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    Police Refuse To Arrest Dog Thief/Rapist CALL TO ACTION

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    Looking at the website for Waynesboro, MS, I see they take pride in their city. The police site proudly displays "To Protect and Serve'. However, these must just be words that they display to make their city look good! In reality, the police are failing to 'protect and serve' one family and their despirate calls for police assistance.

    James and Laquita Johnson were awaken at 2:30am Saturday morning by a call from their neighbor stating he had witnessed a man tearing thru their fence to get to one of their beloved dogs (why the dog was kept outside if it was so beloved is unknown to me). The witness gave a description of the truck and the Johnsons knew exactly who was the thief. Laquita called the police but when they showed up, they simply told her they could NOT knock on his door!!!!!!!!! So James, the owner of the missing dog, walked don to the suspects house to get his dog back. As he approached, the dog came running out of the house!!!!!! Evidence in the rectal area proved the dog had been raped.

    Now we are making a Call To Action plea for our listeners to spread the news, make calls, and write emails. Those living near the Waynesboro, MS area are asked to picket the City Hall and demand an investigation, arrest and prosecution of the suspect, Eddie Woullard.

    Here is the information:

    Waynesboro City Office

    714 Wayne St

    Waynesboro, MS 39367

    601-735-4874, 601-735-3121




    Mayor: Richard Johnson 601-735-4874

    Story from: Shannon Stewart Bates facebook page

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    Where Is Roman? Call To Action!

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    This is a heartbreaking story of a dog that was adopted just to be abandoned 4 days later in another state! A wonderful person found him and rescued him only to have the shelter, from another state, send someone to drag him away. Now, his rescuer, whom wanted to adopt him, can't get the shelter to communicate with her. When the shelter was contacted, they gave vague information and made statements that the rescuer didn't want him, thought he was too hyper, knocked her disabled husband over.....blah blah blah blah! Well, now we are asking you to get involved. Listen to the story, then make the phone calls. Let's tell the shelter that this behavior is unexeptable! What of the person whom abandoned Roman? He's a DOCTOR and first claimed that Roman bit him, then after all Hell broke loose, hired a lawyer and now claims that Roman bit him 3 times! Roman never once showed aggression to the woman and her husband who rescued him.....sound fishy? Yup, that's what I said too! Get those pens and paper handy cause I'm passing out names and numbers! Let's show them the power of the Internet and this show! Let's find out what happened to Roman!

    Please sign and share the petition.

    Download The Pawz Cauze Show App to your Android or Apple devices. Goggle Play and Amazon. Also check out our new WEBSITE!

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    EMERGENCY: Neglected Horses In Kansas Need Our Help

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    This story came across my desk today by one of our admins, Kimber. It seems that horses in Beverly. Kansas are being neglected to a severe degree. Here is what the original post had to say:

    These pictures are from the "stables" of a man named Rich Barlet, at 510 E Third in Beverly, Kansas. He does live in the same town, ask anyone in town they will point to his home. The horses are next door and behind the home of Travis Rider mothers house. When this "man" started with his idea of buying horses he had 20. He now has 7 remaining. The rest have died. At one point the dead horses were just laying on the ground with the others. He buried one, had another buried. I have no idea what happened to the bodies of the rest. Also, there are pigs and chickens. The pigs appear to be taken better care of, maybe because he can eat them. I don't know. Maybe because he is a beep beep that abuses animals. I believe that is closer to the truth. As of Sunday when we were there, the horses where eating their own feces and the bark off the trees because they had not eaten 9 DAYS. No water either. As of today, 14 DAYS. He did give them a bucket of water today. How f***in' sweet. The local news have been out, he feed them then. The police came out, to save face, he fed them then. That was months ago, nothing has been done since. No animal control. No tickets. NOTHING!!! Someone help me change this. Or if you want a horse you could just go pic one up, he wouldn't notice. They are super friendly. Please! They need the help.

    You can see the photos on The Pawz Cauze Show's Facebook Page. We MUST help these voiceless creatures. Call and write to the following people:  Animal Control, contact Matthew Lipinski at (978) 921-6000 x2361, Sheriff office: 785-524-4479, City Hall: 103 N Main St, Beverly, KS 67423 (785) 436-2363 City Clerk is Joyce Poulton.

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    Justice for River - Returned to Abusers Needs Our Help

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    This heartbreaking story will leave you in tears so be sure to have your tissues ready then be prepared to take action. River escaped the Hell in which he was living and found his way into the home and hearts of a pair of loving souls. He was given love, proper food, a soft warm bed, and proper veterinary care only to be ripped away and handed back to the horrible conditions he so despirately tried escaping. I read the petition, cried, got angry, signed the petition (www.change.org/p/sam-olens-brian-childress-rescue-river-from-his-abusers), shared it, 'liked' the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Justice4River), then created this show to tell you about this precious soul who needs our help. Please don't turn your back on River. Listen to his story, get angry, sign the petition, like his page, and share this show. Let's get the entire world involved in this case and let's save the life of this dog and his cell mate. I know he can count on us!

    Links for further information......PLEASE READ!!!

    Animal Ordinance Link

    Reply from Lowndes County

    Music by: Maria Daines, Majestic, and Tourniquet!!!!

    Pawz up!!!!!

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    Remembering Lennox on Season 8 Kick off Show

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    On July 11, 2012, the world cried over the tragic death of an innocent dog by the name of Lennox. The cruel leaders of Belfast, Northern Irland refused to listen to the voices of millions, including that of their own Prime Minister who ordered the release of the dog that was being accused of being a Pit Bull despite the DNA tests that stated otherwise. Today we are once again raising our voices in rememberance of the sweet dog that endured so much and stole the hearts of those who never gave up. We are encouraging callers to voice their opinions on Breed Specific Legislation or who simply want to express their sorrow.

    We will also introduce you to the newest member of The Pawz Cauze Show Team, Deek, our resident Reptile Specialist.

    So mark your calenders and get your phones charged cause The Pawz Cauze Show is back and we are more determined than ever to end animal cruelty world wide.

    To get your copy of "When You Killed Lennox" my Maria Daines, please visit: https://soundcloud.com/maria-daines/when-you-killed-lennox

    Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hK01DfCl2I

    This episode is sponsored by Premium Crickets. Give your reptiles only the best. Feed them Premium Crickets. www.PremiumCrickets.com.

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    PLEASE NOTE that one of our chosen songs, Lennox by Sinista DaCapo contains words that are not suitable for children and some adults for that matter. We will play it toward the end of our show and I will give you plenty of warning prior to hitting the play button.

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    Chatting With Bakersfield Pitty Crew Rescue

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    We will be chatting with Sundee, Vice President, and Stacy, Founder, from Bakersfield Pitty Crew Rescue in California. I became interested in this rescue after reading the story of Fiona, a beautiful pit bull girl who escaped her home only to be found 12 hours later, by her human. She had been cruely and severely burned with acid by an unknown person or persons; her eyes were swollen shut and she was unable to open her mouth to eat or drink. She was rushed to the vet where she is being treated for her burns. If you would like to donate to her care, please follow this link: http://www.gofundme.com/b3fkwg


    Bakersfield Pitty Crew Rescue is "a Pit Bull and Bully Rescue devoted to educating the central Valley and Kern county community about responsible pit bull ownership, saving dogs from euthanasia from high kill shelters, and helping families find their forever furry friend." Located in California. Learn how you can help them help pit bulls. You won't believe the many ways you can help save lives right from the comfort of your home.

    Pawz up!


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    Voices Carry for Animals # 40

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    Host: Debbie Dahmer

    Leigh Ann Webster-Foster   Founder/Owner/Producer/Host at The Pawz Cauze Show on Blog Talk Radio **Host to Host** Co-Host to Co-Host** Live Radio Voices for our Furry Friends In Need!! We are the animals voices and must be heard!! 

    Putting our pawz down against abuse through education, dedication, and action.  Pawz Up!

     The Pawz Cauze Show on Blog Talk Radio   The Pawz Cauze Show Website

    The Pawz Cauze Show has won many awards for best animal show, best videos on Youtube, best poetry, and they have been voted #1 online show several times. The Pawz Cauze Show is aired Live and you can call in to voice your opinion here where they are proud a featured show on Blog Talk Radio (Internet). Check the times for your area.  PAWZ UP!!  PRODUCTS SOLD:  All the proceeds from sales help save the lives of animals world wide. Make a difference in this world.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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    Quarantine Radio Interview GSBooking Agency

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    Quarantine Radio brings on the show one of the top rising independent music empires in the country, GSBookings. They just released a mixtape April 21st with clients like Oynx and Crooked I. Established in 2010, GSBookings has been committed to booking today’s top artists for live performances in various markets around the world, and they also provide promotion and consulting services.

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    Dreamvisions 7 Radio Podcast with Paws Pet Vet with Dr Randy part2

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Randy's Radio PetVet Hour 1 & 2


    Topic: Sick Cat, Cold Weather and an Aggressive Yorkie


    Why is my cat vomiting in the morning and what can we do about this?

    Cold weather primer…no licking the flag pole!

    Clothing for pets that are functional, PAWZ booties, Dog Leggs etc.

    My dog is scratching at one ear; causes, cures

    My rescue Yorkie Christmas present is aggressive

    Pet adoption, why this is so important

    Fresh blood in my dog’s stools causes and options

    German Shepherd behavior issues

    What are the best dog breeds for kids and what to consider in that choice.

    Vaccination questions, titers, etc.


    As always, Dr. Randy and Paul B. field a wide variety of subjects from their listeners, you can leave a message for them ANYTIME at 888-520-7297(PAWS) randy@drrandypetvet.com  or paul@drrandypetvet.com 


    This is a Shared Venture with DreamVision7RadioNetwork and the Radio by Renford Please jion us on Fridays and Sundays at 3:00 pm CST.

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    7th Year Anniversary Party Plus Pet News

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    Wow! Hitting our 7th Year on air! This show is dedicated to all of our listeners, guests and sponsors. Without you all, we would never be able to accomplish what we do every year.
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    By purchasing products from the sites above you are helping to keep the show on air and helps animals around the world. Thank you for your support.
    Pawz up!

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    The Two Causes of Disease (Cele doua cauze ale bolilor) - in Romanian

    in Health

    The two causes of the diseases and the way they determine the gravity of the respective diseases.
    Cele doua cauze ale bolilor si felul in care acestea determina gravitatea bolilor respective.