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    Therone Shellman the elder of four children who were taken away from their mother when he was four and thrown into the NYC foster care system. In and out of different homes he and his sister went. He was a child thinking about adult issues like survival and having to look out for his younger sister. At the age of fifteen dissatisfied with the dysfunctional parents who adopted them both, and a school system he felt was biased he turned his back on both and sought the streets. From hustling at fifteen, to pulling stick ups at sixteen, Shellman found himself at the age of seventeen being sentenced to four to twelve years in prison.

    In an honest and brutal way Shellman tells his life story from a powerless child to a power crazed misdirected youth, survival of the fittest on the streets and life within some of the roughest prisons in New York State. Throughout the story you witness his search for self peace and spiritual growth as he sought to balance his troubled life which would ultimately lead him through life threatening situations where by chance and little wit he would overcome time and time again. And finally some way, some how an awakening rose within him to change his life and write stories which would help others.

    Survivor I Changed the Rules is not just a memoir or autobiography, it is a testament about how strong the human spirit is

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    Let Your Kingdom Come episode I – Alignment

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    What is the Kingdom of God, and are we aligned with God's kingdom purposes the way that we are supposed to be? How do we align ourselves with it? What does it mean to be kingdom-minded?

    Alignment is part I of the series, Let Your Kingdom Come. Deborah and her guests will discuss various aspects of the kingdom of God and how to shift our focus from being earthly focused to kingdom focused, why that is important, and what God says about His kingdom.

    In this episode, host Deborah Nazemi & Traci Shellman, pastor of Transformation Fellowship International, will discuss what it means to be aligned with the kingdom.

    If you would like to connect with Traci, you can find her on Facebook.

    Connect with Traci Shellman

    Transformation Fellowship International

    Baldwin, Florida




    Connect with Deborah Nazemi






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    The Source of WEalth - Therone Shellman Creative Genius

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    Master marketer and savvy business man are words colleagues use to describe tonight’s guest Author and Entrepreneur Therone Shellman.
    Therone Shellman is an award winning author, on-line radio host, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.
    HAS WON Awards FOR;
    •Love Don't Live Here: Booking Matters Magazine Bestseller (2006)
    •No Love Lost: Indie Excellence Winner, and finalist AA Fiction USABookNews.com (2007)
    The Source of Wealth Talk show’s goal is to teach our listeners how to make money, what to do with it once they make it, and how to keep and increase the money they make! The show is designed to help listeners break free from debt and poverty one show at a time by starting businesses, building strong customer base, investing in real estate, and learning money, time, and energy management; so they can enjoy “Infinite (never ending) Wealth!”

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    Awakening & Revival 2016 episode I - Are You Awake?

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    A Great Awakening is Coming!

    Many of us are expecting another Great Awakening and praying for revival, but what does that really mean? What is an awakening, and how do you know that you are one of those who is awake? 

    A great many Christians have been slumbering, and God has given us a long time to awaken. What will that look like?

    Deborah Nazemi and her special guest, Traci Shellman, prophet and pastor, will discuss the slumbering bride and what God is saying about awakening in our current world situation.

    Are You Awake? is Episode I of the new series, Awakening & Revival 2016.

    If you want to sow seed to Transformation Fellowship for the Africa churches:


    Transformation Fellowship International

    Mailing Address:

    Transformation Fellowship International

    82 US HWY 90 East

    Baldwin, Fl 32234

    Paypal: Transfell@att.net

    To contact Traci for prayer or counsel

    Phone: 904-487-6471

    Email: PastorTraci@hotmail.com


    To contact Deborah Nazemi


    Deborah Nazemi on Facebook

    Twitter: @DeborahNazemi

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    Mad Max Fury Road Review

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    Robert Winfree and Mark Radulich review the latest car crash epic from George Miller, Mad Mad: Fury Road!

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    Survival Skills That Every Black Male Should Know: Therone Pratter

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    Join A.Raquel, Mahoghani Dawn and Ray Cornelius on Tuesday for another edition of The Conversation Cafe™ as they discuss the latest news and entertainment topics of the day during their “Keeping You In the Know” segment and In the second half of the show A.Raquel and Mahoghani Dawn will welcome Activist and National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice member Therone Pratter to the show to discuss “Survival Skills That Every Black Male Should Know” as well as other deaths of African American males at the hands of police around the nation. Tune in to join the conversation at 773-97-3986 and “Remember…where there’s no dialogue, there’s no conversation!”

    Follow Ray Cornelius on Facebook: facebook.com/Ray-Cornelius Twitter: @RayCornelius75 Instagram: instagram.com/raycornelius. For more information about the Therone Pratter (National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) visit Website: http://nabcj.org Twitter: @NABCJ  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NABCJ.

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    SPEAKING TO HARMONY: Authors on the Rise - Black History Month Panel Discussion

    in Social Networking

    You MUST join us for the exciting and enlightening panel discussion on Black History and bring your comments and/or thoughts to the table.


    Jerry Jackson - Published author searching for focusing black authors and stories featuring black protagonists.

    Milton Davis - An American musician, songwriter and producer from Birmingham, Alabama.

    Andre Holmes - An Associate Producer Designer and Content manager at The Music Origins Project

    Therone Shellman - An award winning author, as well as motivational speaker, self publishing consultant, and journalist.

    Chris Smith - Entrepenuer and CEO/Founder of an accounting firm in CA.

    Dr. Antonio Webb - An Orthopedic Surgeon resident and Motivational speaker and published author who has a passion for helping others.

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    A Conversation with Author's Julius Thompson and Therone Shellman

    in Books

    Join me and my guests for a powerful conversation as we talk about their work, experiences, and literary journey. Julius Thompson’s novel "The Ghost of Atlanta" is, overall, a superbly written book. Mr. Thompson has included all the ingredients that make for a well-written novel: great character descriptions, an exciting well-thought-out plot, edge-of-your-seat adventure with all the proper descriptive (old love and love rekindled, friendships-new and old, hate-the kind that festers, murder-brutal and heartless, drugs-of the worst kind, family ties-both good and bad, etc.). The book is a very fast read that builds up slowly and has a fantastic ending. This novel is the third in a series.
    Therone Shellman will share his wisdom and knowledge about the self-publishing industry. He's the author of Love Don't Live Here, No Love Lost, The Secrets of Self Publishing, Survivor I Changed the Rules Part 1, and the co-author of Love.com. Throughout the years he's had many articles featured within magazines. All My Tears: Poetry & Thoughts and All You Need to Know to Become an Entrepreneur, The Awakening and All You Need to Become a Leader are his next works scheduled to release soon. Lecture Cd's are also forthcoming from the author shortly.

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    Business Talk with guest speaker Peni Shellman of Opulent Spirit Bath Essentials

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    This episode of 4Real Talk Atlanta we will be speaking with Mrs. Peni Shellman CEO/President of Opulent Spirit Bath Essentials. Today's show we will discuss several products that's in the company's product line. We also discuss some of the challanges faced by minority business owners in starting a  new business.

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    Business Talk with guest speaker Peni Shellman of Opulent Spirit Bath Essentials

    in Entertainment

    This episode of Business Talk on 4Real talk Atlanta, Mrs. Peni Shellman CEO/President of Opulent Spirit Bath Essentials Inc. will discuss her company and it products along with the challanges and benifits of being a minority business owner in Atlanta. Mrs. Shellman will also talk about employment opportunities with Opulent Spirit  Bath Essentials.

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    " Resolve to Evolve!" with guest Kriss Shellman

    in Spirituality

    "Resolve to Evovle" with guest Kriss Shellman www.ascensionactivations.com
    We talk about evolution & transformation, but are  you actually committed to consciously evolve? Guest Kriss Shellman actively participates in the "Conscious Evolution Game" & invites EVERYONE to be "Resolve to Evolve Players"! Join this fun episode of guidance that will surely ignite that Divine joy spark within! Thank You to Our Show Sponsor: