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    Theater Seven

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    Theater Class Project

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    Gary Blumsack: American Theater Channel

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    Gary Blumsack talks the American Theater Channel on tonight's Rated G Radio!

    The American Theater Channel is an online network dedicated to live stage theater!  With a bevy of talented actors & celebrities collaborating with him on a wide range of productions, Gary will talk about his years in the theater and why its important to showcase live performances!

    Check out the American Theater Channel here!

    Over the last 25 years, Gary has become one of th emost prolific and influential theater producers in Los Angeles.  In the 70's, Gary created the National Theater for Children in Boston supported by Harvard University.  In the 80's, he ran the Burbank Theatre Guild producing, directing and acting in dozens of productions.  In the 90's, Gary crated both the Hudson Theatres and the Lillian Theatres, pioneering what is know as Theatre Row in Hollywood!

    Gary's produced critically acclaimed plays like Sowetos Burning, Hell's Kitchen Ablaze and The Survivor.  

    As the Artistic Director of the Hayworth Theatre since 2004, Gary's presented acclaimed productions like Not A Genuine Black Man, Nowhere on the Border, The Good Steno, and Frank Sinatra F*#ked Up My Life, which he also directed.  

    Take the Rated G Radio Listener Survey!  10 Anonymous Questions!  

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    Medicine Theater: Unleash Your Creative Spirit

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    Medicine Improv is a very physical form of creative expression. We draw on elements of play, improvisation, free-writing, music, meditation, Yoga, intention setting dance, ensemble building techniques, character and story creation, as well as movement exercises as a way of discovering the story that wants to emerge. This is a safe, open ended space where we are invited to awaken our creative being and come back to a natural sense of play, allowing for a story to emerge almost as if by accident. We use a variety of methods ranging from over the top comedic physical expression to more vulnerable internal heart/mind/body exploration as a way to find that depth of story together.

    Developed by Asher Lyons, Medicine Theater bridges it's own unique physical style of play along with exercises and games first developed by Viola Spolin, (the internationally recognized originator of Chicago's The Second City Improv). Medicine Theater draws on elements of improv, ensemble building techniques, character and story creation, intention setting, meditation, and Yoga in order to liberate our body, tap into our intuitive knowing, and awaken our creative play which is our birthright; giving a voice back to the parts of us that have been voiceless.

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    Dani's Radio Theater- A Horror Production

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    This is a production of The Creaking Door- Aunti May. 

    In this production, a woman discovers a terrible secret about her aunt.

    Take a breath, you will be on the edge of your seat with this one!

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    Optimizing And Creating Your Cinematic Experience In Home Theater Design

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    Hello Family, & welcome back this week!  We have an exciting discussion  coming up tonight as we talk about Home Theater Design - from media room to styled theater.  We also explain various ways of optimizing your home theater for movies or music to achieve its highest performance. And, we explain how acoustics play a major role in defining the space in order to achieve the ultimate cimematic experience.


    Tune in with us tonight @ 10:30 pm


    See Ya There!

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    Theater Nine

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    Theater Thirteen

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    Theater Fourteen

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    Theater Ten

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    Theater Eleven

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    Saturday Morning Cereal - Theater Geeks Are Nerds Too w/ Chantel Riley & Grawlix

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    Take some time this week to remember your original happy hour: Saturday mornings as a kid, waking up at dawn, jumping on the couch with a bowl of chocolate cereal, turning on the ‘toons, tuning out the outside world, and working your way into a sugar hangover before noon. This week we give special attention to the special-est nerd clique in high school (which none of us admit to being part of) -- the theater geeks and PAC rats! Grim and Marke wax nostalgic about our time backstage and explore why this is the last nerd herd to get its due in pop culture (Glee, anyone?). We talk to Broadway star Chantel Riley (currently playing Nala in The Lion King and co-starring in the upcoming Jesse Owens biopic Race) plus Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Ovredahl of truTV's new series Those Who Can't (they also happen to be the stage performance trio known as Grawlix, so they know a bit about theater). We also cover Amazon Prime's new series Mad Dogs and Grim desperately plugs an 8-year-old movie forgotten by the public called Hamlet 2. It's good, it really is! House lights down and curtain up!