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    Changing the World One Youth at a Time with Spider Jones

    in Self Help

    Spider Jones is an energetic advocate of the 'Believe To Achieve' Organization, a youth outreach development and counseling charity. Many of Spider's events go to the benefit of 'Believe To Achieve' kids.

    Spider is also a highly popular motivational speaker who is much admired for his diligent work among the youth. His inspirational life story "Out of the Darkness" reveals his amazing rise from the impoverished, gang infested, inner-city projects of Detroit and Windsor and how, as a grade five dropout, he eventually returned to school at the age of thirty to become an honour student. Spider's favourite thing is talking to his Nighthawks, whether it be about sports, entertainment, or hot issues.

    Over the past 20 years, Spider has interviewed such notables as Muhammad Ali, Mark Wahlberg, Jesse Jackson, LL Cool J, Ron Howard, Scott Grimes, Doug Gilmour, Cito Gaston, Oscar De La Hoya, Roy Jones, Kris Kristofferson, James Brown, Guy Lafleur, Carlos Delgado, Jim Brown and countless others. Among his other claims to fame was to act as a sparring partner for such boxing legends as George Chuvalo and former World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Ellis. Spider was also a member of Muhammad Ali's training camp back in the days when 'The Greatest' fought Chuvalo.

    To learn more about Spider Jones you can visit his website at  http://spiderjones.com/index2.html

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    2015 TACS Championship Game

    in Football

    James Shannon from 8-Man Extreme and Hank Smith, Head Coach of the Memphis Nighthawks, bring you the 4th consecutive title match between the South Haven Christian School Patriots and the Macon Road Baptist School 

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    Chatting With Sherri is very proud&excited to chat w/ actress Hilarie Thompson!

    in Entertainment

    Chatting With Sherri is very proud and excited to chat with actress Hilarie Thompson! Hilarie Thompson is a very accomplished actress who has done over 100 TV shows under contract to Screen Gems Inc!  She has done such movies as Where Angels Go Trouble Follows, If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, How Sweet It Is! and  Nighthawks!  She has worked with such luminaries as Rosiland Russel, Stella Stevens, James Garner, Debbie Reynolds, Norman Fell and Peggy Cass!  We will chat about her career, acting and what she thinks of the whole experience. Join Us!!!!

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    Josh Hoyer, Bad Brad & COUCH NEW MUSIC The Nighthawks & Andy T-Nick Nixon Band

    in Music

    Out of Lincoln, NE comes Josh Hoyer & The Shadowboxers.  

    Though Josh has been playing music in bands and solo and doing session work etc for years, this new band is less than 2 years old and have already earned their way to the 2014IBC in Memphis and been named 2013's Best Soul/R&B at the Omaha Entertainment Awards.

    They released their self-titled debut album this past January and Josh is going to join me to talk about his life and career, the Shadowboxers and what is next for him to conquer.

    Brad Stivers represented the Colorado Blues Society at the Youth Showcase for the IBC in 2011.  

    Now, Bad Brad & The Fat Cats are building reputation for high-energy Blues and winning fans across Colorado, Texas and beyond.  Their new album, Take A Walk With Me is a collection of 12 origninals and includes guest performances by some top Blues musicians around.

    Brad and I will talk about his journey and the new band and where they are heading.

    Then we have TWO COUCH KID NEW MUSIC SEGMENTS - Both the day BEFORE the albums drop!

    First, Mark Wenner comes by to talk about the new album by The Nighthawks, 444.  This Washington, DC based band has been sharing their music for years and they continue to bring us fresh, cool blues with the new album.

    Then Andy T & Nick Nixon come back with their latest album, Livin It Up, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut, Drink, Drank Drunk.  

    I will chat with both Andy & Nick about the last couple of years and the reception their music is getting across the country and beyond.

    A special show for a special night with "Musicians You Should Know"




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    Harpdog Brown, The Nighthawks & Rick Holmstrom On The Couch

    in Music

    Harpdog Brown was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, started playing Blues in 1981 and never looked back.
    He has shared the stage with such greats as Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Pinetop Perkins, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne and others.
    In 1994, Harpdog won the prestigious Muddy Award – the only Canadian to receive this honor - and in 1995 was nominated for a Juno Award for Best Blues Album, Home Is Where the Harp Is.
    I will sit with Harpdog and discuss his career and music.
    The Nighthawks current lineup is; Mark Wenner: Vocals, Harmonica, Johnny Castle: Vocals, Bass, Paul Bell: Guitar
    and Mark Stutso: Drums, Vocals.
    Formed in 1972 by Wenner, The Nighthawks have been making great music ever since.  The lineup may have changed, but the Nighthawks are about Blues & Rock and having fun.
    In 2011, their album Last Train To Bluesville won the Acoustic Album of the Year at the BMAs.
    Now the band has released Damn Good Time and we will chat with Mark about the 40 years of music and the new album.
    Rick Holmstrom grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, surrounded by the sounds of 50's rock, 60's surf, folk, and the Beatles.
    Since he found the guitar in 1986, Rick has been playing almost constantly, experimenting with his sound - and at time losing fans - to develope his own sound.
    For the last three years he and his band have also backed up the great Mavis Staples.
    Now Rick has released Cruel Sunrise, another step in his journey.
    Rick and I will chat about his life and listen to tunes from the album.
    "Musicians You Should Know"

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    Redux Sunday - Show 13 of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 4 February 2014

    in Current Events

    Show 13 - of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic was broadcast on Tuesday, 4 February 2014.

    Today's crew:
    Bob Keith a.k.a. Dadio, chief cook and bottle washer and..., jack of all trades - master of none
    Donald, play-by-play tech / research guy
    Sal, tertiary host and scientific consultant of sorts

    Today's guests:
    Lois Corwin - Friends of Noah animal rescue project from the Rock County area

    Topher Diehl - owner of the semi-pro football team Janesville Nighthawks stops by again, this time with a couple of his players, to discuss the up coming season

    Quiz - Super Bowl trivia

    What was the price listed on Super Bowls One's tickets?
    What four teams have never been in the Super Bowl?

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    Redux Sunday - Show 11 of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 26 January 2014

    in Current Events

    Show 11 - of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic was broadcast on Sunday, 26 January 2014.

    Live this week for a special Sunday show from Main Street Saloon, in downtown Janesville, Wisconsin

    Super Bowl time; and, later today will be the NFL Pro-Bowl (for what it's worth)

    Today's crew:
    Bob Keith a.k.a. Dadio, chief cook and bottle washer and..., jack of all trades - master of none
    Donald, play-by-play tech / research guy

    Special guest Rock County Rage semi-pro football coach Steve Boldt talks about his team and upcoming season

    Special guest Janesville Nighthawks semi-pro football team owner Topher Diehl talks about his team and upcoming season

    Bartender Ryan reads the Dadio disclaimer and hawks his side gig, Imagination DJs from the Janesville area 

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    Nighthawks Radio - WE OWN THE NIGHT

    in Sports

    Join Coach Epps and Coach Coop Every Thursday Night for an in-depth discussion. What does it take to own a Women’s Football Team? What are some of the difficulties of trying to get women’s sports as respected as men’s sports? What do people think it will take to get to that next level? Special Guest Host, Tanya Bryan, Owner Baltimore Nighthawks. Call in 347-826-7278. Email: bnhcoaches@gmail.com

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    Nighthawks Radio - WE OWN THE NIGHT!!

    in Sports

    Show Debut. Topics of discussion, Women's football versus Men's football from ALL aspects to include preparation time, personnel and personalities. Hosted by Head Coach William J. Epperson, Baltimore Nighthawks. Guest Co-Host, Assistant Head Coach Warren Cooper. Email: bnhcoaches@gmail.com

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    Baltimore Nighthawks at New York Sharks - Women's Pro Football, part 2

    in Sports

    The New York Sharks host the Baltimore Nighthawks in Brooklyn, New York. Live women's professional football action.

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    CandidFrankLive CFL IZ #01 Doubleheader Lacrosse(9-10pm) & Football(10-11pm)

    in Sports

    Phone #:Guest Call-in (714) 242-5250, click the Skype button to hook up using Skype or just Facebook text CandidFrankLive Stanisci for us to call you.

    Doubleheader front half:

    The NLL Final Weekend features the Calgary Roughnecks who one game and are on the road in Rocherster, home of the Nighthawks who need to win the game in regulation or OT.  Should the NIghthawks win then they would play the Roughnecks a mini game as a tiebreaker. Rochester are attempting their 3rd Straight NLL Championship.  The Roughnecks are working towards their 3rd overall NLL Championship.

    Doubleheader last half:

    The CFL is still negotiating, but still there is lots to talk about.