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    Ep286: The Thrifty Patient

    in Health

    Family Physician & Author Dr. Davis Liu talks about his new book "The Thrifty Patient: Vital Insider Tips For Saving Money And Staying Healthy." Download entire show at http://bit.ly/FMR286

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    Empowered Patient Coalition

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    Mike and Joyce speak with Dr. Julia Hallisy about The Empowered Patient Coalition: providing healthcare improvement and patient safety tools directly to consumers.


    About Dr. Hallisy:

    Dr. Julia Hallisy obtained her BS in Biological Science from the University of San Francisco in 1984 and a second Bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Dental Sciences. In 1988, Dr. Hallisy received her Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry. Since that time, she has been a full-time practicing San Francisco dentist.

    Her second child, Katherine Eileen, was diagnosed at five months of age with bilateral retinoblastoma. Dealing with her daughter’s life-threatening diagnosis, the many recurrences of cancer, and the subsequent treatments for the malignant and aggressive tumors marked the beginning an almost 20-year involvement in our healthcare system. The unique combination of her scientific training, her work as a healthcare provider, and guiding a child through a chronic illness has afforded her invaluable insight as an advocate for patients.
    Dr. Hallisy began to research the topic of patient safety in 1998. She has lobbied for health care reform in Washington, DC with Consumer’s Union.

    Dr. Hallisy is committed to and passionate about the subjects of patient safety, health care reform and medical error reduction. She is the founder and president of The Empowered Patient Coalition.

    Dr. Hallisy was born and raised in San Francisco, where she lives with her husband, John Hallisy, and their two sons, Daniel and Kevin. The Hallisy’s ten-year old daughter, Kate, lost her life-long battle with cancer in February 2000.

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    Being Patient in Your Healing Journey

    in Self Help

    This was and still is one of the hardest parts of the healing journey for me. I am a person who is more a perfectionist and there is a certain expectation I have for myself and others. As I have been getting closer to God, these expectations have changed because I realize we live in a fallen world and we are all dust (Psalm 103:14). If God remembers that I am dust, I need to also remember that I am dust and can do nothing without him. This includes any healing that needs to happen.

    I speak on healing a lot on this show because so many of us are doing everything, but allowing ourselves to heal from past breakups, childhood traumas, past abuse, and more. We need not reject our internal healing otherwise we will never be able to function in the way God would have us to. Actually it will many times cause us to fall into many temptations and sins which will cause even more wounds.

    How can we be patient once we make that serious and wonderful decision to allow God to heal us. It is not an easy journey at all and I hope that someone will be encouraged in their path. This is a very vulnerable time where falling back into old patterns, toxic/sinful relationships, depression, and more is so common. How do we also be patient with ourselves when we do mess up because we will in some ways.

    Galatians 6:9 "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."

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    in Health

    In this episode, we talk with Dr. Zackary Berger (Primary care physician, epidemiologist, and bioethicist at Johns Hopkins) and Regina Holliday (Bereaved young adult spouse, patients rights advocate and Founder, The Walking Gallery of Healthcare) about the role of primary care provider in cancer survivorship, doctor-patient communication and shared decision making for patient-centered care. Survivor Spotlight on Get Busy Living Day with Alli Ward (VP, Programs, Stupid Cancer and 8-year ovarian cancer survivor)

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    Developing Patient Connections In A Changing World

    in Health

    The Internet has been around for a while, but many doctors still feel like it's a new frontier when it comes to patient communications, what with HIPAA laws, personal privacy and the need for on-line reputation management. This interview with Victor Gane, Ph.D. the Founder and CEO of AestheticLink, a web based intergrated in-office communication tool, explains the new emerging trend of virtual consulting, at-a-distance post-procedural patient follow up care, inventory control and practice marketing, all in one software program. AestheticLink is changing how patients and aesthetic surgeons interact pre- and post-surgery.  It is also helping doctors create better, longer lasting relationships with their patients, as well as creating a more effective and cost-savings practice. www.aestheticlink.com.

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    Bhyy - Be Patient with Your Man, 1 Co. 13:4

    in Culture

    Shalom Ladies and welcome back to another Blessed Handmaidens of Yah & Yahoshua radio show, women's ministry of Israylite Heritage. Tonight, were discussing the importance of being patient with your man. There will be ups and downs in any relationship, but you are patient with those you love. This means you are merciful toward them. You do not take things too personally or lash out at the first mistake. You wait instead for them to get it right, nurturing and encouraging along the way. For some relationships between men and women, they appear to be broken but they are not. They just require you to be patient with the man you love. Join us: 347-633-9606

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    Patient Praises and Updates from Around the Country

    in Health

    The TEAM WORK READY RADIO SHOW is hosted by Jeff Rose, Ms. Carmen Watkins, Frankie Sanders, Mrs. Pamela Rose, and others plus great guests.

    SPECIAL GUEST CO-HOST: Carl Eatmon - TWR Regional Vice-President

    Segment 1: "Frankie Sanders on the Road"

    Segment 2: "Patient Praises from Around the Country"

    Segment 3: "Carmen Watkins on the Road / More Patient Praises"

    Segment 4: "Patient Praise and Other Updates"

    Team Work Ready, 877-983-2696 or 713-661-2100, www.TeamWorkReady.com

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    Patient Success with TWR and Horror Stories Dealing with Government Agencies

    in Health

    The TEAM WORK READY RADIO SHOW is hosted by Jeff Rose, Ms. Carmen Watkins, Frankie Sanders, Mrs. Pamela Rose, and others plus great guests.

    Segment 1: "Update from AFGE and Carmen is Back!"

    Segment 2: "Office Updates & Patient Stories"

    Segment 3: "Horror Stories When Dealing with Government Agencies"

    Segment 4: "Patient Success Overcoming Resistance"

    Team Work Ready, 877-983-2696 or 713-661-2100, www.TeamWorkReady.com

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    The Three Pillars of Sanofi's Patient-Centric Strategy

    in Business

    Input, Solutions, Culture

    Pharmaguy interviews Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH, Chief Patient Officer, Sanofi, and Melva T. Covington, MPH, MBA., PhD, Project Leader, Research and Develooment, Sanofi. They talk about their roles in bringing the patient perspective into Sanofi's work to advance Sanofi's ability to deliver health care solutions that matter most to patients and those who care for them.

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    How do you define "Patient-Centricity?"
    Tell us more about the three pillars of Sanofi's Patient-Centric Strategy. How do you get patients' input? Do you have any patient advocates on your team who are not physicians but who have worked extensively with patients?
    Are we talking only about patient-centricity in the context of research & development? What about corporate and marketing communications?
    What's the most difficult hurdle for pharma to overcome to be truly patient-centric?
    Why did Sanofi create the role of "Chief Patient Officer?" How is it different from "Chief Medical Officer?" What do you do as Sanofi's Chief Patient Officer? Can you relate a case study which demonstrates how you implemented your strategy?
    What other pharmaceutical companies have Chief Patient Officers? Do they all have similar roles? Will all pharma companies follow?

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    HiMSS 2015: Meet Howard Rosen @LifeWireConnect

    in Health

    Coverage at HiMSS 2015 was its usual challenge. In a sea of humanity approaching 43,000+ others navigating to and from and scheduling is not a walk in the park.  Yet our coverage was a rich experience talking to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and health data wonks of all stripes and sides of the vast HealthIT ecosystem.

    In this exchange, my colleague and co-host reporting on the ground Douglas Goldstein @eFuturist catches up with President/CEO Howard Rosen (aka @LifeWireConnect) of LifeWire. 

    Produced by Gregg Masters @2healthguru for Health Innovation Media.

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    Elder Dwayne Hull

    in Christianity

    Why do we trust the doctors more than we trust God, Our Lord has never lost a patient and when he makes you whole, your life is a new beginning.

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