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    InTouch with the Wandering Owl

    in Spirituality

     They have hand-crafted items, new-age botanical supplies & fair trade treasures but what else does the Wandering Owl in Jackson, MI have?  Well you could visit their website @ www.theweanderingowl.com AND you can tune in today to InTouch with the Wandering Owl and hear all about what is new and exciting directly from James and Angela Stovall the owners of The Wandering Owl.  When you are in Jackson, MI, you’ll find them two doors down from Casler Hardware @ 139 North Jackson Street.  517-782-2780

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    The Return of The Wandering Owl

    in Spirituality

    The return of The Wandering Owl today on InTouch Interviews brings James “TwoSnakes” and Angela Stovall back to bring us up to date with everything going on with their amazing spiritual/metaphysical store in Jackson, MI as well as providing valuable insights for living a life more connected to Spirit than ever.  www.thewanderingowl.com

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    The Kreepy Kastle - Fritz the Nite Owl

    in Entertainment

    One of the most prolific late night movie hosts, Columbus' own Fritz the Nite Owl joins Jack and Dale in the Kreepy Kastle.

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    Cherokee DNA & Ancient Religion​ w/ Chiefs Charles L Rogers MD & Joe Sitting Owl

    in Religion

    Ancient Cherokee Religion and Cherokee DNA Studies

    Guest elders were Uku (Chief) Dr. Charles Jahtlohi Rogers of The Cherokee Nation of Mexico, who is Chief Priest of The Ancient Cherokee Church of The One God Yo He Waah. He was joined by Cherokee DNA experts Uku Joe Sitting Owl and Uku Pam Sexton of the 1803 Cherokee Reservation. They discussed The Ancient Cherokee religion. Grandfather Lee Standingbear of Manataka was scheduled to appear, but had a death in his family which precluded that.

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    Ms Mavis The Animal Psychologist Case Study Little Owl

    in Entertainment

    Ms. Mavis began her career back in the 80's by providing counseling to clients, (pets) for difficult owners and vice a verse.

    Ms Mavis has agreed to come to the campfire and share a few of her case studies, some most hilarious, some just silly and some we just don't know what to think...but join us at the campfire for some fun.

    Case Study; Little Owl


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    Living Safely with Dementia - Increasing Comfort, Reducing Wandering And Anxiety

    in Caregiving

    Alzheimer's Speaks loves raising awareness and sharing resources to improve life for those dealing with dementia.

    Today our first guest will be Betty Robison, a Gerontology Educator at the Aging Institute the at University of Pittsburgh.  She will review prevention tips for wandering and also a wandering profile.  I promise this is a discussion you won't want to miss.  I just met Betty when speaking out last month in PA and I was amazed and the great information she had to share and will be sharing with us here!

    Contact Betty   Phone  412-864-2092  24/7 Aging Services 866-430-8742


    Wanderinng Info Sheet

    Project Lifesafer

    Our second guest will be Andreas Forsland, founder of  Smartstones.  The world’s first wearable communication device for non-verbal communication amongst a small mobile group.  It is specifically designed for the hundreds of millions of parents and caregivers worldwide to mobilize care and support in an emergency, and provide daily reminders and maintain an emotional bond with their loved ones, providing encouragement during a recovery.

    Contact Andreas     Website

    For more resources on Dementia and Caregiving go to  Alzheimer's Speaks website


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    Infertility and Your Sex Life: 5 Helpful Tips toward Intimacy

    in Family

    Dr. Mike Drouin, OB/GYN in Lewiston Maine has helped couples to conceive for over 25 years. As an infertility specialist he has seen first hand the impact this struggle has on a couples sex life . In this interview he will share tips for combining tradtional medical practice with mind/body techniques to support couples to find their way back to enjoying the intimate side of their relationship once again. 

  • WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Nick Hunt

    in Books


    Walking the Woods and the Water: In Patrick Leigh Fermor's footsteps from the Hook of Holland to the Golden Horn:

      In 1933, the eighteen-year-old Patrick Leigh Fermor set out in a pair of hobnailed boots to chance and charm his way across Europe, "like a tramp, a pilgrim, or a wandering scholar." The books he later wrote about this walk, A Time of Gifts, Between the Woods and the Water, and the posthumous The Broken Road are a half-remembered, half-reimagined journey through cultures now extinct, landscapes irrevocably altered by the traumas of the twentieth century.

      Aged eighteen, Nick Hunt read A Time of Gifts and dreamed of following in Fermor's footsteps. In 2011 he began his own "great trudge"—on foot all the way to Istanbul. He walked across eight countries, following two major rivers and crossing three mountain ranges. With only Fermor's books to guide him, he trekked some 2,500 miles through Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

      His aim? To have an old-fashioned adventure. To slow down and linger in a world where we pass by so much, so fast. To discover for himself what remained of hospitality, kindness to strangers, freedom, wildness, adventure, the mysterious, the unknown, the deeper currents of myth and story that still flow beneath Europe's surface.                   

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    Guest:Joey Horvitz/Producer/The Illusionist/Award-winning Lexus Short Films

    in Movies

    Joey Horvitz is a seasoned Producer with over 2 decades of entertainment industry experience. Horvitz’s expertise includes fundraising, development, production, distribution, brand integration, marketing and talent relations. Horvitz is always deeply involved in the creative process of all his projects. For the past 2 years, Horvitz has been responsible for the Award-winning Lexus Short Films initiative in association with the Weinstein Company. He has overseen all aspects of the project from creative and production to marketing and distribution.After his tenure at Cutting Edge, Horvitz founded production company Contagious Entertainment. Contagious produced a number of
    projects in the film, music, print, online and mobile arenas. Horvitzwas instrumental in the company’s growth on a global scale securing a multi-million dollar independent film fund, followed by a multi-picture film deal with Bob Yari and the Yari Film Group. The film fund backed several of the company’s global hits including the highly successful
    feature film, The Illusionist, which starred Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, and Paul Giamatti. Horvitz was credited Executive Producer on the film. Horvitz spearheaded a groundbreaking cross-platform viral web marketing ultimately helped lead to the film’s global success.  Horvitz has become a brand integration expert, and most recently has been working with top clients and brands to produce high quality award winning content for multi-platform consumption. In 2014 Horvitz’s films from the Lexus Short Films campaign, Market Hours and Operation Barn Owl, competed in over 25 major film festivals globally with several wins. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents The Top 10 Songs of 2014

    in Rock Music

    This show will countdown the Top 10 Songs of 2014 for bands that were interviewed on The Kerri Edelman Show! Ranking was based on statistics & number of show listens. Overall, it was an outstanding year for all of the amazingly talented bands on the show. In essence, you are all winners and should be proud of everything you have accomplished! Best of luck & much continued success! Also, a special thanks to all of the listeners and supporters of the show. Please search the podcasts and download/stream them to learn about all of these top notch bands I have been fortunate to interview on the show. Stay tuned for upcoming interviews for the 2015 year! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from The Kerri Edelman Show. Kindly become a fan of The Kerri Edelman Show on Facebook & follow on Twitter @kerriedelman

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    Spiritual Wellness and Physical Health

    in Religion

    Owl Wisdom

    Tonight is a very special event for us, Owl (aka paniteowl) pagan author, teacher, elder and matriarch of the Mystic Trad Coven at Owl Mountain. Owl will be our guest this evening, she has been a friend, inspiration, mentor and coven elder to many, including Robin & Lisa.  We are thrilled to have her here to share her wisdom and teachings with our listeners. Put this one on your calenders and be sure to catch this show if you can – you will take away much from what you hear tonight, that we can promise.  

    Every week your hosts' Robin and Lisa will bring you various topics that illustrate how important the link between a balanced and healthy spiritual life, serves to create a happy and physically healthy body. The topics range from the importance of forgiveness of others and self, to healing modalities talking about different spiritual paths, rituals and traditions and how they influence our emotions and our spiritual lives. We often have guests to discuss topics ranging from Drum Therapy, Shamanism, Community Building and Sacred Sexuality.  So be sure to tune in, laugh with us, cry with us, but most of all share and learn with us.  We look forward to meeting you and hearing from our listeners every week, so please call in and join the live chat room!

    May Your Gods Bless you...

    Robin Albright McKean

    Lisa Riepl



    Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that “All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid.”  We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week.  Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred.

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