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    DARRYL D. KING-Singer, actor, model

    in Entertainment

    I was born in Dallas, TX on February 19, 1985. Raised by my mother & my grandparents I am the oldest of 3 younger siblings. 2 boys and 1 girl. I graduated from Desoto High School in 2003. I am divorced with 3 children. Nalani King is 3, Syncere King is 6, & Kaylee-Rose Miller is 9. I spent the last 6 years as a cop in the United States Air Force and was Honorably Discharged as of January 2012. I am a singer, actor, & a model. All of which I didn't start doing seriously until about a year ago. I am currently a teacher in the DeSoto ISD district. I also teach theater at an after school program at JL Long middle school. I am currently starring in a play called "Woman The Monologues" that will be at Brownlee auditorium in Garland Texas on November 17th and 18th. My ambition is to one day be the greatest actor/singer combination ever & I won't stop until I get there.

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    in Pop Culture

    At the age of 7 years old I knew that I wanted to be an actor. My father was a coal miner, and my mother worked hard for United Way.  Together they both taught me the importance of good work ethics.  Growing up in a small coal mining town in central Utah there was not a lot of theater outside of the local college and community theater where I grew up, but I made the most of it acting in every production I could get in.  

    I graduated from Mesa University with a Bachelors in theater acting, and after graduation I began doing lighting designs on cruise ships and ended up traveling most of the world.  When I finally moved to L.A. I put all of my attention into my acting career.  So far the roles and phone calls have not stopped and I’m pleased to say that I am a working Actor.

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    CEASAR BOTELLO-Musician, songwriter, entrepreneur

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    Ceasar Botello is a multi-talented musician, bilingual singer/songwriter and an entrepreneur.  Ceasar was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. During Ceasar’s youth he only dreamt of having his own company and writing and singing for the world to hear. Ceasar’s dream has become a reality after many struggles throughout his life. Ceasar now lives in San Antonio, Texas, where he has built his company Ceasar Productions A Multimedia Company which specializes in various areas of photography, video for various occasions and events. Ceasar’s; Multimedia Company also serves musicians with its digital project studio where musicians can record their music, get cover photos for their albums or promotion and even make their own music videos.  Ceasar helps the community in giving back to various charities.

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    ALEX PICHARDO-Musician, Network engineer

    in Entertainment

    Alex Pichardo, born in Oklahoma in 1972, traveled extensively throughout his youth gathering experience and cultures.  In 1980, Alex began his music career by piano instruction then a following 12 years drum instruction and within the last four years, guitar.
    Alex also holds a degree and is a network engineer.
    Alex currently lives in Austin, Texas where he has recorded many albums and eps and single tracks and currently has released vol 1. and vol 2. of drum loops that were  recorded in seclusion for six months in his studio made for iTunes consumers and professionals  alike to incorporate drums into their projects.
    In addition to the inspired work of many cultures, a unique quality of his work is that there is just himself in all is music composition projects.  Alex thus writes with stage name M1u to embody the seaming simplicity of the creative process and sound.

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    NADINE MANSOUR-Singer, Composer, producer

    in Entertainment

      Born to an Egyptian father and German mother, Nadine Mansour has been crossing cultural boundaries for two decades. After moving to America in hopes of a brighter future, Nadine was exposed to a melting pot of people and music. But the American dream wasn't always easy. While facing difficult times in her life, Nadine found it cathartic to write and developed a passion for Music.  Determination and  relentless passion stirred her desire to inspire and bring hope through music. While still in high school, Nadine was performing at various venues and shows including Sea World.          After graduating from Berklee College of Music at the age of 20, Nadine set out to complete her debut album CATHARSIS.     "I know I might be young, but there's one thing I know for sure, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!" "Nadine states about her accomplishments.   This is only the beginning for Nadine whose passion has inspired  countless numbers of people. She will be promoting her album and starting her own production company in hopes of bringing a fresh sound and message to her generation! The sky is the limit for this up and coming artist and enterpreneur!

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    HEIDI CARABINE-Certified Hypnotist, NLP

    in Health

    Heidi Carabine founded Families for Autism and Immune Recovery (FAIR), after her many years of first-hand experience with both her son’s Autism and the pain of having a complex immune disorder herself that doctors are still seeking to understand. She has invested 14 plus years in the Autism Arena as a spokesperson for Autism, Autoimmune Disorders and Environmental Toxicity. During these years, she has networked with doctors and the public in these areas: marketing medical and health care related services, consulting and managing an integrative medical practice, volunteering for several Autism Foundations, mentoring other families with Autistic children and studying immune issues to determine better and innovative ways to assist her son and others to give them the best quality life possible. In the past year, she organized Autism Fest Austin (AFA), a collaborative event that brought together four Texas based non-profits and highlighted services and information for the autism community. Currently Heidi is serving on the board for (AIM) An Independent Me, an Austin based nonprofit focused on the co-op housing environment for adults on the spectrum. She is also on the Parent Panel Board for (ATUSA) Autism Trust USA. Her son Collin brought her into the world of autism when he was diagnosed at a young age. Since then she has become a self-proclaimed “Mother Warrior’ and is also looking to make strides for Autism research and awareness.

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    ROBIN O'HERIN-Composer, singer

    in Entertainment

    Robin O'Herin is a Berkshires-based, acoustic blues and gospel musician with a hint of Appalachian mountain music. She plays bottleneck and fingerstyle guitar and mountain dulcimer.
    Robin specializes in historically rich, often interactive concerts that include original and traditional American music, for schools, libraries and small listening rooms. Her concerts are warm, affirming experiences she shares with the audience. Let her take you on a journey of musical exploration through the Delta and Piedmont regions of the South. Song selections may include Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson and Robin's own original blues and fingerstyle ballads.
    Robin was a finalist in the 2006 Memphis Blues Challenge. She played in the Tropea Blues Festival in Trope Italy in September '06. She was the headlining act in the Resophonic Blues Festival in Pilzen, CZ. in '05. She opened for the Doobie Brothers in Pittsfield, MA. and for Vance Gilbert and Michael Powers in Sept 04. Her arrangement of "Old Country Rock" and her original "Everhopeful" were used in the soundtrack for the PBS "2005 Roadtrip Nations" Series (episode 4). She was a Telluride Blues Finalist in 2009.
    Robin has shared the stage with Paul Geremia, Andy Cohen and Roy Bookbinder. She has served as song leader in several churches and led a traditional gospel choir.  

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    PAUL TINDER-Actor, Producer, Coach

    in Entertainment

    Paul Tinder has starred in over 450 episodes of major network daytime programming including "Another World","Days of our Lives", "Edge of Night", "Another Life" and "The Young and Restless". "He has also Guest Starred in numerous network primetime television shows including "Magnum P.I.", "Battlestar Galactica", "Bionic Woman", "Dallas", "Hunter", "A-Team" and multiple episodes of "New Love American Style" and "Knots Landing". Paul has also been featured in many motion pictures including Garry Marshall's "Overboard" and "Frankie & Johnny". "He has also starred in over 100 major national and regional commercials including, among others, "Coca-Cola", "Rolex", "Beck's Beer", "Oldsmobile" and over 25 individual "Monsanto Round-Up" projects for television. Paul has starred in numerous Industrial Films including multiple projects for "Century 21 Real Estate","Pepsi","Kaiser Permanente" and "Monsanto Round-Up". Paul has starred or been featured in many theatrical productions.

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    CHRIS FERRETTI - Impersonator, actor, playwright, & VO

    in Entertainment

    Tough Economy but, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN impersonator is 'Walken' to the BANK!!! “This all started off as a joke,” says actor, writer, and master impressionist Chris Ferretti, “But at this point its completely taken on a life of it’s own.”

    Ferretti, residing in Astoria, NY - has been doing impersonations of celebrities all his life. But it was only recently he decided to capitalize on it. Eight months ago, Ferretti decided to put up a job (or a ‘gig’ as its called) on the popular website www.fiverr.com, a popular website where people share things they’re willing to do for $5.

    For Ferretti it was a no-brainer.

    “I get asked to do my Christopher Walken impersonation all the time. So I said, what the hell and put up a gig saying I would call anybody and say Happy Birthday or whatever you wanted for $5. But like I said…it was a joke. I never thought anything would come of it." But suddenly, Ferretti found his impersonation in high demand “It’s hilarious. I mean this week alone I got about 25 orders. It’s crazy the response I’ve been getting!  Laughter is the best medicine of all. 

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    LUPE VALDEZ-Writer, producer, director and editor.

    in Entertainment

    Lupe Valdez is a writer/producer/director and editor with 16 years experience in the film industry with his production company ANTEROS FILMS. 

    He spent 7 years as a talent agent at the largest agency in Texas, Acclaim Talent, where he repped talent that booked speaking roles in all the studio projects coming to Texas.
    He’s a graduate from the film school at the University of Texas.  President of NALIP Austin (nalipaustin.org), founding member of the Gamma Collective and has been a part of SXSW for 14 years, including 2 years as a film panelist and several years running the Filmmakers Lounge.
    Currently he is writing a several feature films as well as producing projects in various mediums and editing projects including actor reels (youtube.com/keiser23) 

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    DANNY BOUSHEBEL-Actor, director, producer, writer

    in Entertainment

    A Lebanese American working Actor. Danny's parents fled Lebanon amid the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War in order to seek a finer living and safer haven away from the regional Political unrest. 

    Danny moved around trying to find the perfect place that he could call home. Having a diverse background made him more inclined to spend a lot of my time in and around Europe & the Middle East. His last stop before the United States was London, where he resided for a while and got his intensive Acting Training. In addition to that, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Advertising Art Design & Business Administration / Management.

    2011 & 2012 are very promising as Danny will be Prince Kencho on LIFETIME'S "DROP DEAD DIVA" Ep. 405 opposite Brooke Elliott, airing on Sunday, July 1st, 2012. Danny also Co-starred opposite Dylan Baker on “DAMAGES” Ep. 401 (aired on DIRECTV's Audience Network on July 13th, 2011), as well as opposite Kelli Garner on "PAN AM" Ep. 13, aired on Sunday, Feb. 12th, 2012 at 10PM on ABC (Channel 7) & many more other interesting feature films that are currently in post production and in development.