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    Trans-Pacific Partnership - The Death of Sovereignty with Meghan Sali

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    Trans-Pacific Partnership

    12 nations, 11% of global population, 40% of the global economy, 25% of global imports, 30% of global exports. 800 million people bound by an agreement negotiated in secret from the citizens and almost all elected representatives. Who wrote it then? Trade representatives with multi-national corporate lobbyists and executives at the tables from start to finish.

    A 30 chapter agreement with 5 involving actual trade. Environment. Financial Services. Patents. Copyrights. Intellectual Property. Pharmaceuticals. Health Care. Investment. Labour. Market Access. Procurement. Tobacco. State Owned Enterprises. Biotechnology and GMO's. And a new iron-clad version of the infamous Investor State Dispute Settlement "mechanism" complete with secret tribunals, secret judgements and secret awards. 5,544 pages worth of regulations, schedules, indexes, timetables and LOOPHOLES to empower the most powerful corporations on earth to have veto power say over how signatory nations will live their day-to-day lives. This is the latest method for the mostly American corporate elite to bypass the WTO, exclude and isolate "unfriendly" economies, enslave "freindly" economies and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Protests have been raging in every "partner nation" for years as February 4 nears as the day for "signing" of the agreement in Auckland, New Zealand. There is no opting out of any section or provision unless stated before that signing by any nation. No renegotiation.

    We are joined by Meghan Sali, a digital rights specialist with OpenMedia,org, leading the organization's free expression campaigns. For the past two years, she has been co-ordinating the campaign to shed light on the implications of TPP as they relate to preserving our online rights and building a properous, inclusive digital future.

    Tune in and hear the facts on TPP.

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    Solutions tonight, Join Prophetess Mwaka as she talks about the power and benefits of partnership

    call 347-237-4270, 11pm Eastern, 10pm Central, 8pm Pacific, 3am London, 5am Zambia, 6am Kenya

  • What Is Marriage - Ownership or Partnership?

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    Not too long ago, the institution of marriage was considered in many cultures as a man's ownership of a woman. In cultures where a "bride price" or a dowry was paid to the parents of the bride, this was considered the man's purchase of the rights to her body. The idea of spousal rape didn't exist in such societies, because the woman was the man's property. But not all cultures viewed marriage this way. Some societies recognized marriage as a partnership in which both parties formed one entity, like a corporation. They shared responsibilities for debts, and payment of taxes to the government. In such societies, if a man was in the position of a ruler and he died, the authority was passed on to his wife.  Culturally, we have a lot of models to choose from, when it comes to defining what a healthy, fulfilling marriage looks like. Today's American culture seems to lean more toward mutual ownership, and this tends to create problems with jealousy and possesiveness. What really is marriage? Is it ownership? Is it partnership? What would you want your marriage to look like? Later, we'll talk to Revin Fellows who is hosting a special discussion between men and women this evening, 6-9 at Grub Chicago, 1230 West Taylor Street, "What Black Men Really Think About the $680 Billion Black Women Spend?"

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    Riane Eisler on Caring Equals Prosperity..Partnership Not Domination

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    As a book-end to last week's show with socialist economist Richard Wolf, I have returning to the show, visionary, author and foremother, Riane Eisler, author of the famous and inspirational books, The Chalice and the Blade and Our Real Wealth.  Riane will discuss caring economics and why corporations would actually benefit from these practices rather than the predator capitalistic values employees have had imposed upon them.  We'll also discuss the topic raised in The Chalice and the Blade, namely "Domination vs Partnership" and the need for the shift toward the latter so there's a better quality of life for the most of us.  We'll chat about SWEIs - new economic indicators that are a better gauge of how people are doing than GDP which fails to show the vast income disparity so many are suffering from.  Riane will talk about the plight of women and the poverty they and their children still face, and not just in third world countries, but here in the United States, which does not bode well for any of our futures if we don't start forcing our political leaders to institute laws that promote REAL family values, and more caring and sharing of our national treasure so that its invested in people and life sustaining practices rather than war and corporate welfare.

    Learn how caring actually equals prosperity and stop drinking the Kool-Aid of trickle down economics!

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    4 Keys to a Profitable Partnership

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    There are four keys to our — and any —  successful JV:

    Making the most of other people’s poorly used customers
    Great reward for doing it (money, fame, etc.)
    Bringing something unique to the person with whom you are doing business
    Having the skill of deal making

    Other people’s poorly used customers

    Bedros has a big list of over 50,000 personal trainers. I have two lists: one at Internet Independence, of 10,000 people, and another at ETR, of over 100,000 people. But neither of these audiences received the high-end, hands-on coaching they needed to build an online business. 


    Show Your Potential Partner the Great Reward for Doing It (money, fame, etc.)

    Will you bring them more sales and new customers? Can you show them how to maximize the value of the customers they currently have?


    Bring Something Unique to the Partnership

    If your potential partner can do everything that you can, they don’t need you (unless they are simply out of time or energy to take action on their ideas).


    Make the Deal

    This is where you must sell them on the venture. Prove the profits that are coming their way.

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    Join Prophetess Mwaka tonight as she talks about the purpose of partnership, the strength and benefits of partnership.

    call 347-237-4270,
    11pm Eastern, 10pm Central, 8pm Pacific, 3am London, 5am Zambia, 6am Kenya.

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    Trans Pacific Partnership: Gateway to Global Governance

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    Darrell Castle talks about President Obama’s efforts to get Fast Track Authority for the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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    ALERT: FINAL Vote on Trans Pacific Partnership

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    The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is still alive. 

    On Tuesday (06/23/2015), the Senate will hold a cloture vote to suspend further debate on giving Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) or fast track ability to move the TPP forward.

    Ahead of tomorrow morning's fast-track vote, Sen. Jeff Sessions sent a letter to fellow Republicans on the dangers of this massive so-called trade compact. 

    If you're concerned with America's sovereignty, you should be concerned with this legislation.

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    Join Prophetess Mwaka tonight as she talks about Partnership, the benefits, strength and rewards of Partnership

    call 347-237-4270,

    11pm Eastern, 10pm Central, 8pm Pacific, 3am London, 5am Zambia, 6am Kenya.

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    Trans-Pacific Partnership Roundtable

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    Wednesday, November 19, 6pm EST: Due to the profound importance of a what is called a trade agreement being negotiated in secrecy by heads of state of some 11 countries world-wide and the political, economic and jurisdictional implications of this, I am convening another Round Table this week on the subject of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, (TPP).

    Most people, even educated and politically attentive, don’t know about the TPP or what it’s about or its implications, which is why we’re doing a third show on this.

    In short, what is being called a ‘trade agreement’ such as NAFTA and others, is more accurately a political coup d’etat through which a corporate advisory counsel’s decision-making would have authority over sovereign nation’s democratically elected officials, e.g., Congresses, Parliaments, Prime Ministers and Presidents. Sovereign nations could be sued for profits which were projected by a given company’s accounting departments but not realized (for any number of reasons, including inferior product, service or not finding the assumed presence of natural resources in a given location).

     Please tune in and post the link of this and last week’s show in all of your social media and lists. Here’s the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/abetterworld/2014/11/12/rocky-anderson-gerald-celente-kali-katt-on-the-trans-pacific-partnership.

    Joining in discussion with Mitchell is Arthur Stamoulis, Director of the Citizen’s Trade Campaign, and another of his colleagues.

    In December 2012, Mitchell interviewed Mitch Jones of Food & Water Watch on the TPP.