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    Innovation in Healthcare Education - Lisa Fields

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    Have you ever considered how leadership is demonstrated on Twitter?  This week Lisa Fields connects the value of twitter for healthcare leaders and organizations. The convergence of leadership, education is remarkabley well demonstarted on the Tweetchat, #HCLDR, where Lisa is the co-moderator of with Colin Hung. We will also explore what a successful community looks like and how social media impacts healthcare leadership.  Lisa, also known as @PracticalWisdom on twitter; Sypmplur  lists her as an influencer among several tweet chats. Please join us as we put Lisa in the innovation hotseat, dial 424-675-6836.  

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    The Power of Co-Creation In Healthcare Innovation - The modelH Team

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    This show will welcome back the modelH healthcare collaborative team from Batterii, Kevin Riley and Associates, and Innovation Excellence.  Here we are, one year later with observations to share, insights from our eBook, and celebrating the end of a groundbreaking experience.  The modelH project was designed to demonstrate the power of co-creation within healthcare. The goal was to co-create an open-source business model canvas specific to healthcare to drive meaningful change for that industry.  This project was launched during one of the most uncertain times in healthcare - yet we did it.  Please join us as we discuss the innovation journey from our different perspectives! To download a free copy of the eBook click here.  

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    Innovation in Today's Asian Market - Brian Sin

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    Why is innovation in the Asian market the megatrend that has captured the attention of business and innovation thought leaders? Brian Sin, the Head of Innovation at Cigna, Global Individual Health Life and Accident, will share why Asia is a global innovation powerhouse.  Brian will get us started with the 101 on the Asian innovation marketplace and then shift to the importance and impact on the U.S. markets. Please join us as we learn more about the strategic innovation objectives coming from Asia not only from an insurance industry perspecitive, but the applicability of innovation processes across multiple industries.


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    Digital Innovator - John Nosta

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    John Nosta labeled 2013 the year of Digital Health. In this interview we will explore the healthcare digital innovation space through the lens of someone who cut his marketing teeth at Ogilvey CommonHealth, has worn the Chief Strategic Officer hat, and is now the Creative Officer for Maven Communications.  John is the #1 Kred-ranked social media influencer in health, and in the top 10 of both the Pharma100 and HIT100 lists, and a Google Glass Explorer. John also pens HEALTH CRITICAL for Forbes--a blog that reports and advocates on digital health.  To put John in the Innovation hot seat dial in to 424-675-6836.
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    INNOVATE Your StoryTelling with Jana Memel

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    What role does storytelling have in transforming and igniting innovation within your business?  Good stories are memorable, repeatable, and cause an action.  We are privileged to have the renowned Jana Memel as our guest this week, who will share how to sell ideas through storytelling and the science behind memory and learning.  Jana should know, because she has produced three films that have won Academy Awards and an additional eight that have received Oscar nominations. Other films she has produced, have been nominated and won an Emmy, Writer’s and Director’s Guild Awards, a Humanitas Prize, two CableAce Awards and have received an additional 18 CableAce nominations, including nominations in the Best Series category three years in a row.  She has launched the directing careers of America Ferrera, Margaret Cho, Griffin Dunne, Eric McCormack, Rob Lowe, Danny Glover, and Helen Mirren along with over sixty other directors.  Please join us as we put Jana in the innovation hot seat this week! 

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    2013 Social Media Trends - An Interview with Thomas M. Lee

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    Thomas M. Lee, the co-founder of Symplur, joins LeAnna to discuss social media trends for 2013.  During their trendspotting convo, Tom shares concrete examples of how 2013 is going to shape up - but, then again, he should know.  Symplur is one of the most innovative social media platforms where healthcare stakeholders convene to track and monitor key influencers. The participation in social media has been a disruptive surprise, and they will explore what's on the horizon.  We invite you to call in today as TheHealthMaven puts Tom in the social media hotseat!

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    Business Innovation And Storytelling - Scott Williams CEO Maga Design

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    When was the last time someone asked you: What kind of super power do you have? What super power would you like to have?  One super power that you could probably use is information reduction and distillation. Storytelling is key to both.  Scott Williams, the Founder and CEO of Maga Design, Inc was inspired to build his company because of his love for comic books.  Understanding that good design can navigate complexity, drive innovation, and inspire people to act, he has taken communication to the next level by infusing storytelling into his core business execution.  This interview will focus on how visualization and storytelling can co-create a successful business innovation strategy.  Thanks for tuning in! 

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    Nine Innovation Roles - Braden Kelley

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    Have you ever worked with a high performing team that just seemed to click?  Chances are, if your experience was positive, the team members were creatively diverse and understood the importance of roles.  Braden Kelley, author of, Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, will share his insights on the Nine Innovation Roles. "... often we treat people as commodities that are interchangeable and maintain the same characteristics and aptitudes. Of course, we know that people are not interchangeable, yet we continually pretend that they are anyway — to make life simpler for our reptile brain to comprehend.”   You are invited to join the dialog, call into 424-675-6836. 

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    Big Sexy Healthcare Data - Kevin Fickenscher MD

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    The healthcare industry is all aflutter about big data. I've done my homework, if you need to fake it till you make it, just say - volume, velocity and variety when talking about big data. We are fortunate that Kevin Fickenscher, M.D., CPE, FACPE, FAAFP, the President and CEO of the American Medical Informatics Assoication is our guest today.  We will discuss how big data can add value to your business and improve healthcare business models. This show will be incredible because two of my favorite big thinkers are co-moderating with me: Tom Lee, co-founder of Symplur and Ken Rosen, Vice President of Marketing for Chiliad - yup, it's going to take all three of us to put Kevin Fickenscher in the hot seat - please join us! 

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    Innovation Trendspotting for 2014 - The Innovation Excellence Team

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    It's December. 2013 is almost behind us, and we have survived another year of uncertainty.  The Innovation Excellent team is clicking on all cylinders and looking forward into 2014.  You are invited to join us as we discuss what we learned from 2013, and the emerging trends for 2014. Please call into 424-675-6836 to put our team members in the innovation hotseat!    

    About Innovation Excellence: Innovation Excellence is the online home of the global innovation community, building upon a rapidly-growing network with thousands of members from over 175 countries – thought leaders, executives, practitioners, consultants, vendors, and academia representing all sectors and industries.   Our mission is to broadly enhance innovation by providing a forum for connection and conversation across this community – assembling an ever-growing arsenal of resources, best practices and proven answers for achieving innovation excellence.

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    Big Data Innovations in Healthcare - Kash Badami

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    Healthcare organizations collect and process incredible amounts of information - from clinicians' notes to lab test results to claims data and more - and volumes and types of data are evolving in every way imaginable and at an incredible speed. Innovative organizations are searching for ways to leverage all this Big Data to provide better patient care, contain costs, and sustain competitive advantage. Kash Badami is the Chief Healthcare Strategist for MarkLogic and will share approaches to tackling the complexity of analytics and data management. Please join us as we put Kash in the innovation hotseat!

    For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful, agile and trusted Enterprise NoSQL database platform that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. Organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic's enterprise-grade technology to power the new generation of information applications. MarkLogic is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Washington D.C., New York, London, Frankfurt, Utrecht, and Tokyo.