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    Identify Theft

    in Religion

    Interactive live talk radio show discussing consumer identity theft of personal information and stealing credit cards and financing.

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    Identity Theft

    in Christianity

    Do you know that there are forces sent out to block you from reaching your true self. Because your true self is more powerful than the forces coming against you. It's not physical, it is first in the spirit and it manifest in a person (physical). Just as we say yes to God there are individuals that say yes to evil, some unaware and to others they clearly know who they are serving! Join me as we learn how to defeat and evict these illegal squatters off our territory/land and property

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    7 Steps to Minimize the Effects of Identity Theft

    in Finance

    From data breaches at major stores to stealing trash in luxe neighborhoods, identity thieves are everywhere. Your host, Barbie O'Connor, will guide you through the seven steps thatwill help you be proactive and do what you can to minimize the effects of identity theft on your finances and your credit rating. 

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    How to prevent identity theft with Attorney Brown

    in Lifestyle

    "Identity Theft- How do I prevent it and if it happens, what do I do?"

    Join the conversation as Attorney Marjorie Brown as she tells you what to look out for in order to project yourself again Identity theft. The holidays are coming and you do not want to miss this show.

    Daily Dose of Weird News.


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    Identity Theft of the Believer (Finding Your Identity in Christ)

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Today with Dana Che! Today is our very first episode, where we're discussing Identity Theft of the Believer (Finding Your Identity in Christ). Are you struggling with depression, sin or lack of answered prayer? Do you not feel like yourself lately? These might be signs that you're a victim of identity theft! Even for the "good" Christian, do you identify yourself with your career, family or accomplishments? Identity theft victim! 

    Today's episode is transparent, honest and relevant to all who want to move out of limiting identities and embrace all God has for you! 

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    Identify Theft : America's Top Crime

    in Social Networking

    What would you do if your entire life's savings was taken in a matter of minutes? Host Lori Wilk interviews the husband and wife team at Safeguard PII, which stands for "Personal Identifyable Information" about this horrible personal theft which changed their lives.  Our show is live and you are invited to call-in and speak to our guests at 347.237.5638. You can connect with George and Ana Valencia http://www.agvalencia.safeguardpii.com or call them at  561.932.8701. This service is currently available for U.S. and Canadian Citizens. Every three seconds someone else becomes a victim of identity theft. Identify theft has been the #1 crime in the USA for the last 14 consecutive years. It's also a top international crime. http://www.agValencia.SafeguardPii, com

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    Identity Theft Prevention with Dr. Charles Eduardos

    in Self Help

    Dr. Charles Eduardos is a man of many hats.  He is a pastor, a coach, a motivational speaker, a radio show host, a hypnotist, and much much more.  One thing I love about him...he's practical.  We are going to discuss this evening, a problem that faces so many people, identity theft.  Now, you may be thinking of this one way....that is not what we are talking about.  We will be discussing WHO we are in the body of Christ.....in the Universe.  Do you know how awesome you are???  If you did, you would not be battling depression and oppression as badly as you.  TUNE IN TONIGHT.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!

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    Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

    in Self Help

    Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America today.  Over 10 million new victims of identity theft are reported to law enforcement every year.  A Federal Trade Commission study found that in 2014 identity theft coplaints caused the average victim to lose more than $2,200.00 and that the highest repoorted age group for identity theft is 20 years old to 29 years old with 20% of complaints.

    Join Choices host, Judi Moreo, as she interviews cyber security expert, Mack Jackson, Jr., about what identity theft is, who might be a victim, the types of identity theft, and how you can protect yourself.  Mack Jackson, Jr. works with companies and individuals to mitigate the damage of identity theft. He is in the business of training Security Awareness, Red Flag Rules, PCI, and SOX awareness as well as educating the business community on the dangers of Identity Theft.

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    Identity Theft - Your Business, Your employees

    in Business

    With the onset of high profile breaches in the last few years, identity theft has been a topic of discussion for many americans and business owners accross the United States. J. Craig Anderson, The Arizona Republic, wrote an article in April of 2013 stating:

    "Credit-card data theft is exploding, increasing 50% from 2005 to 2010, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Justice.

    Millions of card numbers are for sale. A single number might go for $10 to $50; a no-limit American Express card number for a consumer with good credit can sell for hundreds of dollars, said Monica Hamilton, marketing director at cybersecurity firm McAfee Inc. in Santa Clara, Calif."

    We will be having two special guest speakers regarding this important topic. Tom McCain, who is an expert in the field, has been helping businesses and idividuals for years regarding how to protect themselves, their business, and their employees from identity theft.

    Glen Roberts, CEO and Principal Consultant of Charlotte Cybersecurity, will also be joining us. Glen has served as information security manager, IT infrastructure manager, Microsoft trainer, systems engineer, database administrator, and programmer analyst. He has worked with several leading companies in the semiconductory, technology, retail and financial industries, providing IT leadership and technical skills in the design, implementation and support of secure computing environments.

    Be sure to bookmark this broadcast for valuable information regarding protecting your business, your family, your employees, your life from identity thieves!

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    Protect Yourself from Identity Theft: on Vacation

    in Electronics

    Free Wi-Fi seems like a great feature, especially when you are on vacation or need to transmit information on the go.  However, connecting to free Wi-Fi networks can put your private information at risk.  In this segment I will be further divulging in the dangers of free Wi-Fi and what you can do to prevent identity theft and fraud.   

    There are more than 220,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in the US.  Through these networks, hackers can easily intercept information like your name, address and even credit card numbers.  This is especially dangerous this time of the year as many people leave on vacation. 9 million people fall victim to identity theft every year. Public Wi-Fi is unsecure.  When using free Wi-Fi take into consideration that everything you do is visible to anyone else using the same network.  The chance of your personal information getting hacked far exceeds the chance of your home getting burglarized.   

    Many hackers will set up fake hot spots which look like legitimate Wi-Fi networks.  Users are connecting to these networks are actually connecting to a “rogue access point.”  Users are directed to legitimate-looking websites that asks for information such as credit card numbers.  If you are prompted to reenter your username and password or if the web browser suddenly says the security certificate is invalid, you may be connected to a rogue access point.

    Learn more at TheWebDoc.tv


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    Stolen Identity Equals Personal Grand Theft

    in Current Events

    Special Guest  Lasuria Allman

    Francis X. Donnelly, in the Detroit News, tells the story of Detroiter Mamie Chalmers, who claims -- with significant evidence to back her up -- that she was one of the people blasted by a fire hose during a 1963 demonstration in Birmingham, Ala. The image became an iconic photo and did much to convey to the world the police brutality during the civil rights movement in the south.

    Now the Detroit News has published a story saying that one of Birmingham’s most prominent civil rights activists, Carolyn McKinstry, 65, has for years been claiming to be the girl in a famous Life magazine photograph of demonstrators being blasted by water from a fire hose, while Mamie Chalmers, 71, the actual person in the photograph, lives in Detroit.

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