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    Episode 6 - Right Place, Right Time. Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

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    Tonight, Guy opens the floor to our Guy Time Live audience as we share moments in which we were in the right place at the right time or in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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    A "Your Place" Look at Family!

    in Christianity

    Praise the Lord, and welcome to another show at, "Your Place".  We serve a great and mighty God that deserves all praise and all honor!  We live in a time where so many aspects of being a christian is under attack. From attacking the validity of the Bible, the definition of marriage, and where the killing of our unborn children is legal.  This is just to name a few.  Last week, Wild Bill gave us a show established on the role of a woman in marriage as ordained by God.  Tonight, we were supposed to hear the man's role in marriage as ordained by God! I don't think Wild Bill wanted to be placed under the gun and so he expanded the show to discuss marriage and family as ordained by God.  He promises that this show does not let men get off of the hook.  You can be the judge of that with me as we hear the show tonight.  You are going to hear from Dennis Rainey tonight.  We hope that you not only enjoy the show tonight but that you share this with others.  I so wish I had heard of these things when I was younger.  The sad part if that most of us hear these things in church but do not really listen!


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    Pick's Place Radio Premier Episode: Rants of a Lone Lunatic

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    CALL: (516) 387-1639

    Join me Monday night for the inaugural episode of The Pick's Place Radio Hour. The choice is yours:
    Either listen to me yammer for an hour or call in and introduce some topics. 

    Nothing is off the table.

    CALL: (516) 387-1639

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    God is your Hiding Place

    in Christianity

    On today's episode, we will discover how God is your hiding place. You can't run and you can't hide from your problems, but you can run into the hiding place- the place where God remains. You will only overcome the pressures of life when you make the decision to abide in the presence of God. 

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    A look at the End Time with Perry Stone & Irvin Baxter Part 2

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    Thank you again for taking time to listen to our show. Tonight we bring you part two of last weeks show.  As promised we brought you a light look at what people think of end time. Both of these men have brought you their view point to this subject which differs. We went back and covered some of the same area where we were last week to include where we ended with people doing internet search on the end of the world for 2012.  Since this is 2015 we know that the end of the world has not taken place! But this search was brought in place having to do with the Mayhan Calander.

    We want to take a moment and thank all of you that prayed for Blog Talk Mom! She is recovering very well from her medical procedure. This show would not be the same without her input and support. As always we value your comments at the end of the show. Plus Wild Bill has put something in place at the end of the show to add something he thinks will speak to all of us.

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    Wrong Place Wrong Time

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    David Perlmutter speak about his experience  "Wrong Place Wrong Time" a true story that took place 20 years ago when he spend some time in  Marbella, Spain.  "After a few parties etc I came across a hotel that was on fire. I saved a couple of lives but was wrongly arrested for arson and manslaughter. Have spent a week or so in jail, I got bail and fled the country. I haven't been back since."  That is the core of the story, the rest is in the book.

    David speaks honestly about; living the story, writing it, and moving on with his life.

    If you wish to learn more about David, here are a few links:



    To get book on Amazon  relinks.me/B008955FG2

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    A Time to Honor Those who served, and gave their all!

    in Christianity

    Like many of you, several members of our family have served in the United States Military.  We have family that have served as Firemen, Police Officers, and other emergency services.  We honor all of you today with this show!   We understand that the call of duty affects those that serve and their friends and family.  Today is the 147th year our nation has honored those that gave the ultimate sacrifice of laying down their life in service to another!  Here at your place, we have given honor by sharing stories of our brave men and women who have recieved the highest honors for service above and beyond the call of duty.  We shared with you a two part story with my son and his wife on his service in Iraq.  My son returned from Iraq with PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury).  They were very open with how this effected them. I remember the nights we had soldiers call from Iraq letting us know they enjoyed this show! I remember the fear in one man's  voice as he asked us to pray for his unit.  We hope to honor them tonight with this show. The last thing we want is to stir up your emotions and then you do not feel a call to personally honor these brave men and women.  Pease remember to take time today to pray for the families and friends of our brave fallen men and women.  Then in your own way, show thanks for their service.  We are shairing a program with you that is helping our wounded vets. It's called "The Wounded Warrior Project".  http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/   You can go to their web site to find what they do. For less than most of us pay for a good meal you can provide monthly support for this program that aids your returning injured warriors.  Is your grattitude worth less then $20 a month? Please, check out this great program!         

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    You're at the right place at the right time!

    in Religion

    Join us for another exiting episode as we explore God's word together to uncover the treasures and promises that are stored up for the children of God. You're at the right place at the right time. You had to be born during your generation, to your family, with the circumstances that you encountered so that God could get the best out of your existence here in the earth.

    You were chosen to walk in favor and to reflect God's glory!

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    A look at the End Time with Perry Stone & Irvin Baxter Part 1

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    We want to thank you for being with us for another show here at your place. We have just finished a great series on the Bible that we hope you take advantage of listening to and sharing if you missed it live.  It was not the normal presentation of facts just from the Bible.  We used historians, scientist, and other scholors to bring our topic all together for you. 

    Tonight we are going to take a look at endtime with Perry Stone and Irvin Baxter. We wanted to find something that brings you two points of view in a light manner.  We found a show from 2011 that we are bringing to you as it is even more real today with all that is happening in the world.  We all remember that many thought 2012 was when the world could end and there was a lot of interest by writers, and movie makers.  This is just part one of this show.  As always we will open the mics at the end of the show for questions and comments.

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    Episode 2500 - The right place, the right time, the right purpose

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2500 - The right place, the right time, the right purpose 
    Pastor David Measures 
    Recorded 5-19-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com
    David's Website is: www.dwmmi.org

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    PAM Time

    in Entertainment

    PAM Time - PAM Murphy: Singer/Songwriter

    Enjoy an episode featuring some fun information on Music and the Entertainment Industry. Enjoy the dynamic vocal melodies of PAM Murphy as she features original songs from her personal repertoire and other Independent Artists. Be inspired by her practical and excellent vocal tips for anyone who loves to sing. PAM is a professional soprano vocalist, and was classically trained by Calvin Gage at Crane School of Music. Listen to her inspirational quotes and stories as PAM relates her songs and messages in a refreshing way. Enjoy the dynamic power of her lyrics, rhythms and colorful chord progressions as they compliment her angelic singing voice. Tune in for a night filled with great music and fun! It's PAM-Time!

    For more information visit: www.pamproductions.webs.com

    PAM Murphy: pamelaann007@gmail.com