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    Sweeps Chat!

    in Entertainment

    We all know that February is a big month for our Daytime soap operas. Join us this week as we chat both Days our Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. What stories are working and what stories need to be swept under the rug? Which characters need more time on the canvas and which ones are on too much? Where would you like to see certain stories head and which character returns are you most excited about?

    Join us for a candid discussion on both shows. Fans can call or in or join the live chat!

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    New Leads and Emerging Preogatives - Chatting Sweeps Week!

    in Entertainment

    This week on Littany we will be covering both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and The Beautiful. Both shows had action packed sweeps weeks and we are excited to chat about comings and goings, exits and emerging stories.

    A lot has happened the past two weeks on Days of Our Lives: Sami Brady left for Hollywood, JJ and Eve's commiserating lead to something much more, Jordan's secret was revealed, Chad got the best of Ben and Kristen exited with a big bang that no one saw coming. We want to get fan thoughts on these departures and discuss the arrival of some new and familiar faces in the upcoming weeks. With Sami, Kristen and eventually Jordan leaving, what characters and stories will Days focus on? Also, how will these changes impact current stories and characters?

    The Bold and the Beautiful has also been action packed with Ridge and Caroline's feelings being revealed in a ver public way. Many fans have opinions on how Ric, Maya, Ridge and others have responded in the aftermath of this scandal. We also see Liam and  Ivy getting closer and Hope and Wyatt try to focus on their baby despite Quinn's constant meddling. With the news that Kim Matula has stopepd filming, we wonder if Hope will be leaving or the character will be recast. What does this mean for the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle?

    Join us for an hour of soap chat. We can't wait to discuss all things sweeps and as always will have a live chat for fans while we are live. We will also be taking fan calls. We look forward to chatting with you all!

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    Days of our Lives February Sweeps Predictions

    in Television

    February Sweeps for our favorite daytime drama is just around the corner! Will Nick rise from the dead? Will Sami find out about EJ's infidelity? What characters, new and old, will be showing their faces in Salem? Tonight, your questions are ANSWERED! Courtney also continues her movement in keeping the EJami fanbase quiet and why their silence may not be necessary in the coming days. 

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    Sweeps by Stephen H. Brown

    in Entertainment

    I was looking a book to read and some one recommened "Sweeps" by Stephen Brown. The first Book of a series invloving Ensign Samuel Wallace and his adventures on board Minesweepers. After serving on three different minesweeps I could not resist the chance to read a book about minesweeps (which by the way are very hard to find) 

    I just ordered the next two books "Track of the Teasure" and "Wrath of the Eagle" 


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    A Conversation w Author Paul Lewis, "After The Devastation"

    in Spirituality

    In 2024, the world is on the brink of nuclear war and environmental disaster. Nora Del Bosque tells her husband, Aden Delaterre, she must go to Chicago, to the new headquarters of the Un, to report on a crucial meeting. With the world situation looking grim, Aden fears for Nora's safety. As an environmental specialist, he understands the danger all too well. His fears are confirmed when global disaster strikes during Nora's trip, and the two are lost to each other. In the ensuing years, they each lead lives in isolated communities without modern technology or the conveniences once taken for granted. Both become leaders within these fragments of civilization, facing a wide range of conflicts. In the process, Nora and Aden discover their own intuitive awakening and come to know and rely on their personal spirit guides-in hopes of one day finding each other. In this tale of romance, political intrigue, and mysticism, humanity faces a post-apocalyptic crisis of devastating proportions.


    My name is Kate Loving Shenk RN BSN. I have been a nurse for three decades. I love having meaningful conversations with people about their Love of Life and what it means in relation to prayer and eradicating the fear of death. It makes me crazy how American society sweeps death away and no one speaks about it. This is why I’ve created a daily podcast called "Kate Loving's P.R.A.Y.E.R. Podcast: Prayer Prescriptions that ReWire Assumptions About Your Everyday Reality." 

    Join my Community HERE: http://bit.ly/1i21gPC 

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    The Homeless Do Not Matter in LA

    in Politics

    Los Angeles City Council gave final approval Tuesday to an aggressive crackdown on street encampments, setting the stage for the first major homeless sweeps in the city in decades.Mayor Eric Garcetti said he would sign the two ordinances, which authorize seizure and in some cases destruction of makeshift shelters and other property of homeless people. The mayor also said he supported proposed amendments that would drop a criminal penalty for violations and eliminate medication and personal documents from the list of belongings that can be confiscated.

    Councilman Gil Cedillo, who cast the lone no vote, said the measures would criminalize homelessness while doing nothing to help people off the streets."We should have a war on poverty, not on the poor," LATimes


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    Marc Allen Tantra For The West

    in Spirituality

    Marc Allen is the author of several books including Tantra for the West, The Magical Path, The Greatest Secret of All, Visionary Business, and others. He is an internationally renowned seminar leader, entrepreneur, author, and composer. He co-founded New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) and has guided the company, as president and publisher, from a small start-up to its current position as a major player in the independent publishing world. 


    My name is Kate Loving Shenk RN BSN. I have been a nurse for three decades. I love having meaningful conversations with people about their Love of Life and what it means in relation to prayer and eradicating the fear of death. It makes me crazy how American society sweeps death away and no one speaks about it. This is why I’ve created the “Uprooting Our Fear Of Death: Bringing IT Out Of The Closet,”  "The Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable" to give nurses a voice, both Google Hanginars; “The Prayer Prescription Series” of which there are nine books on Amazon, (so far); and a daily podcast called "Kate Loving's P.R.A.Y.E.R. Podcast: Prayer Prescriptions that ReWire Assumptions About Your Everyday Reality." 

    Join my Community HERE: http://bit.ly/1i21gPC 


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    Week 9, 2015: De Jong and De Restless

    in Sports

    Dalton Pompey hits safely in his first 11 games in Double-A New Hampshire; Devon Travis arrives in Triple-A Buffalo; Chase De Jong pitches a gem of a CG, punching Single-A Lansing's ticket to the postseason; and A-Advanced Dunedin sweeps away Lakeland! Join the radio voices along the Toronto Blue Jays' MiLB ladder for the latest ins, outs and anecdotes from the organization, talking rain delays, doubleheaders, and the very best ways Mother Nature has stepped in to help out the cause. #AroundtheNest

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    Friday Night Joy: An Evening with Author Prophetess Deshauna Jones

    in Christianity

    Deshauna J. Jones is your long awaited inspiration to break free. Her story is the road map you’ve searched for in order to find your way out of captivity. Her message is the fresh wind that sweeps away your insecurities and leaves liberation behind. Deshauna J. Jones is the permission you’ve been waiting for to BE YOU; the you that expresses God’s creativity; the you that makes no apologies for being fearfully and wonderfully made.

    Breakthrough Strategist, Marketplace Ministry Catalyst, published author, speaker, mentor, CEO and founder of BE YOU Institute; Jones is an on the rise breath of fresh air.

    Her debut book, There is Purpose in Your Pain, teaches readers to appreciate the miracles amidst life’s messiness, and to climb from life’s pit into their palaces. No stranger to trials and suffering, for decades this dynamic speaker has been using her own past failures and present victories
    to light the way for the masses.




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    James Connor and The Superyogi Scenario on Tell Me a Story

    in Culture

     When ordinary people develop super powers remarkable things can happen. In the debut novel of James Connor, The Superyogi Scenario, it is more than a tale of super powers for his unique spin on 'how' these powers are harnessed is thought provoking and highly probable. The tale of good versus evil has excellent plot and character development which pulls the reader into the story and sweeps them along willingly!  So, how does yoga fit into all of this?  Tune in and find out! Then be sure to visit http://www.byjamesconnor.com to find out more about how to get this book.  Tell Me a Story is a presentation of http://www.themagichappens.com and all our links to the archives are available there. 

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    Play Your Position...How Can We Collectively Defeat Systematic Oppression

    in Lifestyle

    There is plenty of reason to be angry right now. Black men and women (See Rekia Boyd case) are being gunned down in the streets. As long as vigilante's and rouge police officers use the often used term, "I feared for my life", it seems to be open season on people of color. There are countless videos of the killings of unarmed people and the killers who get away with it, and the media is happy to sensationalize it. Think about how quickly they redirected their attention from Walter Scott, to Freddie Gray once the rocks started flying and a match was set to the CVS. To them this is great TV, right in the middle of "sweeps".

    The question is...what is our role? How can we assist in instituting change. Our facebook timelines and Instagram streams are full of graduation photos right now. There are kids poised to join the workforce and adults who have accomplished long standing goals of finishing something they started years ago. All this to improve their personal situations through education and what should result in better jobs. 

    We'll discuss how academics, business ownership & parenting needs to work in lock step with civic engagement. There is definitely a place for protest, but the work doesn't stop there. Join us for this dialogue.