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    Martin Told Us To Have A Drum Major Instinct

    in Moms and Family

    The Rev Martin Luther King had a incredible gift of communication we preachers today need to take note and ask God to enable us to do the same. Dr. Kings timeless messages speak directly to the social ills today and we see that clearly in his sermon "The drum Major Instinct." Certainly theentitlement mentality would be eradicated if those whom are deluded by it would incline their ear to this provocative homily. Dr. King also shows his willingness to be literally a living sacrifice for the cause of civil rights in America. Martin chooses to give instruction about his funeral arrangements and what he would like to be said. This presentation is revelatory to the hearer of what they should find to be significant in life and what we should pursue while yet in the land of the living

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    When Willpower Isn’t Enough

    in Books

    Sure, we all want to make good personal decisions, but it doesn't always work out. That's where "temptation bundling" comes in.

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    The Myth (and Science) of Willpower

    in Entrepreneur

    There is a muscle that you may not even know you had, that when strengthened, can help you conquer huge success in your business and life. The muscle we’re talking about is willpower, and believe it or not, it can be strengthened just like a muscle.

    Listen in as JT shares some compelling information (backed by science) about how willpower works, and 5 strategies you can implement right now to build it to rock-solid strength.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Unspoken Words: Human Instinct vs. Human Spirit

    in Culture

    On this episode of Unspoken Words, Robert describes the difference between Human Instinct and Human spirit. When it comes to how we interact with each other, especially in our personal relationships, we don't realize how much we still respond out of our instinctual nature. Our Instinctual nature is the the part of us that is just purely concerned with our survival and doen't have much care about our happiness or well being. Our spiritual nature is what brings out all of the traits and characteristics that make human beings and our relationships great, so listen in and join Robert as he breaks down these two aspects of human nature.

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    Kyle Discusses Willpower, and the Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises

    in Nutrition

    Kyle talks about will power, and some things you may not know about it! He also goes through T-Nation's top 10 bodyweight exercises. 

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    The Origins of Human Destructiveness: the Death Instinct-Demonic Energy

    in Paranormal

    Recent events in France highlight the importance of understanding the roots of the death drive in humans and civilizations.  Freud called it the "Death Instinct."  Wilhelm Reich released it in his "Oranur Experiment" and described it as "Deadly Orgone Energy."  Occult philosophers and theologians know it as demonic energy or deadly psychic energy.  We need to understand it, and prevent it.  Humanity is faced with nothing less than a clash of civilizations of life and civilizations of death.  Life on earth as we know it, now hangs in the balance.  As old Dr. Freud put it in his seminal work "Cvilizations and its Discontents," which force will prevail: Eros or Thanatos? Join your host, Dr. Steven Katz, philosopher of law, psychoanalysis, theology, and the occult, to think about this emotional plague and ways to prevent it.

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    The Nikki Rich Show talks with Sherry Lee Meridith

    in Entertainment

    Today The Nikki Rich Show talks with Sherryy Lee Meredit About SHERRY LEE MEREDITH:
    Sherry Lee Meredith is a mother, successful business woman, and an ambassador for curvy women across the world. She hosts the talk show she created, Go Curvy, which has quickly become the go-to resource for curvy women. She brings her love for life, fashion, fun and real stories to her viewers on Go Curvy every Thursday.

    Born and raised in Canada, Sherry Lee moved to Southern California several years ago and launched a successful chain of salons in the beauty industry. In 2011, when Sherry Lee was at the pinnacle of her career, she suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed on half her body. Through rehabilitation, tears, and a lot of willpower, Sherry was able to make a full recovery. This experience left her with the time to think about what was truly important in life. It was a moment for her to pause, reflect, and consider how she could use her story to inspire others. Through her own challenges, she was rejuvenated to spread a message of positivity that starts with feeling confident about yourself from the inside out. She decided Go Curvy would be the perfect platform to share that message with the world.


    Prior to her work on Go Curvy, her business success included starting an insurance company, and investing in a manufacturing company. She also created the groundbreaking “sunless” tanning product - Unique Excellence.

    Sherry Lee was first introduced to TV viewers with her segment “Help Me Sherry Lee” on a local cable show in Orange County. She also created, produced, and starred in the show "Takeover Makeover," during which she chose to help women who had endured traumatic and heart wrenching life experiences. These ladies were indulged with a whirlwind celebrity glamour session and given the VIP treatment with lots of encouragement, love, and healing from Sherry Lee to start anew.

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    WH007: Flow Not Force

    in Entrepreneur

    Have you ever gotten a bad vibe or energy when trying to make a decisison? And then took a step back to realize tat maybe that bad vibe was that you were sensing a feeling of "force" versus a healthier discipline? In this episode, we're talking about discipline. The difference between forcing yourself and using willpower overflow and how a sence of overflow provides a healthier & healthier sense of discipline than when people feel that they have to force themselves to do something that they just don't feel like doing. There's a big difference between our spritutal connection and being successful, versus just doing what needs to be done. Join me now to go deeper into "Flow Not Force". 

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    The drum Major Instinct / Update Mark of The Beast

    in Moms and Family

    It was Febrauary 4 1968 The rev Dr. Martin Luther King preached this insightful message. In April also on the 4th day he would be struck down by an assassins bullet. We look at the prophetic words Martin spoke in this message and how he would reflect on his own wishes for his funeral. Businesses are desensitizing the world to receiving micro chips implanted in their hands that would cause their lives to be more convenient .


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    January Jones-And Then There Was Heaven

    in Paranormal

    Roland Comtois ( pronounced KOM-TWAH) is an expert in the inner voice is what we often call intuition or gut instinct. In many cultures accept that our inner voice emanates from that part of us that is connected to the universal whole and which seems to know things before we do.  It may warn us of impending danger or give us insight; it can make  us feel connected to people we have just met or make us uncomfortable with what should seem to be easy. 

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    Episode 5: Over-Trust Your Gut

    in Motivation

    Have you ever ignored a gut feeling?  You felt a certain something lunge in one direction, then you allowed your mind to pipe-up and say, “Don’t be silly.”  Or maybe you heard a little voice inside that said, “Oh come on, don’t be rude—just go along with it—what can it hurt?”  Only to find out later, it not only hurt, it came back to burn a hole in your wallet, shoot an arrow through your heart, and bite you in the butt, all at the same time.  Join us today, as we speak to Gina Trimarco Cligrow, president of her own company, a super high-energy, go-getter, funny as all get-out woman, as she shares with us how she under trusted her gut, and in the process,  how she got conned!   


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