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    "Nothing To Offer" - COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS with The Controversial Counselor

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    NOTHING TO OFFERA guy who is doing well for himself meets a young lady who he is very attracted to mentally as well as physically, they enjoy spending time with each other and their relationship seems to be growing.

    The young lady although Is having a tough time financially as a single mother of one daughter, she has to ask him for some money to help her get through the week, he is totally turned off from this and drastically pulls away from her and stops spending time with her as well as contacting her. Is he wrong or should stay around to help her in a time of need.

    On This episode of Cocktail Conversations with The Controversial Counselor, David Glover on KLJN 107.7.

    Call to listen LIVE (347) 237-5342 or listen online.

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    Local Farmer's Market Seeks to Offer Authentic Experience

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    219 GreenConnect host Kathy Sipple speaks wiith Shane Hansen, the new market manager at Michigan City's Farmer's Market. Shane is not only the market manager, he's an owner of a 13-acre organic farm himself. He's seeking to offer market visitors more of a local food experience, limiting vendors to those that are truly local and bringing in an educational component to the market as well.

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    Will Khris Middleton Get a Max Offer in Free Agency?

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    Last summer, we ran a post on SheridanHoops.com detailing which players received the biggest raises in salary from the previous year. The list was made up of three types of players.

    A. Players who received maximum salary deals as their second contracts, such as DeMarcus Cousins.

    B. Former first-round picks who received sizable contract extensions, although not necessarily max deals, such as Larry Sanders.

    C. Second-round picks who had been making near league minimum and signed new deals, such as Lance Stephenson.

    The latter category has some candidates this year as well. Among them are forwards Draymond Green of Golden State, Jae Crowder of Boston and Khris Middleton of Milwaukee.

    We've already explained how Middleton's improvement over the last two years and the stratospheric leap made by the Bucks from the worst team in the league to a playoff team could land the restricted free agent a contract averaging eight figures.

    But given that Middleton doesn't turn 24 until August, appears to have a ways to go before reaching his ceiling and the huge increase in the salary cap coming in 2016, is it possible that he receives a maximum contract offer this summer, either from the Bucks or another team?

    And can the Bucks - who have a dicey new arena issue on their hands - go the max on Middleton, with extensions due down the road for Giannis Antetokounmpo, Michael Carter-Williams and Jabari Parker?

    Chris Bernucca of SheridanHoops.com answered those questions and others about an important offseason for the Bucks with Greg Matzek of WTMJ-AM in Milwaukee.

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    Pro-Life center to offer abortions - You got mansplaining to do Joe

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    Hr1   California bill AB775 is trying to force pro-life pregnancy counseling centers to offer abortion information.

    Curtis Ellis says, imagine a world where American courts and laws are overruled by international tribunals (who are not elected by American citizens!)... That's Obama's plan with Obamatrade (TPP). TPP is the new NAFTA and the latest "we have to pass the bill so you can know what's in it." CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES!

    Congratulations! California honored to be the worst state to do business 11 years running! The Democrats policies at work.

    Hr2  We pause for a little humor (that hits too close to home) Muslim world reacts to Obama's speech on climate change being the biggest global threat.

    U.S. military says reaction times are seriously delayed because their hands are tied. They can't move as quickly as they need to to address threats. This is a problem!

    Feminists will find offense in anything, especially if it encourages man-bashing. First it's manspreading, now it's mansplaining.

    Transgender Canadians are pushing to abolish gender references from birth certificates. You can't just make an assumption based on a quick peek at a baby's privates anymore!

    Hr3  Salon says our U.S. Military is a national security threat. Thank God (and our military!) for free speech. In other countries, they'd be wiped out or jailed!

    Actress tells Teen Vogue that Planned Parenthood felt like “two arms pulling me into a hug” and that she's “eternally grateful” for the experience.

    Unions want an exemption from the minimum wage increase. Shocker! What a bunch of hypocrites!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Interesting Offer Issues

    in Business

    This week, Barbara Goldman and Kristie Santiago discuss three offers that are a mess.  One offer has already been renegotiated, the other two are up in the air, the circumstances are interesting, and varied. Barb and Kristie discuss tactics and offer the guidance needed to help you hire the best candidates in the market today. 

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    SOUND OFF: Your Opportunity to Offer Solutions to Today's Pressing Problems

    in Politics Progressive

    SOUND OFF! This is our attempt to engage our audience. We are giving you the chance to voice your opinion. Have you been following the headlines and seen the number of police shootings? Are rising prices concerning you? Have you been affected by foreclosure? Do the wars in The Middle East concern you? Do you know about TPP? Join us for this opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings on today’s most pressing problems. We are going to offer solutions and we are listening for yours. Share this with your family and friends. What are your feelings on lobbying? What are your feelings on immigration? Are Coops a solution? What is the impact of the Federal Reserve and the fractional reserve system? Bring your concerns and solutions to this show. We are a voice for everyday people.

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    WOW Radio Women Offer Wisdom with Nathalie Villeneuve

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    WOW- Women Offer Wisdom is a weekly women's radio broadcast designed to inspire, encourage and promote women. Women are unique in their rolls in business, as entrepreneurs, moms, homemakers and teachers. Our guests will be women from all over the USA that have wisdom to offer.
    This week’s show guest is Nathalie Villeneuve. Nathalie graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. Soon after she was introduced to the concept of starting a home business which she took to heart after the birth of her son. After doing freelance work from home she joined her first network marketing company.

    “Entrepreneurship is my road to success...Art is my passion! I combine both to communicate creatively and connect with fabulous like-minded people,” says Nathalie.

    What I wish people should know about me:
    "I am a passionate painter, an entrepreneur and a woman on a mission to assist & inspire others in expressing their inner- creativity so they unleash their playfulness, vitality, purpose & success". 

     More about Nathalie here:
    http://HughandNathalie.com/ and http://NathalieVilleneuve.com/
    Nathalie is a very savvy Internet marketer and social media personality. She has a fabulous website focused on connecting women across the globe. http://MakeGirlfriends.com/
    Nathalie is the founder of a large Facebook group, The Women of Facebook with over 1200 members.
    Don't miss this exciting episode of WOW! We are sure that Nathalie Villeneuve will deliver and won't disappoint you.

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    ArrowTalk Podcast - Episode 62 - S3 Ep 16 THE OFFER

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    Ra's al Ghul tries to convince Oliver to take over as the head of the League, and explains that the localized pool of water in Nanda Parbat has healing effects that have allowed him to live far longer than any mortal man. The pool is becoming less effective, so Ra's is looking for a replacement. In a show of good faith to convince Oliver to take the offer, Ra's releases Diggle and Merlyn and forgives all blood debts. Oliver returns to Starling and releases Nyssa, much to the confusion to the rest of the team. Oliver and his team return to stopping crimes, but Captain Lance is done helping the Arrow when he realizes the vigilante lied about Sara's death. Afterward, Oliver realizes that he is not ready to give up being the Arrow; Oliver informs Maseo of his decision, who warns Oliver of the consequences to defying Ra's. Upset with her father for his offer to Oliver, Nyssa returns to Starling City and agrees to help train Laurel. Ra's, dressed as the Arrow, frames the vigilante for murder. In flashbacks to Hong Kong, Oliver and the Yamashiro's son continue to be on the run, during which they seemingly stumble across Shado, who is alive.

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    Negotiations - the twists and turns of a job offer

    in Business

    Changing jobs is highly stressful.

    First, the interview process is draining for the candidate. When it comes time for the offer, the candidate may expect too much, and have an unrealistic view of the employment market. 

    When you have whittled your short list down to hiring the best, how can you attract that person?

    Join Kristie Santiago, and Barb Goldman, and Offer Reconstruction. The High Touch Recruiting way to connect with your candidate, and compete for the "A" players. 

    Learn new strategies as they discuss current offers. 

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    Watch out for the Multiple Offer and Highest and Best Response

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    In real estate, there are games that get played from time to fime. Games that have no verification process within the real estate disclosure process.

    For example, a seller of a home can tell you, via their agent, they have mutiple offers.

    Now, there is not any way to verify this as being fact.

    So, we can ask, but we cannot know for sure.  If you are not "okay" with the fact they are saying they have multiple offers and want verification. The time may elapse where the home gets sold to another, as you are standing in the street and shaking your fist.

    There are better ways to approach buying or selling a home, we have those tools in which you seek. Be safe and thanks for listening to our daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show.