory Browne who wrote and plays our theme music.  http://www.robertgregorybrowne.com.

    Sponsors for this evening's podcast are J. Carson Brown, author of intelligent crime fiction and the Authors on the Air Book of the Year 2014; "The Amaretto" suspense/adventure book by author D.D. Corbitt; Military romance author of over 100 books, Lindsay McKenna; author of "Spider's  Kiss" Will Graham.

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    Reavis Wortham, author of thrillers with a western twist on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes Reavis Wortham, thriller novelist whose books are set in the west. Rev is an award-winning photographer, journalist and educator from Texas with a Masters Degree in Communication and one heck of a storyteller.  His "Red River Mysteries" series is a tightly wound trip through the west that will leave your heart pounding, your fists clenched and your thirst for a magnificent thriller quenched.  See his work at http://reaviszwortham.com/.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  We are on the web at http://authorsontheair.com, on http://facebook.com/authorsontheair . Follow us on Twitter @authorsontheair.

    Shout out to our sponsors!   Robert Gregory Browne for our theme music.  http://robertgregorybrowne.com.  Holistic natural food for the studio kitties at http://discountpetsandsupplies.com. Branding and marketing by the best web design team at http://authormarketinghub.com and http://pmlmedia.com.

    Author support graciously provided by Russell Blake's "Jet Ops Files" *free* at http://http://amzn.to/1tMUdzc.  Cherry Adair's online store at http://shop.cherryadair.com.


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    David Wood author, on writing thrillers and mysteries

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    Authors on the Air present thriller and mystery novelist David Wood, who will speak to the art of writing and crafting a mystery or thriller novel and what the differences are.
    A word from the author:  I'm an action-adventure author who first fell in love with the genre through children's mysteries like the Hardy Boys and Three Investigators. Later, I discovered Doc Savage, Indiana Jones, and Dirk Pitt. If you like contemporary thrillers, ancient mysteries, and creepy creatures from legend, give the Dane Maddock Adventures a try!
     David Wood is the author of the Dane Maddock Adventures series as well as several other titles. He co-hosts the ThrillerCast podcast and is a contributing author at Thriller Central. David and his family live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    This is a copyrighted podcast oned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC and produced by Pam Stack.  

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    L.J. Sellers: Housing Help

    in Pop Culture

    Doing the right thing and helping others is something that comes easily to best selling author, LJ Sellers.  Tonight LJ will share her path in life in serving her local community in the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon.  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions or join in on the conversation!

    Housing Help is devoted to keeping families from being homeless. We offer assistance to people with temporary housing crises. With the support of small public donations, we  pool our resources and make a huge difference in the lives of individuals. Our primary focus is Lane County, Oregon, but we are not limited in our scope. 

    Like the Housing Help Facebook page by clicking here!

    Find out more and support Housing Help Foundation by clicking here!

    Like LJ's Facebook page by clicking here!

    In the last half of the show, Celebrity Chef, Bernie Guzman shares his January Facebook Challenge:  

    Be a better person in 2015!  Through the end of January, I will bake any personal dessert request, even Macaroni & Cheese. Simply make a donation to my "AIDS LIFE CYCLE" or "HOMELESS YOUTH SHELTER" charities. Your donation helps service homeless young people including meals, laundry, access to a clothing closet, emergency phone, transportation tokens and a bed to sleep in a loving  environment.


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    Talking Terror Presents: Spooks In The House!

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    Welcome, once again Screamlings, to an all new episode of Talking Terror Presents! This week the crew is going to explore the wondrous world of haunted homes! Or at least homes that were painted that way! First up, "The Amityville Horror" (1979), the horrific "based on real events" story of things that happened to the Lutz family after they moved into what they thought was their dream home! That will be followed by "The Changeling" (1980), A similar "based on real experiences" film, this time from a writer living at the Henry Treat Rogers Mansion in Colorado! So tune in and let's see if we can find some real ghosts together! Stay Scared!

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    Grizz Improve to 6-0, Tigers Bowl eligible and two double OT Thrillers!

    in Basketball

    Hello Ladies and Gents! You all know what time it is so are you ready for the Showtime lol! Get your popcorn ready because it's going to be wild 30 minutes in sports with me as your host on the all new Jay Byrd Show!

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    Grave of the Vampire, 1970's film

    in Paranormal


    From 1974, a treat for you chiller thrillers: Some really weird looking thing that

    Miss X found in the land of gone films, this one includes a vampire  baby that drinks blood, not milk.

    Showcasing once again that the weirdest movies of all time were made in the 1970's, we present "Grave of the Vampire", for all you Night Owls.

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    Shattered Lives: WildBlue Press Author Series - STEVE JACKSON

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    WildBlue Press frontman Steve Jackson is the NY Times best selling author giving listeners background on WildBlue Press then delves into his latest book, BOGEYMAN, about child serial killer David Penton told through the eyes of the detectives and their families and showing the toll a case like this has on dedicated law enforcement officers. 

    Colorado based Steve Jackson began his career as a journalist and newspaper writer covering "everything from science to medicine to international and social issues to politics and even a smattering of sports." 

    Jackson is the author of nine true crime books and collaborated with former New York assistant district attorney Robert K. Tanenbaum to write eleven crime thrillers in the Butch Karp fiction series.  

    Host website: DonnaGore.Com


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