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    JUDICIAL POLITICAL ANIMALS--Margaret Hillary Marshall--South African immigrant who became the Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court---She's important because Ms. Marshall was the first judge to legalize gay lesbian marriage

    Political Animals--Mayor Richard Daley SR.  Democratic Leader who quietly ordered the Illinois Legislature to legalize consenting homosexual acts between adults 1964-65

    Stonewall Tavern Riot polticization 1969 was about a NY city bar serving underaged youth also prostitution

    Yale University Connection to Gay Marriage

    Part 2 San Francisco 1969 connection

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Patrick Butler--Chicago Journalis & Author--Special on American History --Civil War--Racism

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Senator Diane Feinstein(Blum)  Controversial conduct

    Wouldbe victim of Dan White

    Part 1Some of the facts many Americans don't know about the south--***race--intermarriages

    ***sexual relations between whites and blacks-

    ***-what the issues really were in the Civil war

    ***Why slavery was a dying economic institution in the South

    ***what the confederate flags symbolize

    ***What flags symbolize in general

    David O Selznik--Gone with the Wind---An insight relevant today to White  & Black Southerners---Audio extract clip  Fair use

    Tenative live interview --Patrick Butler  Author & Civil War historian authority

    Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a) Henry Hudson(English Explorer set adrift by mutineers)

    Sir Henry Wilson--Anglo Irish WW1 British Field Marshall--Highest ranking British military officer ever assasinated---IRA   Michael Collins may have benn involved

    Fred Astaire---ne Austerlitz---Father Jewish heritage--grandparents converted to Roman Catholism---Audio Extract fair use  heard at San Francisco yuppie Bar--"We're in the Money"

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    POLITICIAL ANIMALS---Philippine Independence---The special relationship with America--from recruits who worked as mess boys on US Navy ships to legal immigrants who came to America to"Contribute--not to Con-co opt or corrupt!"

    Examples--Raul Vincente Almacen--Ness Aquino and others

    historical audio clip  7-4-1946 Philipine Independence

    Real estate defective construction--The Berkeley California Student Housing Case involving a collapsed balcony--Why everyone should scrutinize the habitality and construction safety of the rental and HUD subsidize properties.

    If you're coming to San Francisco, what to check out before you dine out

    POLITICAL FICTION--American Civil War  was about State's Rights vs Federal Government--South Carolina  had a long history of these state vs federal conflicts

    Slavery was a dying institution in the South--The cotton Gin invented by Eli Whitney was vastly more efficient than blacks picking cotton.

    Chris Cuomo is the brother of New York Governor Mario Cuomo Jr.  On CNN Chris Cuomo raised the subject of "black" about  Dylann Roof--Was Cuomo referring to possible black/ african heritage in Roof's ancestry?

    The South has a long history of sexual relations even sub rosa between white slave owners and black women.  Mixed race defintions  include


    Clementa Pinckney one of the victims shared the name of Charles C. Pinckney, an early white governor of South Carolina

    June 19th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

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    The new Shadow Amicusveritas

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Powerful politicians, who are involved in Pedophlia--Both genders child sexual abuse  in Britain(US also) protected by Law Enforcement in Britain & the US

    These pedophiles now are being exposed by RT--Russian TV in Britain and in the US.

    Some ethical British legislators now speaking out against these pedophile coverups by their (Scotland Yard) police

    Audio extract--Queen Silvia  Sweden conferance on internation child sex trafficking and sexual abuse--This conferance was ignored by most American media including San Francisco's media

    Audio Interview --Great White Shark attacks--Australian discusses what may motivate shark attacks

    Birth-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a

  • Shadow Work Part Deux!

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    Listen to Melba and I continue our discussion about embracing the shadow.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--US SUPREME COURT--The Earl Warren Court--Unaminous decision overturning States's ban on inter racial marriage-

    Relevance:  San Francisco Warriors Basketball players Seth Curry & Klay Thompson

    Seth Curry identifed as "American"  His mother is Creole--French-Spanish-Indian & African

    Klay Thompson's mother is European--His father is Bahamian

    politicians and media who coverup for sexual predators--Rev. Amos Brown NAACP San Francisco leader--$250,000 pedophile judgment,Asian Youths both Genders victims of sexual predators--Thomas White defendant in federal and foreign court cases involving international pedophilia, Part 1

    San Francisco public employees involved in the international sex trade---Bay Reporter Male Prostitution newspaper-Wayne Friday employee of SF District Attorney Terrance Hallinan

    Hallinan was recently suspended from Law practice in Calfiornia

    Pratical Travel Advice "If you're coming to San Francisco, don't wear flowers in your hair"

    If you coming to look for the "Painted Ladies" you'll be disappointed.  Not even hookers are painted ladies in this town

    June 12th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

    Upcoming--Filipino Contributions to America--Asian Week

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS:Dennis Hastert--Juan Pifarre-John Gacy-Dr. AAron Freeman-- Barney Frank--Thomas White--San Francisco financier convicted of pedophilia in Thailand -San Francisco & Mexico

    Hastert an alleged sexual predator/Boy scout  connection--Controversial connection to Briitish Lesbian activist anti boy scout - Bradstreet comparison to British  TV series Prime Suspect

    Episode featuring a corrupt woman British Solicitor was involved in public housing fraud-

    Juan Pifarre-RAP sheet--San Jose-San Francisco-Argentina  sexual predator

    All of these accused and convicted had political connections which protected them

    Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(A




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    POLITICAL ANIMALS  Barbara Pierce Bush   First Lady--Look  Magazine --On son jeb's presidential candidacy: "Two Bushes are enough!"

    Look Magazine--Thomas Shepard--San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto accused odf "Mafia Connections"--He sued and won

    Bryon Whizard White--President John Kennedy's first appointment to the US Supreme Court--An Air Force JAG Colonel was his classmate at Law School.  That Colonel consulted on the US Navy sailor Steven Nary's case in San Francisco

    "If you're coming to San Francisco Don't wear flowers in your hair!" Exposes
    Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

    Amicusveritas Youtube video updates--2015 San Francisco Bay to the Breakers Marathon

    Tired old white men displaying their shortcomings

    Dogs & Doggrel in the 2015 San Francisco Bay to the breakers Marathon

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    Embracing Your Shadow with EFT

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    You have probably already heard about having a "shadow". Our shadow is our “darker side”, or the part of ourselves that we either try to hide, deny or disown. It is based in fear and is made up of the darkest parts of our subconscious mind.

    Our shadow can get in the way of forming healthy relationships. It can sabotage our success. It can keep us from knowing our True Self. And it can keep us feeling small and powerless.

    During our program we’ll be taking a look at some of the tools that the shadow uses, such as procrastination, self-judgment, control, perfectionism and people pleasing. Using EFT with a volunteer “client” we will demonstrate how our shadow can be embraced and how we can show up differently as our True Self, standing in our Authentic Power.

    If you want to learn more about your shadow, and how it could be sabotaging your life, you are in the right place. By the end of this program, you will understand how your shadow operates, how you hide it and deny it, and how you can embrace it and lessen its grip on your life.

    I'm Judy Wolvington, and  It is my passion to help you build self-mastery and personal empowerment. The more connected you are to your Authentic Self, the more you’re able to be proactive, deliberate, and mindful about your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. From that place of power you can embark on new directions in your life, your relationships, and your business. Please visit my website: http://UnleashYourAuthenticPower.com where you can claim your free gift, your Unleash Your Power Blueprint. 


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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Some of the historical facts that are not well publicized

    June 6th D Day 1944

    ***Doubles--Montgomery had a double --Clifton James--

    ***Military Deceptions General Patton's Ghost Army the deception to fool Hitler about an Attack on Calais France--the shortest distance across the English Channel to France

    ***Audio Historical Extracts  for June 6th broadcast--The American General involved in the Mulberry Harbors

    ***Audio historical extract--Field Marshall Montgomery's admirers and detractors

    Video San Francisco Bay to Breakers 2015----Same old  nude white men  now joined by an asian displaying their shortcomings