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    JP Apocalyptic Radio - GMO Foods & Monsanto Controversy

    in Entertainment

    Join the bad boys of the airwaves Thursday night as they throw their hats and opinions into the arena of GMO Foods & the Monsanto Controversy. You won't be disappointed. 

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    Dr. Mark Armstrong continues with Part 2 - OMG what's a GMO and is it dangerous?

    in Motivation

    This week’s show, Dr. Mark Armstrong returns for Part 2, OMG what’s a GMO and is it dangerous?

    Dr. Mark returns with his expertise and knowledge learned from years and years of study in Naturopathic Medicine and other TCM modalities. He shares from his Spiritual soul with us about what we should be more informed about regarding what we are ingesting into our body temples.

    Dr. Mark will continue from where he left off last month. A gifted Doctor who is talented in multiple disciplines to ensure he provides the best to those he teaches worldwide. Always a student, forever a teacher. A friend to thousands.

    What are GMO’s, what effects do they have on our life, our body, our future? Should I be concerned about this aspect of food and what will it do potentially long term to humans? We will explore the GMO and GEO, Genetically Modified Organism and Genetically Engineered Organism. Interestingly enough this was a segment on The Doctors Show on May 18th 2015. There are 30 and counting Countries that does not allow food that has the herbicide Glyphosate applied? Why do we in the United States?

    A question he will answer for us – WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH OUR WATER SUPPLY. Learn this new surprising twist just when you thought you had heard everything there was to know about what is happening to our essentials of life and survival.

    Get ready for this intense and satisfying segment with my friend and mentor, Dr. Mark Armstrong as we discuss topics that are very dear to my heart. We must be aware and become educated about what is happening all around us.

    See you on the radio



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    The Dr. Farmer Show Episode 2 Anger Management

    in Self Help

    The Dr. Farmer Show is a a tool to help listeners overcome life challenges and help you achieve your goals and dreams.

    Dr. James Farmer is a licensed Counselor, Developmental Coach and Certified Trainer.

    If you would like to email Dr.Farmer you can email James.Farmer@att.net or www.Jafagroup.com


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    Episode 2: The History of Cornsnake Keeping with Kathy Love

    in Pets

    For our second episode of Corn on the Pod, we have as guest this week none other than the cornsnake queen herself, Kathy Love!  Kathy will be discussing the history of the cornsnake hobby, the changes she's seen (both good and bad), and what advice she has for newcomers just getting into "guttatusculture".


    Episode Sponsors

    Armadillo Reptile Expo, Austin, TX - July 11th-12th (www.ArmadilloReptileExpos.com)

    Texas Reptile Expos, San Antonio - June 20th-21st, Belton - August 22nd-23rd (www.TexasReptiles.com)



    Gecko Nation Radio - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/geckonationradio



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    Episode 1: Finding Good Information about Cornsnakes with Nanci LeVake

    in Pets

    Here on the premiere episode of Corn on the Pod we are fortunate to have Nanci LeVake from Snicker Snakes.  Nanci is a very knowledgable breeder and highly-respected in the cornsnake community.  She’s going to be discussing how and where to find good information on keeping the world's most popular pet snake.  It doesn’t really matter what morphs you have or who you got them from if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Despite the increasing amount of information we have available and the unbelievable accessibility to it, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions out there.  Listen in as Nanci helps steer both the novice and experienced cornsnake keepers in the right direction.

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    The Black Plight Radio Show: Hosted By Mowreh Naphtali YisraEL

    in Spirituality

    The Black Plight Radio is Hosted by Mowreh IshYAH YisraEL & Mowreh Naphtali YisraEL of the House of YisraEL, of Cincinnati. The Black Plight Radio show has been presenting the Truth about the Plight of the Black Man and Woman in the USA for the past 4 years. The Black Plight Radio Show; shows the truth about Who the Real God is, who YAH'S Chosen People truly are, and the Plight that the Children of YisraEL experience in the Land of the North and all the four corners of the world

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    If You Build It... Coaching The American Farmer

    in Education

    When you think of a Coaching niche, the farthest thing from your mind might be the American Farmer. But as an Iowa native, Jolene Brown has taken her own experience on the family farm and used it to help farmers and ranchers around the world. Jolene is a champion of the family-based business, and author of the book Sometimes You Need More Than a 2x4! How-To-Tips to successfully grow a family Business.

    Coaching Impact Radio. Brought to you by Impact Coaching Academy.

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    Weather or Not You Like It

    in Fun

    Corn Talk has been resurrected. Spring has sprung. It's raining cats and dogs. It's hotter than a rat neckin' in a wool sock. How many more weather sentences can we go?? It's gonna be a great episode tonight so make sure to listen to "Weather or Not You Like It." Call in at (347) 934-0718!

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    #1522 Diet Myths - What's True and What's Not

    in Nutrition

    Is a gluten-free beneficial for everyone? Does eating eggs raise your cholesterol? Are there advantages to a raw food diet? Certified Food Psychology Coach and best-selling author, Johnell McCauley, will answer these and other questions. Is microwave cooking safe? Is high fructose corn syrup really as bad as people say it is? Get the answers to these and many other questions.


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    South Africa Project - Radio

    in Current Events

    Welcome to the truth about South Africa. WARNING THE TRUTH IS GRAPHIC and NOT FOR CHILDREN please maintain their innocence while seeking the truth.

    Our mission is to bring awareness to everyone around the world about the truth in South Africa and what is being done to the White Race one person at a time.

    The Living Waters Foundation - A 100% no profit organization bring aid to the white children in Orphanages, and aiding the destitute whites living in squatter camps as a result of either surviving brutal attacks only to be left with nothing or as a result of the BEEE.


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    Negdog Radio Saturday Morning Special -Episode 150

    in Sports

    On this Saturday May 30th, 2015. Negdog @negdog is rolling around in the winnings after the Lightning take game 7 as predicted. Sinatra Saturday's! Call in to talk to the Dog! What is the TPP? Who is Monsanto?