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    "Saving our Children: The Mike Brown Tragedy"

    in Radio

    Did you miss our recent special on "Saving OUR Children...The Michael Brown Tragedy", where we discussed the the REAL issues plaguing the black community and came up with REAL solutions for impacting our youth? If so, tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a special rebroadcast. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com..."REAL Radio that Matters".

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    Myth and Reality in Palestine: Interview with IMEMC's Alexandra Halaby

    in News

    This week, The Truth Perspective interviews Alexandra Halaby, North American Spokesperson and Media Liaison for Palestine's International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC). Ms. Halaby will be discussing recent events in Palestine and Israel, the conditions of Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as the history of the conflict, the recent Summer war in Gaza, and the various commonly held myths about what is really going on in the regions.

    Alexandra Halaby is an experienced journalist, published at Huffington Post, NSNBC International, The World Post, and Palestine Review. She studied Organizational Leadership with a focus on Public Relations at Bethal University and has continued studies at University of Geneva and Pynter Institute for Media Studies. She has also done volunteer work with the United Nations Population Fund for Palestine, American Friends of UNRWA, and is a member of Amnesty International.

    The Truth Perspective is brought to you by the SOTT Radio Network and SOTT.net, your one-stop source for independent, unbiased, alternative news and commentary on world events. Live every Saturday from 2-4pm EST / 11am-1pm PST / 8-10pm CET.

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    Chime In presents From Tragedy to Destiny

    in Women

    Chime In presents From Tragedy to Destiny. A young woman's tale of overcoming suicide, teen pregnancy, sexual assault, abusive relationships and much more to meet her destiny.

    Chime In brings you scintillating topics covering socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues.

    Each show brings varying panelists to share their views on the selected topic. Twana Lawler joins us to discuss her story from Tragedy to Destiny

    We encourage listeners from around the world to share their views during the show by: 

    Calling our designated phone line: +1(347) 637-3670 

    Skype: DoChimeIn

    Follow us on Twitter: DoChimeIn

    Like us on Facebook: Do Chime In

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    Where Is God When Tragedy Strikes?

    in Spirituality

    If God is so loving, why does He allow tragedies to take place?

  • 02:01

    Terror Fi Radio-Unexpected Death/Tragedy

    in Paranormal

    Join Paranormal Outlaw, Tasha, Melissa, and Michelle as they discuss the paranormal.  We will be talking about sudden/tragic death and not knowing what happened to a loved one in that moment.  What do we do as people on this side of the veil to be able to move on and grieve when something like this happens.  Feel Free to Call in 323 580 5703 and talk with us!  You can follow us on facebook at Terror Fi and on twitter at urn radio.

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    Palm Oil vs. Rainforests: A Tragedy in the Making

    in Environment

    Nicolas Alexandre, senior at the University of Arizona, President of the Palm Oil Awareness Initiative

    Kim Kelly, Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology the University of Arizona, Co-Founder and advisor/member of Palm Oil Awareness Initiative

    Stacey Tecot, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arizona, Co-Founder and Academic Advisor of Palm Oil Awareness Initiative

    Did you know that palm oil is the MOST consumed edible oil today? And that because of its versatility, the demand worldwide has tripled over the last few decades. Palm oil is cheap and often substituted for cocoa butter and is semi-solid at room temperature. I like to think of it as one of those ingredients I call “what lies beneath.” It’s in lots of chocolate, frying oil, baked goods, breakfast cereals, cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products. Palm oil is in such demand that much of Southeast Asia, especially Borneo and Sumatra, have grown massive plantations of this crop – all at the very tragic expense of the rainforests and their inhabitants. Because of my deep love and respect for the rainforests, this show will be a tough one for me. But trust me when I say it will be one well worth listening to and I am ready for the challenge. This show sponsored by The University of Arizona.

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    Healing with Dr Daniels - The Modern Greek Tragedy; Starring YOU

    in Health

    Please join Dr Jennifer Daniels on March 10, 2015 at 6pm EDT for the Healing with Dr Daniels Show.

    Today's topic is: The Modern Greek Tragedy;  Starring YOU

    Dr Daniels reveals the formula for a greek tragedy as published in 1961 by  Frances Fergusson.   And exposes how the modern medical system has artfully combined these elements to keep Citizens spellbound while they are being murdered and fleeced. Tune in.  Think Happens.

    What’s Hot, What’s Not. Tune as Dr Daniels gives her best picks as to the up coming trends in Healing, self - care, health care and healing. You heard it first here. Think Happens.

    Tune in to Healing with Dr Daniels on March 10, 2015. Listen by phone  (914-338-0695 or online click this link or copy this on your browser:


    Ask questions during the show, by phone call: 914-338-0695 or online go to http://healingwithdrdaniels.chatango.com/

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    In the name of atheism: Chapel Hill tragedy

    in Religion

    The horrific murders at Chapel Hill have been on all our minds lately.  What happened there was horrific and sad.  The murderer was an atheist, but did he do what he did in the name of atheism?

    I'll give my perspective on what we as atheists should say in response to this tragedy.

    Plus your calls.

    Let the sauce of awesome flow!

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    Making Peace With Suicide

    in Health

    Whether you are contemplating, have survived the attempt, lost someone to suicide, or counsel potential suicide's victims, our guest, Adele Ryan McDowell, author ofMaking Peace with Suicide, will show you how to bring hope, healing, compassion and understanding to this important topic.

    The seduction of Suicide has become a worldwide epidemic with no discrimination as to age, gender, ethnicity, job or social circumstance.

    Join us.....

    Sound Health Options

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    PNN - No April Fool'n

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN's News Director Rick Spisak brings you a tremendous selection of Special Commentators and Activists

    Our first guest this week is Ms Dezeray who will be bring us her perspectives from her time in Palestine under Israeli occupation. She tells a compelling tale of the life of the Palestinians. She has been a long term activists with Food Not Bombs here in South Florida and now in Palestine she brings her acute assessments to a new set of civil issues.

    Dr. Wendy Lynn Lee Professor of Philosophy, Publisher of The Wrench and fracking activist brings us her assessment of the new Josh Fox (Gasland) tour with interesting insights into issues about the real impact of Alternative Energy. A thought provoking interview.

    Denis Campbell Publisher of the UK Progressive and Producer of The Three Muckrakers, will bring us his perspective from the UK. on issues of the Iran Framework.

    Emine Dilek Managing Editor of the Progressive News (based in Spain) will address the Iranian Peace framework and issues related to Turkey and Syria

    Tune in Sunday at 7pm

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    in Writing

    Join hosts Tom Riddell and guest co-host Bobbi Hughes-Millman as they welcome author James McAllister to The Writers Lounge. Sit back and relax as James discusses what it's like to be a writer and he will also talk to us about his book: THE TURRET

    It has been generations since the Earth survived the alien invasion. Politicians have cast a greedy eye on the funding of unused defenses, eyeing the reallocation of the funds as an path to reelection.

    Young Jock MacAlister’s life long dream comes true with his assignment to ADS 1437, the last operational Asteroid Defense Station.

    The capture of an alien scout vessel changes everything. Jock is thrust into a prominent role in planning Earth’s defense. He must overcome personal tragedy, political corruption, and devastating treachery to build the forces needed to save the Earth.

    Along the way, something unexpected takes root, something crucial to Humanity surviving as a greater struggle between good and evil follows Humanity to the stars.


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