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    What the Charismatic Church Believes: The Blessed Virgin Mary

    in Christianity

    There's no doubt in this church: There's Something About the Virgin Mary. As St. Jerome said, "What we believe about Mary comes from what we believe about Christ." 

    She was venerated and consulted by the Apostles. She was cared for by the Beloved Disciple. She presided over Pentecost with the disciples. 

    Yet, so many questions swirl around her. If she was a perpetual virgin, then who are the "brothers and sisters of Jesus" mentioned in the Bible? How can she be Immaculately Conceived (meaning she was conceived in her mother's womb free from sin) if Paul says, "All have sinned"? Why do the people who honor her worship her statues? Why would Jesus have her appear around the world and perform miracles in her name? 

    Listen and learn why the ancient church, from the very beginning, honored, revered, and loved Mary, the Mother of God. 

    The Charismatic Universalist Church is a theologically traditional church. Eastern in liturgy, Catholic in theology and roots, born without judgment of persons, calling all to the sacraments, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or marital status. We believe in the Real Presence in the Eucharist and marry same sex couples with joy. 

    This is church as Jesus intended. Loving, anointed, believing, and serving. 

    You can contact us by emailing us at: charismatic.universalist@gmail.com. 

    Follow us on Twitter: @bishoprake

    Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charismatic.universalist

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    What does a Charismatic Universalist Believe? The Trinity

    in Christianity

    This is a weekly class for those interested in learning about the Charismatic Univervalist Church and/or Catholic Theology. The Charismatic Universalist Church is an Independent Catholic Church. We are not in any way connected with the Roman Catholic Church. However, our theology IS that of the first, ancient, apostolic, and holy church, which was Catholic. Therefore, anyone of any apostolic tradition (Catholic, Orthodox, Episcopalian, etc) will learn a great deal about their own beginnings. 

    This class is broken into several weekly classes and is aimed at those who are studying to enter the CUC or for anyone curious about who we are and what we believe. We have several people who are entering formation for conversion, as well as a few who are discerning a call to the priesthood. This course will assist them on their continuing formation. 

    This course will follow the following format:

    Week 1: The Trinity

    Week 2: Who is Christ and what did He do?

    Week 3: The Eucharist

    Week 4: The Mass

    Week 5: The Sacraments

    Week 6: Mary

    Week 7: The Saints and Angels

    Week 8: Purgatory, Heaven, and Hell

    Week 9: The Church's Social Teachings

    Week 10: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    Every week will include a recommended book list for further reading, a series of bible passages to read and reflect on for the week, and questions for discussion. The Chat Room for Blogtalk will be open for questions and discussion on Thursday evenings at 7 pm CST. 

    Email us if you have any questions: charismatic.universalist@gmail.com.

    There is no cost for this class and no obligation to listen or join in. No one will contact you if you'd like to have the study materials. 

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    Fr. Doesn't Know Best: An Example For Us All

    in Religion

    On Friday, September 28th, 2012 from 11:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. E.S.T.
    This will be our very FIRST live show.  In our first show we will be learning about the life of a humble Saint Euprosynos the Cook who we celebrate int he month of September.
    We will also look at modern day examples of people that society claims are worth emulating and we will examine if there is a better example that the ones we have today of whom we can model our lives after.
    We will also make a SPECIAL announcement that you won't want to miss.
    The show will end afterwards for an opportunity to ask questions and answers even though Fr. Doesn't Know Best.
    With ofcourse time for a prayer.
    See you on the 28th

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    The Story of Mary

    in Christianity

    In today's Broadcast Bishop Peter Elder Hickman is continuing his examination of our understanding of the place of Mary in the Christ event and in the life of the Church. We know the Mary plays an indispensable role in the event of the incarnation of the eternal Word of God. From her humanity the Divine Life takes on our humanity in the person of her son, Jesus the Christ. Now we shall explore the meaning of her role as the Theotokos, the bearer of God, in the reconciliation of humanity with divinity in the person and work of Christ and in the experience of the new humanity called the Church. 

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    Mary, the Mother of God

    in Spirituality

    In this season of Advent, our historical focus has been on preparing for the birth of Jesus. A large part of this focus has often been on Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Today, we'll look at the mythos of the Virgin Mary, Mary the Mother of God, Mary the God-bearer or Theotokos, and every person as God-bearer!

  • Deepertruth! The Virgin Mary Back To The Land Down Under

    in Religion

    Now I had several more Soldiers who were coming forward to be received into the Catholic Faith. Many from my Battalion! We also had Bible Studies that I was conducting at our Chapel (Warrior Chapel) and at the Division Chapel. It was at this time that I had the chance to tell everyone about Mr. Beckwith coming home to the Catholic Faith. I had a number of them come up and asked me more about this when this young man came over to ask me a question. He had originally approached Father, but Father referred him to me.

    I pulled him to the side and he asked me what an apostle was. I responded that an apostle was simple one who is sent. That is the textbook definition.

    However, I explained that Christ sent his Apostles out into the world after preparing them for three years for the Great Commission. The Gentleman then identified himself as a “Nestorian” Christian who represented about 5% of the Iraqi Christians in Iraq. He wanted to challenge me on why the Catholic Church refereed to Mary as “Theotokos” meaning “Mother God”?

    I responded with a question of my own, “What is the difference from referring to Mary as “Mother of God” as opposed to “Mother of my Lord”? I then quoted Luke 1:42-44, “Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, cried out in a loud voice and said, ‘Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled”.

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