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    The Power of a Personal Thank You

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    Sheri Bruneau is the owner of Get IT Together.  She has the absolute pleasure of helping her clients fall in love with their homes by redesigning and organizing spaces, by assisting clients getting ready to move, as well as helping her clients settle in to their new homes.

    I’ve always wanted to find a way to thank my clients for choosing my company. In considering what I could do for them, I wanted to find something that would make a lasting impression and that would also show that I care. In addition, it needed to be something that would not break the bank or add unnecessary or unwanted clutter to a home.

    The power of a little thank you gift has been of great benefit to my business. Every single time I leave one of these behind, I receive positive comments. These little gifts, along with personal notes to our clients, leave a lasting impression. 

    The power of a thank you will go a long, long way!

    Join us as we talk to Sheri Bruneau, Owner of Get It Together as we discuss what small tokens you can do to move your business forward.  

    Read Sheri's article in Issue 5 of the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE. 

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    The Tokens

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    Playing the best of The Tokens here at The Cafe

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    Star Trek Attack Wing, Enterprise-E? Game changes? Star Trek 4 and more.....

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    Tonight Dan and I will talk about Star Trek Attack Wing, how would you improve or change the game? What ships would you like to see added to the game? What do you think the the Enterprise-E and cards will come in the expansion? If you are just getting started what faction should you play, and, should you buy more than one starter set? We will announce the winner of the Grab Bag raffle and what ship will be next, and, what are the enhanced shield tokens? During our second hour we will discuss the fan favorite Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Of course one lucky caller, (646) 668-2433, will win a FREE blind booster, so, what are you waiting for? RESISTANCE IS FUTILE


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    The Psychic Medium Spasoff Show With Phil Margo The Tokens

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    The Psychic Medium Spasoff Show is pround to present an interview with Phil Margo.
    In 1961 THE TOKENS, four boys from Brooklyn, recorded, The Lion Sleeps Tonight on the RCA label. The song originally a Zulu folk song called M'bube and Anglicized to Wimoweh soared up the charts to become the number one hit in the nation. To date it has sold over 15 million copies and is known throughout the world. In a survey conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Record Industry Association of America The Tokens classic recording of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight placed 159th in the top 365 records of ALL TIME.

    THE TOKENS other hits include Tonight I Fell In Love I Hear Trumpets Blow  and  Portrait of My Love. They have also produced many number one recordings for groups such as THE CHIFFONS He's So Fine & One Fine Day, THE HAPPENINGS See You In September & I Got Rhythm and TONY ORLANDO & DAWN Candida Knock Three Times&  Tie A Yellow Ribbon. True rock pioneers, they were among the first to successfully use the falsetto lead voice, a sound that later influence groups from the Four Seasons and the Beach Boys to Led Zeppelin and Rush. They were also the first group to play their own instrument tracks for recording sessions.
    Philip Margo is a founding member of the legendary band the Tokens. His creative force both in and out of the music business helped him to manage Robert Guillaume, and write and produce several television movies, as well as hour dramas and half-hour sitcoms. Phil is also an inventor, currently holding a patent on the Spare Pocket, an adjustable waist side carrying device. Most recently he has been spearheading a unique solar project. Phil has also released his first novel, the science-fiction epic,The Null Quotient.

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    Just Another Manic Monday - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Just Another manic Monday

    Are we moving forward or are we just kidding ourselves and walking blindly backwards and only seeing what is behind us.

    Between the leaders who won’t play together, the egos of some organization who think they have done great things, their legends in their own minds and are shocked as people don’t bow to their supreme greatness.  And of course the brain injury 1 presenters you know the ones that our community as a hole is judged by, the ones that will cause havoc on epic scales, I can see how one would want to, I have thought about it but in the end good sense has won out so far, these are typically our elite entitled members who thrive on trying to destroy good things that didn’t work for them and destroy at any cost.  They spend a lot of time in courts either as a defendant or suing someone for something because they are entitled a poison to any movement they touch.  And then we have these labels that descript how we came to be living with a brain injury that are huge wedges and pecking orders in some minds separating our huge community between concussion 3.8 million, TBI 2.5 million Stroke 900,000, AVI, CP various ABI 1.2 million and many other brain injuries our voice is split and spit upon.  Its no wonder we chase our tails for decades with no real change and no voice.

    Then the reality of the 5 Models of Brain Injury

    pharmaceutical - profit the most and keeping us druged up

    Legal - Controls everythin brain injury from the shadows, is our voice because of huge profits

    Medical - wants to fix us always sees us as broken empowers the above 2

    Moral - were beingpunished by God and we got what we deserve

    Social Model - its society that needs to shang little to no progress there we are known by the  1%ers  and the legal system our shadowy voice and the tokens who validate all this

    Where do you fit lets tal

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    Larry Battson's Wild World Welcomes Mitch Schecter of The Rip Chords

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    Join us Thursday night March 27, 2014 at 10pm eastern as we invite Mitch Schecter of The Rip Chords to the show!  Today, The Rip Chords include Original Touring/Recording Members, Richie Rotkin & Arnie Marcus, along with Mitch Schecter, Bobby Scammell, Tony Tuttle,  Amy Lynne, and Jumpin' Jay Leslie. The band travels the U.S.A., pleasing audiences wherever they perform, sharing stages with Beach Boy Al Jardine, Peter Noone, Ron Dante, The Cowsills, The Tokens, Dennis Tufano, Mark Lindsay,1910 Fruitgum Co.,Charlie Thomas' Drifters, Shirley Alston Reeves, The Dovells, Lou Christie,The Orlons among many others.  The Rip Chords official website: http://www.theripchords.net/

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    Ignorance in Black Leadership - Part II

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    Tonight we will continue to discuss the Ignorance in Black Leadership as of 2013. Post Civil Rights Movement 40 Plus Years of Blacks being in Leadership Positions. It is very embarasing after all this time Black People have acquired every influentional positions in American and still cannot do anything but become MASSIVE HOMOSEXUALS.  In the Meantime, you are training younger people to do the same thing and will end up the same way--FAILURES.....  You have defamed yourself from leaders to TOKENS.  The Biggest City in the U.S. (Detroit, MI) had to file bankruptcy and this city has been led by black over 40+ years.
    Tune In!!!
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    Tokens create an atmosphere in the Black Community for all type of destructions such as teenage pregnancy, unwed mothers, drugs, homosexuality, violence, gangs, high school dropouts, murders among youth, black on black crimes, and so many other negative events.
    Tune In!
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    Black Politics In Decline

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     Join us as we talk to Dr. Fredrick C. Harris, author of The Price Of The Ticket: Barack Obama And The Rise And Decline Of Black Politics.
    Yes: we have lived through avalanches of tokens and concessions but white power remains white.
    And what it appears to surrender with one hand it obsessively cluthces in the other.  -James Baldwin (qouted in the book)

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    Kansas City GP: Know Your Enemy (the Midrange Edition)

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    So we lied about yesterday, and didn't cover Jund. This time we are, along with UWR, B/W Tokens, Naya, and perhaps an assortment of other fringe playable strategies.
    Which deck should you be playing? Which one should you be avoiding?
    But most importantly, what are your matchups? We'll discuss each, this time with less Geist of Saint Traft whinging.

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