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    "Gender Role Reversal in America"

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    Over the last 50 years, we've seen a significant change in behavior in both men and women resulting in fewer healthy, successful, long lasting relationships/marriages. Tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" tonight at 9:00pm EST, for a rebroadcast of our special on "Gender Role Reversal" and the effect its having on relationships in the black community. To hear us discuss men acting like women and women assuming the role of men and many other issues...Call 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com..... "Real Radio that Matters".

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    Caprice Champion "A Mother's Role in a violent community"

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    Commentator VJ Smith with guest - Caprice Champion  "A mother's role in a violent community". Champion leads the MoM division of MAD DADS.

    Commentator Pastor Devin Miller aka Elder D is BACK.

    VJ Smith is Pres/CEO of Minneapolis Hdqt of MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social-disorder). Join us on your destination SB Barber Morning Show. (GMSNewschannel.com). 

    SBBMS TuesNew @TheTurnTable Playlist: Kevin Anthony (CMG) "Brand New" (NRR).

    GMSbuzz Announcement...
    Sammy's Avenue Eatery extends hours to Sundays, 9AM-3PM.

    Apostle/Prophet SB Barber & The Crew take the gloves off and discuss current issues, headlines on local & global community fronts to give you a voice. We'll give you facts to discuss around the corporate water cooler, on the street corner & in your house.

    If you have a question or comment, press #1 to engage the Host. Get it on your digital device Live & OnDEMAND presented by GRACE Media Network -the Legacy. Follow http://tobtr.com/sbbarbermorningshow; Twitter@GMNetwork; Facebook@GMNLiveTv; Instagram@GMNLIVETV

  • Role Models: What's our true role?

    in Culture

    Charles Barkley once said he's not a role model. As men of color we have duties to our community. Is being a role model one of them? Let's talk about it!

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    Suck It Up and Be A Lady!

    in Relationships

    Lord knows there are times we want to give people a piece of our minds. Most of the time they are very deserving of the mouthful we are chewing on. But, is it worth it to spit it out? There are times when we need to speak up and times we need to keep our thoughts to ourselves... even when we are boiling inside. Tune in to Womanly Word with Lady Newells for some valuable insight on when and when not to let loose!

  • The October 1st Call In Show

    in Film

    Hey everyone... to celebrate this amazing month Jonathan Moody is doing a Call in Show!

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    Get the "T" w/ HomeGirl Nika & Lady V

    in Entertainment

    It's Ladies Night in the playhouse.  HomeGirl Nika & Lady V gives it to you straight and direct.  Bringing you hot topics you can relate to, that are often swept under the rug.  Well, no more sweeping those topics under the rug anymore.  We speak about things going on in our communities and homes every day.  If you want to add some laughter to your evening, come hangout with the ladies.  There will be no sugarcoating in the playhouse.  This is the new hangout spot for only the grown & sexxxy.

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    Independent Artists Gospel Music Hour With Lady T

    in Religion

    Do you love independent artists? Do you love gospel music? Well, Lady T has you covered on Monday and Wednesday evenings as she plays the BEST music from the BEST independent gospel, inspirational, contemporary, and hip-hop music.

    Robert Holmes is one of the most extraordinary, creative, inspiring, and exciting upcoming names in contemporary gospel, breaking down doors in his quest to bring the true word of God to a sinful world. Robert is a Gospel/Christian artist, singer-songwriter, drummer and entrepreneur. Robert has developed a distinctive sound he calls "life changing music," mixing spiritual lyrics with an upbeat sound and bringing his 20 plus years as a drummer at Church, High School and University.


    Dr. Angela Stanley. In February 2014, Dr. Angela spearheaded and founded the I Wanna Live Global Campaign helping to fight against depression and suicide. She released the inspirational ballad, “I Wanna Live”, produced by Kynne Smith & Airtight Entertainment, as the theme song for this great cause. Dr. Angelaand Raindrop Entertainment have also partnered with and was an Independent Artist Associate for World Vision (international ministry helping poor families & their communities). Dr. Angela is in covenant partnership with The House of Refuge Ministries International of East Dublin, Georgia. Her ministry headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Orlando, FL.

    Joel Wallace Joel Wallace is a young musician and songwriter who is passionate about his Savior and the message of the gospel. Joel Wallace is the middle child of five of Frederick and Debbie Ann Wallace and native of Brooklyn, NY. It was at home where Joel fell in love with music. 

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    Get the "T" w/ HomeGirl Nika & Lady V

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    Come share your views on topics that are often swept under the rug. HomeGirl Nika & Lady V gives it to you straight & direct. Sugarcoating is not allowed in the playhouse on ladies night.

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    Celebrities Are Not Role Models? Daily Gogetemism #332

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    Charles Barkley started it 1st many years ago with the whole "I'm not a role model" thing. I think that it was disgraceful thing then and I think that it is still now. Wemay not have to hold our famous people to unrealistic high standards, but is asking them to be someone that our kids would like to be asking too much? If not, should we support them

  • Piercing the Heavens with Lady Carmen "Virtuous Women Takeover"

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    Hello everyone welcome to Reaching Out Radio where we are reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus of Christ. 

    Your host tonight is Lady Carmen Thomas;

    Carmen Thomas Bio Carmen felt the call of God at a early age in life. On May 31, 1998 while having an Angelic Visitation, she was told, " Not many days hence, ye shall be Anointed ". 6 days later on June 6, 1998 at the Dallas County Convention Center, Carmen was publicly Anointed as a Prophetess. 3 years later on June 10, 2001 she was given an Ordination. She received her license on Father's Day June 17,1998. Carmen is the CEO and Founder of Kingdom Events, where she Hosts several Conferences including The Prayer Mantle, which is held Bi-Annually! Carmen is a songwriter, Prophetic Worshipper and a Woman after God's heart. She is the only child by her Father, & the youngest child by her mother, having 2 older sisters and 1 older brother. Carmen has a son named John. She is single, and has never been married. Carmen currently resides in Dallas, Tx.

    Tonight Evangelist Mary Grable will be joining Lady Carmen they will be ministering together through the leading of the spirit.

    They are going to "Bombard Heaven in Prayer" for all the listeners and they will be praying for our nation.

    Going to be a powerful prayer show hope you can join us at 6pm cst. Phone lines will be oen at (347) 308-8837 for prayer request at the end of tonight's show. 

    We love you but God loves you more!!

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    The Role Of Prophecy For Today's Believer

    in Christianity

    There is a large part of the Christian populace that does not believe that Prophecy has a part in New Testament theology. Many Christians believe that there are no present day prophets and that prophecy has little to do with the lives of New Testament believers. How do we know that Prophets still exist? If they do then what role do they have in today's Christian society? Join us as we explore the truth concerning prophecy in the New Testament church and its relevance to those of the household of faith. For more information about this ministry or to become a monthly covenant supporter visit our website at kogwoc.org for more details.