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    James Anthony Brown (born in Columbia, South Carolina) is an American comedian, actor and radio personality. He received thePeabody Award and the NAACP Image Award.

    Brown started his career in Atlanta, Georgia, after relocating there from his home in South Carolina almost thirty years ago.[when?] A tailor by trade, Brown aspired to be a clothing designer before putting together a comedy routine after entering a local 'gong show' contest in a local nightclub, Mr. V's Figure Eight. Invited back to host on a regular basis, Brown became a fixture, performing there for the next two years.

    He left Atlanta for Los Angeles, California, in 1989 to pursue work in television, quickly finding a job as a staff writer for the nationally syndicated, late-night talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show. After five years, Brown found other writing assignments for such sitcoms as The Parenthood and Me and the Boys.

    He has performed on Vibe, Def Comedy Jam, It's Showtime at the Apollo, An Evening at the Improv and The Oprah Winfrey Show, and had recurring roles on Moesha, Living Single and The Parenthood, as well as guest spots on The Parkers and Sparks. His motion picture work includes roles in Def Jam's How to Be a Player, Pay the Price, Drumline and Mr. 3000. He has also warmed up audiences at the tapings of Martin, Sister, Sister, Roc and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.

    Brown is currently[when?] appearing on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, a nationwide radio show broadcast from Dallas, Texas.

    Brown was awarded a NAACP Image Award and Peabody Award in 1993 for his contribution to reconstruction after the 1992 LA uprising.

    Brown is working as executive producer for an upcoming reality competition TV show.

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    Freedom's Gate: Star Parker, "Blind Conceit" & John Pisciotta, Pro-life Action

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    America has been fighting itself from within for generations but never so much as in 2014 with the Michael Brown death and increased racial tensions and hostilities that it generated.  

    Race baiting played an immeasurable role in creating this and perhaps celebrated columnist, author and social policy consultant Star Parker’s book ‘Blind Conceit’ will help to save America from this racial polarization that threatens the nation’s historic melting pot.

    Join guest Star Parker head of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, noted syndicated columnist and author discussing how the liberal progressive social justice lie of the left has gripped America’s poor and minority communities for over 50 years.  

    Also, John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco and Hometown Pro-Life Action will be discussing why pro-life and religious rights efforts are under assault in America and what is being done to fight back and how they are making a difference.

    Read more at Communities Digital News


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    QARLive: The Unmasking Of The Radical Faux Conservative

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn LIVE at 10pm EST for straight up, hard core Conservatism. Jason is probably known best for his single handed take down of the liberal group #STOPRUSH, and his Militant stance on PROLIFE. Jason pulls no punches, and has a loyal fan base, along with loyal enemies as well.

    Are faux conservatives more dangerous than liberals?

    Ted Cruz appears extreme because the conservative movement as a whole does not champion its own.  Outside of talk radio and a few scattered outposts, conservative commentary is mostly void of any passion, humanity or a “we got your back” spirit of camaraderie. 

    Liberals, by contrast, rally behind their own, thus Barack Obama, an avowed extremist who promised the fundamental transformation of the United States, can actually pose as a moderate looking out for everyday Americans.  Ted Cruz bears the label of an out-of-touch extremist because few if any on his side will rally to his defense.  Ted Cruz is a victim of the high school social network mentality, where the cool clique decides who it’s ok to laugh at and make fun of.  The senator, of course, wears a giant kick-me sign on his back, and the Kathleen Parkers go along, deathly afraid of not fitting in, uninterested if the dork in the hallway might possess a redeeming quality.

    Conservative moderates, always style-conscious, never stand behind the likes of Cruz and Sarah Palin, even when the criticism devolves from policy and tactics to the personal, the snarky and nasty.  Heck, if anything, they’re leading the charge.  Recall that Parker urged Sarah Palin to remove herself from the 2008 ticket and wrote that the governor’s appeal was largely superficial.


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    Coming Apocalypse

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    A sinkhole under the Tennessee Boone Dam threates 7 Nuclear Reactors downstream. The Dam may have been damaged by an earthquake 5.9 that hit Washington DC on August 23, 2011. Also the same quake damgaed the Washington Monument and the Pentagon and the Capitol and shook the United Nations Building in New York City. Also CDC shuts down Bioterror & Flu Labs after discovering 327 vials of deadly pathogens (Ebola and Anthrax) have gone missing. Also reports in Sierra Leone are saying "Entire Villages have died" from Ebola. Also a "Mega Earthquake 7.1 hits Fiji as an early "Blast of cold air" and record early snow fall hits South Carolina and record waves hit Lake Michagan near Chicago, Illionis. Also "Total Darkness" as the entire Country of Indonesia has a power grid "Blackout" and leaves 160 million people in "Total Darkness". Also over 2,000 bible have flooded Houston Texas Lesbian Mayor Annise Parkers office. Also ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has carried out a mass killing of a Iraqi tribe of 200 people including woman and children. Also Nigerian Jihadist "Boko Haram" kidnapped girls have all been married to Jihadist rebels. Also a massive suicide blast kills 49 people and injures many more in Pakistan near the India border crossing. These and much more events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    THE NIKKI RICH SHOW features MONIQUE THE PARKERS KEN LAWSON AND SHAWTY THE COMEDIAN OUT OF ATL. The audience include talent that ranges from vocalists, producers, engineers’, film productions, athletes, authors , models and promotional teams willing to network and gain useful insight about the entertainment business. THE NIKKI RICH SHOW also allows an open forum, on the radio educating and providing an opportunity to share the business amongst everyone about the common errors that are made in the industry today. The NIKKI RICH SHOW, LLC connects individuals with music Industry professionals through Internet Radio By discovering new talent. THE NIKKI RICH SHOW ,LLC will educate and empower those who are in the entertainment business with the tools they need to be successful on any platform.An aspect of this event is building your brand. Tune in Sun-Fri 7-9 pm Est. www.blogtalkradio.com/TheNikkiRichShow www.NikkiRichShow.Com follow on twitter @msnikkirich

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    Sharon Hunter Bey morning Show Presents Ken Sagoes - The Secret Weapon

    in Education

    Ken Sagoes is an American actor who has starred in films and in television. He is best known for his role in the 1987 horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors as Roland Kincaid and reprised his role in the 1988 hit sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

    Sagoes' portrayed Darryl in the 1980s TV series What's Happening Now!! from 1987-1988. He has made guest appearances on shows such as The Twilight Zone, Night Court, My So-Called Life, Martin, The Parkers, The Division, and The District.

    Ken is presently working on a very special project called The Secret Weapon. The Secret Weapon" is a short film about a group of bright teenagers who defy both their parents and the status quo, to help forever change the segregated atmosphere of the 1960's; which gave power back to the Civil Rights Movement. It is a story that needs to be told and very few of us know anything about it. FB join me in supporting Ken and this very worthy project, by helping us raise $25,000 that is needed to produce the film. You can find out how you can help athttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1073418353/the-secret-weapon

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    Lushradioonline Exclusive Interview w/ Antwon Tanner

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    Tonight your host is Dymond and she will be interviewing actor Antwon Tanner 

    Tanner is mostly known by his role as Antwon "Skills" Taylor on the CW show One Tree Hill. Tanner had a starring role in the 2005 film Coach Carter, where he starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and has appeared in TV series such as NYPD Blue, 413 Hope St., Sister, Sister, Moesha, The Parkers, and CSI.[1]

    Tanner also had a role in the film The Wood.

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    Tasha Smith From Atheism to Understanding God's Love (Gospel Light Minute #146)

    in Religion

    She is an actress who has appeared in numerous movies and plays. She is well-known for her role as Angela Williams in the Tyler Perry films "Why Did I Get Married?" and "Why Did I Get Married Too?" She also stars as Angela on the OWN comedy-drama television series Tyler Perry's "For Better or Worse". She launched an organic perfume line titled "US" with her husband in 2011. And she coaches many aspiring actors through her acting workshop. She has appeared on America's Next Top Model as an acting coach, helping the models with different scenes. Her TV credits include: "The Parkers", "Girlfriends", "All of Us" and "The Game". Her other film credits include "Miles from Home", "Couples Retreat", "Something Like a Business", and "Jumping the Broom". 

    In an interview with EURweb.com, she discussed her conversion from atheism to Christianity. She said, "When I was 25 I had an encounter with God because my father had gotten sick. I had a time where I really challenged God, like, if you're really God you'll show me such-and-such'. I was going through this whole thing where I questioned whether God was real or not. I really needed God to be real because I was feeling so depressed and so unhappy, I felt like if there isn't a God [then] I have no reason to live. It was just a bad time in my life and God really showed up and met me where I was." 



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    "We All Have a Story. What's Yours?" with Cherie Johnson

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    Cherie Johnson (born November 21, 1975 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA), is an American actress, author, columnist, executive producer, producer, and writer. Cherie has consistently acted, appeared, co-produced, produced, and sang on projects including Crush - 2013, One Blood - 2012, Fanaddict - 2011, Lights Out - 2010 and 2011, Nobody Smiling - 2010, Spirit of Comedy Volume 2 - 2010, Raven - 2009, I Do... I Did! - 2009, The Intruders - 2009, Dead Tone - 2007, Killer Weekend - 2007, Child Star Confidential - 2006, 50 Cutest Child Stars: All Grown Up - 2005, Made You Look: Top 25 Moments of BET History - 2005, All Shades of Fine: 25 Hottest Women of the Past 25 Years - 2005, Eve - 2005, Celebrities Uncensored - 2004, I Love the '80s Strikes Back - 2003, Super Secret TV Formulas - 2003, Malibooty! - 2003, I Love the '80s - 2002, The Proud Family - 2002, The Parkers - 1999-2002, Teaching Mrs. Tingle - 1999, Leeza - 1998, Goode Behavior - 1996, Family Matters - 1989-1997, A Little Bit Strange - 1989, One to Grow On - 1986-1988, The NBC All Star Hour - 1985, Night of 100 Stars II - 1985, Andy Williams and the NBC Kids Search for Santa - 1985, Days of Our Lives - 1985, It's Punky Brewster - 1985, and Punky Brewster - 1984-1988.
    Johnson currently writes columns in publications including Dimez Magazine and Glam Couture Magazine. She has co-written, written, and self-published books including Around the World Twice, Two Different Walks of Life, and Peaches & Cream. Johnson has been nominated and won several awards including the Young Artist Award, Award of Excellence by the National Association of Youth in Entertainment, Opulece Humanitarian Award, and the Readers Choice Award by African American on The Move Book Club.

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    #RealTalkRadio... Countess Vaughn & Smoov (Ep. 21)

    in Pop Culture

    Hosts: JAMEL, K.Wh1t3, and FLASH GOTTI

    #RealTalkRadio Interviews....

    Actress/Singer: COUNTESS VAUGHN

    She's a Multi-Talented American Actress and singer, best known for her role as Alexandria DeWitt on 227 and as Kim Parker on the UPN hit sitcoms Moesha and The Parkers.

    Hip-Hop Emcee: Smoov (Hip-Hop great Fresh out of New Brunswick, NJ)

    (Pop Culture Recap, Music, Celebrity Gossip, Random Prank-calls and more.)



    To Listen to all of our previous Broadcasts: www.MixCloud.com/MyRealTalkRadio

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    ~ Butterflies Of The Pen ~ Open Mic

    in Poetry

    ~ Butterflies Of The Pen  ~  Random is hosting the official release party of Huniie Parkers new book  diary of a lonely woman! Join us for festivities,hoopla & poetry!


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