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    LovLee FREE psychic tarot reading featuring Tahuti, SisterMarie & Priestess Maat

    in Motivation

    Greetings one and all I am LovLee your personal advisor on blogtalkradio.com here where the real psychics go featuring real psychics Tahuti Asara the tarot specialist, SisterMarie the psy spy and Priestess Maat the high healer.  We are offering FREE psychic tarot readings to heal and reveal. Psychic Tarot for telling you like it T-I is! Using our hardware tools of Tarot and our software Psychic gift bringing you the greatest quality of professional and personalized readings. Come and join us in the liberation of your hearts desire and soul deserves.



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    "Gender Role Reversal in America"

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    Over the last 50 years, we've seen a significant change in behavior in both men and women resulting in fewer healthy, successful, long lasting relationships/marriages. Tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" tonight at 9:00pm EST, for a rebroadcast of our special on "Gender Role Reversal" and the effect its having on relationships in the black community. To hear us discuss men acting like women and women assuming the role of men and many other issues...Call 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com..... "Real Radio that Matters".

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    The Role of Marketing Ops in Revenue Marketing

    in Marketing

    Join us as Mitch Diamond, Director of Sales & Marketing with McKesson Business Performance Services, talks about The Role of Marketing Ops in Revenue Marketineg.

  • Role Models: What's our true role?

    in Culture

    Charles Barkley once said he's not a role model. As men of color we have duties to our community. Is being a role model one of them? Let's talk about it!

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    Green Egg Radio with Priestess Nancie Clark

    in Spirituality

    Priestess Clark is an ordained Minister, co-founder of Spirit of the Earth and founder of the Western Kentucky Hoodoo Rootworker Heritage Festival. Having been involved with the Interfaith and Pagan communities for many years, Priestess Clark works with various organizations and travels teaching at various events. Currently Priestess Clark is full time student and is putting the finishing touches on her first book. She honors the sacred in all and her Ancestors always....

    Ritual is a Black Tie Affair A workshop that dives into the world of the Afro-Caribbean tradition Palo Mayombe, ritual sacrifice, and sacred practices. Workshop with a Ritual Ancestor Reverence in Afro-Caribbean Religions: In this workshop you will learn the role of Ancestors in Afro-Caribbean Culture and how Ancestors are revered among the different Afro-Caribbean Religions. You will learn how to incorporate Ancestor worship into your Rituals. Dare to connect and to listen. This will be a hands on workshop in which participants will engage in Ritual to honor our Ancestors. Bring a picture, memento, or favorite treat of an Ancestor you wish to honor for the altar.

    Ritual:The Power of Loss a Women's Ritual Gather together Sisters as we honor and celebrate loss in our lives. An intensive, introspective, affirming Ritual. Empower yourself and the Women you share this experience with.

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    Beyond The Role Play w/ Guest - Ronke Odusanya

    in Self Help

    #TNT 035: She's Unarguably one of the Most Talented and Beautiful Nigerian Actresses to grace the Screens...and also one of those to rise from Ashes and earn their keep through Hardwork and Dedication to her craft, Loved by many, yet easily misunderstood by the media, as goes with the business of entertainment. Known to be one who struggles to keep a low profile and guard her mystery, Still, it begs to ask...Who is she really?... Beyond the Role Play...Beyond the Razzmatazz. Join the Expressionist - Alex Okoroji LIVE this Talk Wednesday, WED 21, October 2015 with guest, Nigerian Actress and Business Entrepreneur - RONKE ODUSANYA aka Flakky Ididowo, as she strips herself NAKED in a revealing conversation like you've never heard.

    Its Interactive, so feel free to Call In +1 (215) 383-3766 to join the conversation, comment or ask questions, or via Skype for FREE...Or tweet @AlexOkoroji or use the Live Chat Room.


    I Love You For Listening...Xx

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    ENVISION THIS: African vodun is universal to all of humankind in its spiritual and psychological benefits.

    Mami Wata has a mission is to educate those interested in authentic African Vodun and to help dispel the myths associated with it as well as assist those in their own personal journey towards their service of the spirits regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation or gender.  Mami studied traditional medicine and psychology in Africa and became a priestess. She is author of the book Thy Name is Vodun.

    Understanding that traditional African priests are healers as well as spiritual leaders and aware that conventional psychology was inadequate for the African American in some cases, she wanted to examine that which had been lost, to them as a people during the slave experience, so as to re-integrate these things for the spiritual and psychological healing of African Americans today.  “However, what I found was that since all of humankind was born of spirits and originated from the continent of Africa, vodun, which means “spirit” in the Fon language, is universal to all of humankind in its spiritual and psychological benefits.”

    Mami’s professional background comes from the two fields of Education and Psychoanalysis. While she returns to Africa periodically, most of her time has been spent in America teaching about the African spirituality of vodun from an insider’s perspective and assisting those who wish to serve the spirits on their spiritual journeys. She is part of one of the largest Mami Wata Dan temples on the West Coast of Africa…Temple Behumbeza…(Cotonou) Benin, West Africa.

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    Caprice Champion "A Mother's Role in a violent community"

    in Business

    Commentator VJ Smith with guest - Caprice Champion  "A mother's role in a violent community". Champion leads the MoM division of MAD DADS.

    Commentator Pastor Devin Miller aka Elder D is BACK.

    VJ Smith is Pres/CEO of Minneapolis Hdqt of MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social-disorder). Join us on your destination SB Barber Morning Show. (GMSNewschannel.com). 

    SBBMS TuesNew @TheTurnTable Playlist: Kevin Anthony (CMG) "Brand New" (NRR).

    GMSbuzz Announcement...
    Sammy's Avenue Eatery extends hours to Sundays, 9AM-3PM.

    Apostle/Prophet SB Barber & The Crew take the gloves off and discuss current issues, headlines on local & global community fronts to give you a voice. We'll give you facts to discuss around the corporate water cooler, on the street corner & in your house.

    If you have a question or comment, press #1 to engage the Host. Get it on your digital device Live & OnDEMAND presented by GRACE Media Network -the Legacy. Follow http://tobtr.com/sbbarbermorningshow; Twitter@GMNetwork; Facebook@GMNLiveTv; Instagram@GMNLIVETV

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    A Pastor's Role in Today's Society

    in Politics Conservative

    The church has always had a vital place in society. Does that place still exist, and what exactly is the pastor's role? Zack Strong, who has been the lead pastor of Christ Church of the Heartland in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, since 1997, will be our guest for this final week of Pastor Appreciation Month. Pastor Zack ministers in churches and conferences both nationally and internationally and is the founder of Heartland Regional Ministers. During this broadcast, we will discuss church leadership, the challenges and joys of pastoring, his call into the ministry, today's cultural climate, and more. 

    The Right Voice will also cover hot topics in news and politics, including Hillary Clinton's testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Capitol Hill; Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, the first American soldier to die in the fight against ISIS; and the 2016 presidential election. We'll include some wacky and happy news, as well.

    Tune in to The Right Voice for the live show with Glo Smith and Adrienne Ross from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern/7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central every Tuesday. Become part of the conversation by calling in to (646) 200-3715 to comment and/or ask questions. If you miss the live show, listen to the podcast at any time.

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    What’s My Role Within The Laws Of Attraction And The Manifestation Process?

    in Spirituality

    There is a divine order to everything in creation, including the Universal Laws.  The immutable Laws of Attraction are streams of vibrating energy that transmits your desires to the Universal Creative Process for manifestation.  There is a Universal Law of Divine Order and one of its functions is to oversee the role you play in your manifestation process.  And be under no illusion, you play the starring role in YOUR manifestation process whether you do this consciously or unconsciously. Keeping within the bounds and knowing your role in the manifestation process as stipulated by the Universal Law of Divine Order, isn’t about keeping you from coloring outside the lines; it’s all about giving you the reins, so you take the lead in consciously creating your reality/life.

    Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and coach and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we put into perspective the role you play in YOUR manifestation process.

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    The Role Of Scalar Energy In Preventing Human Cancer

    in Health

    Greetings and Welcome To Radio Time Productions, with host Valerie Jarrette Bass, MA.,  Broadcasting Live From Beautiful South Florida on Monday and Friday @5pm. Also available in the archives 24/7. 

    Our very special guest today is Thomas Paladino, scalar energy researcher, healer, pioneer, inventor, and follower of Nikola Tesla. We will be discussing how scalar energy destroys pathogens which cause cancer and "The Role Of Scalar Energy in Preventing Human Cancer."  Also, how at least 25% of all cancers are caused by viruses. We will also discuss his recent CURE FOR HERPES, with documented proof!


    CONTACT INFO: Tom Paladino  805-314-9762   EST-USA Tom@scalarsessions.com http://www.selfhealgo.com  

    The 30 Day Remote Scalar Session includes the three protocols delivered Monday-Sunday, seven days per week over a 30 day period.