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    Muppets Meet Musical Chairs

    in Movies

    This episode features a review of Muppets Most Wanted plus an interview with film producer Janet Carrus regarding Musical Chairs, a sweet and inspiring movie about wheelchair ballroom dancing. In the latest Muppet adventure, our heroes become involved in a jewelry heist led by a Kermit lookalike. In Musical Chairs, an aspiring dancer overcomes tragedy by learning to ballroom dance in a wheelchair. With the Muppets and ballroom dancing taking center stage, this should be an intriguing show! 

    Janet Carrus, producer of  Musical Chairs, has transformed many of her own personal inspirations into a variety of projects that empower people living with disabilities. She combined her passions for competitive ballroom dance and disability advocacy to help found a program to teach the astounding art of wheelchair ballroom dance in that community. Carrus’ inspiration to produce films grew directly out of this experience. 

    Musical Chairs was nominated for a Fred & Adele Astaire Award for Outstanding Feature Film in 2012. In 2013, it received a GLAAD nomination for Best Film in Limited Release and won six awards at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival. 

    Janet’s other films include Tio Papi and Remembering Lawrence, a Film for Anna Halprin.

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    Average Intelligence: Muppets Most Wanted Spoiler Discussion

    in Pop Culture

    The Average White Guys Gary and Nate discuss the sequel (actually the  7th sequel to the original Muppet Movie) to Disney's The Muppets, Muppets Most Wanted.  Were we justified in our cameo concerns?  Do they uphold the legacy of the Muppets? 

    We also discuss our first look at the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the full trailer for X-men: Days of Future Past.

    Follow us each on Twitter: @Gary_O & @JediN8

  • Altered Geek Unleashed – 108 – TECHNOBABBLE & SUPERHEROES R US

    in Entertainment

    This week on Altered Geek Unleashed, Steve is joined by TFG1 Mike and Mighty Tim! We discuss The Muppets, Heroes Reborn, Superheroes in TV and Film, Possible Revival Shows, Some cool tech, Water on Mars, Yelp 4 Peeple, The Flash and more! Also we bring up the comments from the past weeks show.All this and more on this week's AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

    Your Geek Question for the Week

    What do you think of living on Mars?
    What are your hopes with the Flash?
    Is there anything you'd like us to cover?



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    Email: feedback@geekcastradio.com

    Twitter: @AlteredGeek

    Facebook: GeekCast Radio Network



    Steve "Megatron" Phillips

    "Mighty" Tim Costello

    Mike "TFG1" Blanchard

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    EP.22 - Muppetational Podcast

    in Podcasting

    This week, we have Steve Swanson, host and creator of MuppetCast, a show dedicated to the work of Jim Henson and the Muppets.  He is also the founder of Flipper Media, a musician, producer, web designer and the host of another great show, the BackStage Podcast.  Steve is another person I had the pleasure of hearing speak at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast conference, and was thrilled to share his insight with you.  He's been producing MuppetCast for a long time and shares his experience in launching a show, building a community, and taking care of yourself in order to take care of your podcast.  Plus, he's just a super nice guy with an amazing outlook on life, so i think you are really going to enjoy hearing from him. 
    This week we also review Blab.im's decision to acquire PodClear and what that could mean for podcasters.  Many folks were looking to PodClear to be their new best friend when it came to recording remote interviews and are concerned about this news.  

    MuppetCast - http://muppetcast.com/ 

    The BackStage Podcast - http://backstagepod.com/

    @MuppetCast - https://twitter.com/muppetcast

    PodClear News - http://podcasternews.com/2015/09/26/podclear-acquired-by-blab/

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    The Maya Akai Show (UNPLUGGED) featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (9-23-2015)

    in Radio

    OFFICIALLY KICK your Morning UP to the Midday with REAL, RELEVANT Talk....

    SOME of the TALK on TAP Includes: 

    WHAT'S TRENDING:  The Pope's US visit, A Driver’s License Won’t Get You Through Airport Security in some States, Volkswagen's worldwide deception &  Daraprim, the AIDS drug now $750 

     FOOD FOR THOUGHT:   L.A. declares emergency on homelessness & Minister Louis Farrakhan talks about how the Willie Lynch letter still applies 

    THE FRINGE:  Campus unrest after black student hangs Jim Crow style signs around university 

    WHAT WOULD NIKKI SAY??:  Nikki goes toe to toes with Dear Abby giving advice to wayward souls.. 

    CELBRITY TALK/ SIDEeye:  Is the Muppets show "perverted"? ‘Empire’s Lee Daniels Sued By Sean Penn & Seahawks Fans Want to Break Up Ciara, Quarterback

    JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Chat via the BTR Chatroom or Call/Comment @ 310.807.5211

    Get SOCIAL with the Show:
    Facebook/Twitter: @TheMayaAkaiShow @NikkiBrayden Instagram: @MayaAkai @TheNikkiBrayden

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    The New TV Season is Here!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's show is going to talk about the new season of TV as well as Saturday night's Doctor Who. And trust me there are some no so rave reveiws in there. Fear the Walking Dead is about to have their season finale next Sunday. So lots of TV to chat about.

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    IBTV: Fall season review

    in Sports

    Lots of new shows this fall we tell you what we think of them. We also cover the return of Empire. 

    0:00-14:00 Empire

    14:01-19:00 Muppets

    19:08-26:12 Minority Report

    26:22- 31:53 Blindspot 

    32:00--40:40 the player 

    40:48-44:00 Grandfathered

    45:00-46:00 Quantico 

    46:10-50:00 Heroes Reborn 

    50:00-end Random musings 


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    TV Nation #74

    in Entertainment

    Join THE NERD HERD every Sunday night as they journey to the untamed shores of the TV NATION and talk the TV they love... and loathe.

    Get Sick-Nick's Pick and find out what got his attention this week!

    Mr. Winning Bay Ragni's letting us know "What Bay's Watching?"

    The Nerd Herd looks out into the multiverse and finds out what's going on in the world of MEN IN TIGHTS, when we talk all the latest comics to movies & TV!

    Supreme Whovian & the Moondog has all the News for the Who's every week. He's talking Dr. Who updates, trivia, questions, and episode recaps! Email your topics or questions to him at JImmyJannetty@gmail.com or Twitter @JimmyJannetty

    Plus, every week we'll give you are Top 5 of the week! This week is Top 5 movies we'd like to see as TV shows!

    Every Sunday at 9pm Eastern on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network.

    Follow us on Twitter @TotallyTVNation & @TotallyDrivenTV

    Follow us on Facebook:
    Twitter @TotallyTVNation

    Don't forget to check out all the amazing videos, blogs & interviews and stay up to date on all things TOTALLY DRIVEN! www.TotallyDrivenEntertainment.com

  • Total Dudes Episode 34

    in Sports

    Sign Guy and Rex are back for the big season finale of Total Divas. We'll be covering lazy eyes, horrible engagements, Eva Marie's NXT attempts and a whole lot more. We'll probably also get into talk of tea, Muppets, and hockey.

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    AMCPress #515 "Apps with a Purpose and More"

    in Comedy

    We are the #1 disabled satirical news program  in the world (65,000 and Counting) that provides uncensored news on numerous topics worldwide.   AMCPress & Co is the brainchild of Redhood and Alison.  Johnnie is our resident Tech Wizard. Redhood is our resident international news satirist along with Alison who is the feeder of jokes and frank opinions.  Tonight’s episode: One parenting group is slamming new Muppets TV Series, our next topic relates to new smartphone apps which are liberating those with special needs, We'll be discussing Trump’s latest antics.  Our final topic of the night relates to comic books which are shooting down disability stereotypes. AMCPress & Co is also apart of the Uncensored Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. You can find out more about Uncensored Radio at http://myuncensoredradio.com/.  Check out our new website at amcpressandco.com.

    ** Some Media  (sound effects, news clips and other sounds. etc) is protected by Fair Use. Beginning theme song is composed by Redhood & Alison and is owned by AMCPress&Co Digital Entertainment. All rights Reserved.©  No copyright infringement intended**

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    The Weekend Review 90s Nick Tv Show Edition

    in Video Games

    Vixen J and Phaze are back this week and they have some cool news.


    Also the fun facts about Nickelodeon and maybe coming back with some amazing cartoons.

    Whose the newest Douchebag.

    The Muppets, Bastard Executioner, Gotham reviews.

    Plus a whole lot more comics, Cosplay, Video games and much more on the Weekend Review