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    Atty & GOP Candidate Files Official Objection In NH Over Canadian Born Ted Cruz

    in Politics

    Attorney And Presidential Candidate Chomi Prag Files Objection Over Ted Cruz Ineligability. CRUZ, Ted - Objection to Mr. Cruz appearing on the ballot for President of the USA.

    Special Guest Natural Born Citizen Expert Harrison to join the show.

    Fellow Republican Candidate files official objection with New Hampshire Secretary of State and New Hampshire Attorney General over Canadian born Cruz.

    The Republican Party invites Mr. Ted Cruz to major media/ debates to give him HELP with his campaign for Presidency when he doesn't qualify to be President of the USA under the US Constitution.

    1. He was BORN in Canada, a natural born citizen of CANADA.

    2. He may still have CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP.

    3. His FATHER was NOT a US Citizen at the time of his birth.

    4. There are reports that his MOTHER RENOUNCED her American Citizenship BEFORE he was born in CANADA. Even if his mother didn't, that doesn't make CRUZ ELIGIBLE to be President of the USA according to the CONSTITUTION that he is going to "preserve, protect and defend". A hardy har har.

    WHO CARES if he has DUAL CITIZENSHIP OR RENOUNCES his Canadian citizenship...both these points make him INELIGIBLE to be President of the USA. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE that no other candidate running for Presidency, as far as we know, except, ME has officially challenged this VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE.

    Because I AM THE ONLY ONE that will "preserve, protect and defend" the US Constitution as the US Constitution REQUIRES. Not Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, not the old man of the mountain, not the tokens, not the other goofballs either.


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    Phil Margo of The Tokens Discusses Lion Conservation

    in Environment

    In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, legendary musician, Phil Margo, who is a founding member of the world renowned group, The Tokens, talks to June Stoyer about the meaning of the famous song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and why we need to ban canned hunting which is drastically reducing wildlife populations, especially the lions, to the brink of extinction. 

    Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website. If you are not receiving our most recent interviews, please re-subscribe to our new Official RSS feed on iTunes, Youtube or you can visit our podcast archives at www.theorganicview.com. ©2014 TheOrganicView.com. All Rights Reserved.

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    FBC Podcast #451

    in Professional

    Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We cover The Renault/Lotus acquisition, Pirelli's new tire gambit, Mercedes talking, FIA decisions, Tokens and much more.

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    The Dr. Pat Show-talk radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    The Christine Upchurch Show: The Joy of Giving with host Christine Upchurch.  In this season of giving, how do we offer tokens of love in a way that expresses our feelings but also maintains balance for all involved? Join Christine and special guests to discuss ideas for gift giving in this holiday season. 

  • Tokenism

    in Politics

    A token is a black individual that lurks around in their community as a professional sniffing for progress in order to halt it. They are individuals who possess some if not many or a great magnitude of formal education, licensure, etc.  (These individuals are not people who drink wine and/or possess no formal education). Their main objective is to disrupt, destroy, and disenfranchise their own race of African Americans.  These individuals do this by squandering any, some, or all opportunities that could advance their constiency.  These individuals have been rewarded by the w---- man who that claim to hate. They attend black functions  such as churches, political rallies for your votes in the cloak of night, and when they are elected into office you never see or hear from them again until the next election.  In other words, that treat you like you are a "politcal booty call". However when they attend functions with "whites" they are laughing when nothing is funny, and scratching when there is no itch.  They are selected because they are misfits, and have never been sucessful in real life.  They have wormed  & squirmed into these political seats and are calling themselves "Black Leaders" instead of "Public Servants". According to the teaching of Jesus Christ, they are public servants (most claim this is the religion that they follow).  Most of our Black leaders are socially retarded because the are not and cannot be socially progressive because of their inability to possess coping skills.  They are so afraid of progress and revolution, and they want to be respected for no absolute reason.  They prey on the vulnerabilites of people because this is why they are in their posiitons because they were preyed upon b/c of their vulnerabilites, too.  In other words, they want to keep this vicious cycle of madness in the atomosphere.  

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    The Tokens

    in Radio

    Playing the best of The Tokens here at The Cafe

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    FBC Podcast #460

    in Professional

    Join Grace and me as we discuss Renault's black car, Tokens and the lack of, Carmen's whereabouts, prison time and much more.

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    The Problem of Aging in Your Life, Part 1 (God's Solutions for Today's Problems)

    in Self Help

    Our passage from the Word of God today is Psalms 71:9. It reads, "Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth."

    Our quote for today is from Henry Ward Beecher. He said, “To all who find their days declining, to all upon whom age is creeping with its infirmities, to all whose strength seems steadily to ebb....God seems to take our last things, and as it were, pack them up for our journey. These are tokens that you are approaching land. They are signs that the troubles of the sea are almost over.”

    Our problem today is "The Problem of Aging in Your Life" (part 1) from the book, "The Guide to Biblical Counseling" by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Ron Hawkins.

    Will and Marilyn had married late and had kids even later. With their kids entering adolescence, they were confronted with the possibility of becoming caregivers for Marilyn's widowed mother after she fell, breaking her hip.

    Sarah served as a frequent volunteer for years, ever since retiring from the school district. But her health has been failing recently and she's not sure how much longer she can live alone.

    Edward is a widower and has cancer that has spread to his liver. A church member has expressed concern over his living conditions, believing that he has not been caring for himself properly.


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    The Psychic Medium Spasoff Show With Phil Margo The Tokens

    in Paranormal

    The Psychic Medium Spasoff Show is pround to present an interview with Phil Margo.
    In 1961 THE TOKENS, four boys from Brooklyn, recorded, The Lion Sleeps Tonight on the RCA label. The song originally a Zulu folk song called M'bube and Anglicized to Wimoweh soared up the charts to become the number one hit in the nation. To date it has sold over 15 million copies and is known throughout the world. In a survey conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Record Industry Association of America The Tokens classic recording of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight placed 159th in the top 365 records of ALL TIME.

    THE TOKENS other hits include Tonight I Fell In Love I Hear Trumpets Blow  and  Portrait of My Love. They have also produced many number one recordings for groups such as THE CHIFFONS He's So Fine & One Fine Day, THE HAPPENINGS See You In September & I Got Rhythm and TONY ORLANDO & DAWN Candida Knock Three Times&  Tie A Yellow Ribbon. True rock pioneers, they were among the first to successfully use the falsetto lead voice, a sound that later influence groups from the Four Seasons and the Beach Boys to Led Zeppelin and Rush. They were also the first group to play their own instrument tracks for recording sessions.
    Philip Margo is a founding member of the legendary band the Tokens. His creative force both in and out of the music business helped him to manage Robert Guillaume, and write and produce several television movies, as well as hour dramas and half-hour sitcoms. Phil is also an inventor, currently holding a patent on the Spare Pocket, an adjustable waist side carrying device. Most recently he has been spearheading a unique solar project. Phil has also released his first novel, the science-fiction epic,The Null Quotient.

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    HIV and other STD's vs Webcam Sex- This is the new craving= Webcam Sex!

    in Lifestyle

    Letter written by a Brazil Female member of 7stage.com

    The night of my first show, I run around my room, cleaning up, checking how the light looks, deciding where and how to sit, and figuring out what I should wear. I try to set up my room like I have seen in other girls’ shows. What am I doing? What have I gotten myself into this time? What if no one likes me? Home for Christmas break, I have a lot of free time on my hands while my mom works nights. I have never reacted well to excessive free time.  It’s time to become Ariel, in live action for the first time. My heart starts to beat with excitement and nerves. I check my hair and makeup in my webcam, and am grateful for its low resolution. I turn on upbeat music and go live, staring at the room count and waiting for my first viewer to come in.  The viewers don’t rush in like I had hoped they would. But I knew it would likely be slow at first since shows don’t make it to the front page of the site until they have thousands of viewers. A few people come in and out, their screen names passing through my viewer list too quickly for me to attempt to engage them.

    After the show is over, I am drained and annoyed. The show took six hours and I only made $150. It’s not even worth the effort. I contemplate ways to avoid doing one the next night while knowing that I have nothing better to do and I should make some money. I just want to spend a night with myself without a single horny man, penis in hand, watching me. 

    Now offline, I complain to Blagus about the repetition in my shows. He suggests that I start off naked and set the show up so that there has to be a consistent flow of tokens in order for me to stay naked. He is convinced that the money will come in much quicker. I am skeptical. There is far too much , too many (free) exhibitionists, and too many girls that would be cheaper.


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