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    looking back on how we nailed it like your girlfriend.

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    Year in review and what's ahead going into next year. I don't believe anyone truly reads this so what is the point of give youu a detailed description on the show. Plus half the time we dont know where we are going to go durning the show.

  • On Military Science: The 10 Principles of War (Part 3, 'Offensive')

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    As the NYPD declares war against the citizens of their cities after the mysterious deaths of two of their officers who were allegedly working overtime as part of an "anti-terrorist" task force in Bed-Stuy,...we continue our presentation and discussion of the 10 principles of war and will be discussing the third principle of 'Offensive'. 

    If you miss this broadcast or its subsequent archive recording then you might want to re-evaluate whether you truly believe we are at war,....and why you don't know or understand the principles OF war(?).  


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    This time we win - Revisiting the Tet offensive

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    THIS SHOW IS A REREUN OF THE BROADCAST FIRST BROADCAST ON 26TH JAN 2011   James S. Robbins is senior editorial writer for Foreign Affairs at The Washington Times, Executive Director of  the American Security Council Foundation and Senior Fellow in National Security Affairs at the American Foreign  Policy Council. He specializes in counterterrorism, counterinsurgency and military history. He served in  government for ten years, and was awarded the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Meritorious Civilian  Service Award. Approaching 43rd anniversary of The Tet offensive, This Time We Win exposes the fallacy of the  dominant narrative surrounding the Tet Offensive – and, through it, the Vietnam War writ large. It is a much  needed study, with important lessons for today's conflicts.

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    KFYB 124

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    Tune into another episode of offensive talk radio at its best you scumbags

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    I'm Offended!

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    SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR:  http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist

    Often in conversations regarding religion, one party (or both) will declare that they're offended by a statement, belief, position or action.  But what does it mean to take offense, and should we be concerned about what others might consider offensive?

    We explore the issue.  Your calls and emails:  podcast@thethinkingatheist.com

    Dan Arel's article: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/danthropology/2015/01/charlie-hebdo-has-a-right-to-offend-you-and-it-is-not-a-double-standard/

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    Nigga Church #153: RIFFING On Ill Shit!!

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    The Pursuit of Life, Liberty, Property and Puss Eye

    Please OPEN UP YOUR NIGGA MINDS! Bring yo NIGGA BIBLE Its "THE NIGGA CHURCH" w/ The Conscious Nigga of Comedy--The Honorable RITE REVEREND DAT NIGGA presiding aka SOOPA NIGGA: The Conscious Nigga of Comedy. Rite Reverend DAT NIGGA is Founder of The Nigga Church (a Church OF Niggas, Started BY a Nigga. FOR Niggas Everywhere)! Afta putting on his CAPE he emerges from the CHURCH BASEMENT as SOOPA NIGGA and takes to the PULPIT to SPIT that Insiteful SHIT that is dedicated to FIGHTING against the Social, Sexual, Politikal, Medical and Religious Hypocritical Bullshit of the day that the Powers That Be are tryna Force The Peeple to Swallow!!!! So stay tuned for a Funny, No-Holds Barred, Profanity, Cuss-Filled, Offensive-On-So-Many-Levels night of decoding of world and national news, politics along w/all kinds of Shit Talking & Truth Telling! One thang fa sho you aint never heard a REVEREND like this befo!!

    (a nigga church production

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    The Ruckus Room - Presents The No Confidence RoundTable Julio Tavares

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    Welcome back Uncle Ernie!!!!!!


    Coming back as strong as ever Ernest Rucker Jr. Dave Gilmore and Brent Nation pick up where they left off.. The city of Paterson has an issue with the present Council President Julio Tavares who has basically made it clear that he has no respect for the constituents and voters of Paterson. He has made some racially motivated comments that were offensive to other Council members and his attempt to divide the city has gained some negative attention. Race-baiting and racial division cannot and will not be accepted in the political circle of our city government . We don't have to call this man a racist, he has made it perfectly clear...

    This is a must have conversation that needs to be addressed..

    Join Ernie,Brent,Dave and special guest as we discuss the petition for a No Confidence Vote against Tavares as well as the up coming Black Condition Conference this Feburary... 

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    Boston College Football: Ryan Day's Departure Fallout

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    In 2015, Boston College will have a new offensive coordinator.

    Ryan Day is no longer a member of the Boston College football coaching staff. The offensive coordinator returns to his old college coach by accepting the quarterbacks position coach slot with the Philadelphia Eagles. Reunited with Chip Kelly, Day will be at the reigns of a position featuring one of the brightest young arms in the NFL.

    With Day gone, there will be much speculation as to who is the next man up to help run the Eagles offense. There is also going to be a reverberating impact on the team, especially with a plethora of young talent still waiting to be refined by the Boston College system. As the team heads into the spring of 2015, this adds to the question marks surrounding the wide receiver, offensive line, and quarterback positions.

    We try to make sense of Day's departure and try to look forward into the crystal ball of who could be stepping forward as the new OC of the Eagles. Join us Tuesday at 8 PM as Dan and AJ jump on live with BCI Radio for what is sure to be a tense show. Give us a call at 646-200-0446 to discuss Day, the BC Eagles, and the steps forward.

    For the first time in what seems like a long time (but not too long at all), the Eagles are at a crossroads. We try to talk it through on BCI Radio. So tune in and let us hear your thoughts!

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    Superbowl Preview!! A-Fraud denied!! Johnny Manziell wearing out his welcome!!

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    1- General- salute to Earnie Banks "Mr. Cub" "Mr. Sunshine" RIP!!

    2- NHL

    2A- NHL All-star results/Rangers vs. Islanders as the second half of the season starts.

    3- MLB

    3A- Alex Rodriquez denied by Yankee brass his request to meet and apologize for his wrongs.

    4- NBA

    4A- Kobe Bryant injured tears his rotator cuff could be out for the rest of the season.

    4B- Klay Thompson scores 37 points in the 3rd quarter of the Golden St. Warriors blowout of the Sacrmento Kings 126-101

    4C- NY Knicks win 3rd in a row and sign Lagston Galloway for the ramainder of this season and next season.

    4D- Who should be on the NBA All-star teams and should the voting criteria change?

    5- NFL

    5A- Johnny Manziel may not be the answer in Cleveland as Brown hiarchy and team players have expressed their displeasure with his play and off the field preparation.

    5B- NY Jets sign Chan Gailey as offensive co-ordinator and Pepper Johnson as D-line coach. Good or bad moves?

    5C- Superbowl Preview/ Patriots coach Bill Belechick and Tom Brady under fire from possibly cheating in the AFC Championship game/ Marshawn Lynch under fire for showing up and giving non answers to reporters to avoid being fined. Is he wrong?




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    Suns Talk Radio: A Tough Stretch

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    With the Suns entering the hardest stretch of the seaon thus far, Phoenix will need to stay energized as it takes on the likes of the Washington Wizards, Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies among many others. Host Zach Parnes will break down the week ahead, while also focusing in on PJ Tucker's recent offensive slump. We will also be unveiling plans for our next episode which feature another very special guest! Tune in and share your opinions, or join the conversation on twitter! @SunsTalkRadio 

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    Was The Sony Film "The Interview" Too Offensive To Be Shown?

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    The film The interview" about an assassination plot on the Head of North Korea Kim Jong Un may have become to popular comedy. Or it may have faded away in obscurity as another bad movie. We'll never know, Sony Pictures has chosen not to release the film to the theaters, based on the theater owners' decision not to play the film and risk threatened terrorist attacks. Some say Americans shouldn't let foreigners tell them what kinds of movies they can watch. But was the movie in poor taste from the beginning? Should it have even been made in the first place? And is the assassination of a government leader ever funny? How should President Obama respond to North Korea and to Sony?

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