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    Virtual Mall and Changing Room Arrives on Xbox One

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    Brand new for Xbox One users is The Mall, a virtual reality shopping experience. Launched by Microsoft Ventures alumni Von Bismark, users can browse through stores, select an outfit, and then stand in front of their TVs to try it on in real time. Eoghan O'Sullivan, CEO of Von Bismarck, explains more.

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    Mall Fights to fun and games with Water funds

    in Politics Conservative

    Today after a bit on why I do this, I talk about the fights at the Racine Mall this weekend 5/2-3/15 and how the Water funds are being used by the City of Racine

    Oh! a bit about the RICO and what I expect to happened with me oh what fun, the sad thing is who gets to pay for it

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    Northland Mall To Be Demolished By New Owner, The City of Southfield

    in Pop Culture

    When it opened in 1954, Northland Mall was the largest shopping center in America. Soon, if all goes according to plan, it will be dust.

    Located in the city of Southfield just off the Lodge Freeway, Northland ushered in a boom for the suburbs – and now, it’s about to meet the same fate as much of the city that many people feel it, and developments like it, helped empty.

    The wrecking ball.

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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall w/Dr. Leonard Robinson

    in Christianity

    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall celebrates its final service before the eventual closing of the Mall for renovations.  Be blessed by the many teachings Dr. Robinson has shared in this time slot.

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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall w/ Dr. Leonard Robinson

    in Christianity

    At the Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall w/Dr. Leonard Robinson it is God's purpose that you would rediscover the Kingdom, your identity, purpose and divine destiny and be able to walk in all that God has ordained for mankind from the very beginning.

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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall w/Dr. Leonard Robinson

    in Christianity

    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall has been the place to discover your identity, purpose and divine destiny as you rediscover the Kingdom of God.  Understanding the Kingdom of God is about understanding God's restoration plan for mankind.  As we come to realize that we belong to God, and that everything belongs to Him and that He chose us for a purpose, and we yield to that purpose we are bringing ourselves under proper alignment with the King.  As we submit to His governing authority we rediscover and live out His culture made manifest within each of us.  This has been and will remain to be the purpose for the Kingdom church local and global, and that we would go out throughout the world to every ethnos (people group) teaching them all that Jesus commanded His disciples to teach and to do, that together as God's royal piresthood and holy nation, His nation of kingly priests we would properly represent Him in all that we say and all that we do as the Kingdom is being advanced around the world.  The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall and Kingdom Churches the world over who are carrying the authentic Kingdom message, living its culture and operating in a demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost are for the express purpose of carrying the glory of God to the nations of the world as God's word and power cover the earth.  This is why we are hear and our assignment is to help people transition from being religious servants to being Kingdom leaders, sons and daughters of God who serve the King while advancing His government.  This is what we do!

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    COINTELPRO at the Mall

    in Politics

    Taking a page from the FBI’s COINTELPRO program of the 1960s, “intelligence analysts” from Mall of America in Bloomington, Minneapolis set up a fake Facebook account to identify and monitor local Black Lives Matter activists, who were later arrested and charged for a holiday protest at the mega mall.On December 11, as news of the planned Black Lives Matter protest began to spread, the “Nikki Larson” account was updated with a banner image of an (apocryphal) Martin Luther King Jr. quote: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” At some point, the Larson account “liked” the Black Lives Matter Minneapolis Facebook group.Metadata from some of the documents lists the software that created them as belonging to “Sam Root” at the “Mall of America.” A Facebook account for a Sam Root lists his profession as “Intelligence Analyst at Mall of America.”  The Intercept


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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall

    in Christianity

    Bradley Young brings the Word of the King this Sunday at the Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall.

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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall w/Dr. Leonard Robinson

    in Christianity

    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall is where people rediscover the Kingdom, their identity and divine destiny.  As you make God's Kingdom and righteousness your number one priority something keeps happening to you.  There is a transformation that takes over that makes you to become progressively more like the one who created you.  The Kingdom of God is the active reign of God over a territory and over a people impacting them with His will producing in them the culture of their Kingdom citizenship.

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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall w/Dr. Leonard Robinson

    in Christianity

    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall with Dr. Leonard Robinson will help you discover your identity, purpose and divine destiny as you rediscover the Kingdom, God's active reign over a people, over a territory, impacting the people with His will, making you to be those who advance His Kingdom in His image and likeness.  This program will equip you for walking in the life that God has ordained for His sons and daughters.

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    Episode 361 Morning Show Public Safety Radio The H Epedemic

    in News

    This morning we are talking about the new, old drug causing an epidemic..Heroin! 

    This is our new Morning Show! Listen live or on demand!

    And the winner is...............................The Superbowl is over for another year!

    Did your team win?

    How much did security cost? How many agencies were involved?

    Civil unrest follows 

    We'll be covering recent Breaking News and there's alaways a lot of that!

    Several upcoming seminars, regional training events

    A lot of news and information to share on this episode!

    We're hiring regional instructor managers in Washington DC/Tennessee and Virginia!
    Apply helpdesk@armourcollege.org 

    Interested in being a co-host? Just let us know!

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