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    New Leads and Emerging Preogatives - Chatting Sweeps Week!

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    This week on Littany we will be covering both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and The Beautiful. Both shows had action packed sweeps weeks and we are excited to chat about comings and goings, exits and emerging stories.

    A lot has happened the past two weeks on Days of Our Lives: Sami Brady left for Hollywood, JJ and Eve's commiserating lead to something much more, Jordan's secret was revealed, Chad got the best of Ben and Kristen exited with a big bang that no one saw coming. We want to get fan thoughts on these departures and discuss the arrival of some new and familiar faces in the upcoming weeks. With Sami, Kristen and eventually Jordan leaving, what characters and stories will Days focus on? Also, how will these changes impact current stories and characters?

    The Bold and the Beautiful has also been action packed with Ridge and Caroline's feelings being revealed in a ver public way. Many fans have opinions on how Ric, Maya, Ridge and others have responded in the aftermath of this scandal. We also see Liam and  Ivy getting closer and Hope and Wyatt try to focus on their baby despite Quinn's constant meddling. With the news that Kim Matula has stopepd filming, we wonder if Hope will be leaving or the character will be recast. What does this mean for the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle?

    Join us for an hour of soap chat. We can't wait to discuss all things sweeps and as always will have a live chat for fans while we are live. We will also be taking fan calls. We look forward to chatting with you all!

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    Days of our Lives February Sweeps Predictions

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    February Sweeps for our favorite daytime drama is just around the corner! Will Nick rise from the dead? Will Sami find out about EJ's infidelity? What characters, new and old, will be showing their faces in Salem? Tonight, your questions are ANSWERED! Courtney also continues her movement in keeping the EJami fanbase quiet and why their silence may not be necessary in the coming days. 

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    Sweeps by Stephen H. Brown

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    I was looking a book to read and some one recommened "Sweeps" by Stephen Brown. The first Book of a series invloving Ensign Samuel Wallace and his adventures on board Minesweepers. After serving on three different minesweeps I could not resist the chance to read a book about minesweeps (which by the way are very hard to find) 

    I just ordered the next two books "Track of the Teasure" and "Wrath of the Eagle" 


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    So Much Drama, So Little Time!

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    Did March go and become a Sweeps month when we weren't looking? Because so far, the month has all kinds of big things happening around the daytime dial! On THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Maya’s big secret finally came out… and it was a doozy! And over on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Jake and Liz got a moment of happiness before his "wife" came along in the form of ALL MY CHILDREN alum Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee). We'll be talking about these developments, plus the latest from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES, tonight, and taking your calls to find out what you think of all the action!

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    The Empire Effect

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    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Fox has a megahit on its hands with the primetime soap Empire. Over on OWN, Tyler Perry’s The Haves & Have Nots has better ratings than anything else Oprah’s network has aired. These primetime soaps are redefining the word “diversity” while also telling strong, character-driven stories... so why has daytime failed so miserably on this front? Will the success of these shows and others bring about some much-needed change where the soaps are concerned? Why has daytime had more success crafting storylines about same-sex couples than it has any other Tonight, join Soaps in Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms as he takes your calls on this and all things soapy, including a last look at the recently concluded February sweeps period and a few predictions about what we might expect during May sweeps!



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    Soap Talk Let's Dish

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    The last week of sweeps...how has your soap done?!  Come join Ambro, Daphne, Minnie, Wise,and the gang as we talk soaps and dish!

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    Swept Away

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    And just like that, February Sweeps are over. Which means it’s time to look back over the past four weeks and discuss what worked and what didn’t. Were you blown away by THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ disasters… or underwhelmed? What did you think of Steffy’s return (not to mention our favorite new hashtag, #DrunkBrooke) on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL? Did you figure out where DAYS OF OUR LIVES was going with Aiden’s story? And what were your thoughts on GENERAL HOSPITAL’s prison break? Plus, we’ll preview the week’s hot plots and discuss why Pop (formerly the TV Guide Network) is likely to produce a far better Daytime Emmys telecast than the show has seen in years!

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    SoapTalk Let's Dish

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    The Young and the Restless is OFF the rails, AGAIN!  February sweeps, indeed!  Please join Ambro, Daphne, Minnie, and the gang as we try to talk about the other shows, but will mostly give comments on YR!

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    Kershaw sweeps Cy Young / MVP ~ intriguing NFL games in week 11

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble; preseneted by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will go back to the traditional 50/50 Friday show.  They spend half the show talking about the MLB awards.  The biggest debate will be whetehr Clayton Kershaw was deserving of both the Cy Young and the MVP.  Some argue that the MVP should be a position player award, and a pitcher should not win both.  Buck Showalter was the AL Manager of the Year, while Matt Williams claimed the same award, in the NL.  Mike Trout received all of the first place votes, to win the American League MVP.  

    The NFL rolls into week 11.  There are three games that should be enjoyable to watch.  The Detroit Lions travel to Arizona, as the division leaders battle head to head.  Who needs to win this game?  Do the Lions need to prove that they deserve to be recognized?  Do the Cardinals need to win to prove that their is hope, with Carson Palmer out.  The Eagles travel to Lambeau Field, to take on the Packers.  Mark Sanchez will have a tougher test, than he did on Monday night.  The Patriots take on the Indianapolis Colts, as two more division leaders battle.  Could this be a possible playoff preview?  Listen in and call the show, let us know if you agree with the MLB awards, and what NFL games are most intriuging to you.

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    Soap Talk Let's Dish

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    It's February sweeps.....how is your show doing?  Come listen to Ambro, Daphne, Minnie, Wise, and the rest of the gang while we talk the soaps and dish!

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    Dangerous Conservative Christian Euphoria Sweeps Nation in Wake of Elections

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    Steve Quayle & Pastor Lankford Thursday on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    A wave of false euphoria is spreading across America today, propelled mostly by "conservative Christians" who are celebrating a decisive Congressional win Tuesday at the polls. Multitudes of conservative Christians are clinging to the earthly hope that positive change is at hand, awash in self-delusion by focusing on the fruit instead of the root of the problems we are experiencing as a nation, in our personal lives, and even in the body of the church.

    Due to this power shift and the potential squaring off between the Executive and Legislative branches of government on numerous issues, any one of which could spark a popular revolt, uprising or even a civil war, many political pundits are describing the next two years as being potentially the most dangerous period in modern American history. They are indeed correct. A ‘perfect storm’ is fast approaching.

    Meanwhile, however, an unprecedented perversion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is emanating from the pulpits, leading many conservative Christians to embrace false doctrines for the sake of friendship and good will. In most cases, this doctrine of deception is being deliberately cloaked in subtleties, as the most effective deceptions are nearly always subtle and disarming.

    Read more HERE.  (http://www.hagmannandhagmann.com/archives/1003)

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