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    Metalsmith Benchtalk: Archived Interview with Knew Concepts Manager Brian Meek

    in Art

    My Guest this Thursday, February 26th at 3 p.m. PDT/6EDT on MetalSmith BenchTalk is metalsmith, machinist, tool designer, jeweler, and teacher Brian Meek, the Production Manager at Knew Concepts.


    About Brian: A metalsmith since the age of 15, Brian has spent his life mastering a number of techniques. Having studied at Syracuse University, as well as City of London Polytechnic, he rounded off his technical training at the Cranbrook Academy of Art with a Masters of Fine Art in Metalsmithing.

    Brian has taught jewelry to a variety of audiences, from university students to fellow jewelers in workshops. He spent 12 years teaching at Santa Barbara City College's Adult-Ed program -- widely recognized as one of the best community based jewelry programs in the country -- where he brought out the best in non-traditional students. He is currently teaching a weekend workshop studio course at Mission College in Santa Clara, CA, as well as a selection of classes at the TechShop in Menlo Park, CA.

    For more about Brian , visit http://www.alberic.net/page0/page0.html or http://ganoksin.com/blog/alberic/.

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    Christopher Dunn: Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt

    in News

    Christopher P. Dunn, born 1946 in Manchester, England, is an English author known for the book The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt, which claims that precision machining is evident in ancient Egyptian structures, particularly in the Giza pyramid complex. 

    In this program, listeners will get an update on what Dunn has discovered in Egypt, and other ancients cities around the world. 

    Dunn was the manager of Laser Robotics Machining, which served the aerospace industry. In 1986 he was recruited by gas turbine/aerospace manufacturing company, Danville Metal Stamping, where he has worked in the position of Project Engineer, Laser Operations Manager and Human Resource Manager. He is a master craftsman and skilled machinist. Dunn lives with his wife Jeanne and children in Danville, Illinois


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    UTLRadio.com Week In Review 11/3/14

    in Legal

    Welcome to Understanding the Law: Week in Review.  The show is hosted by Peter Lamont and Bob Hughes and is a service of the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont.  On this episode we discuss:

    Ebola Scare Hits Connecticut 3rd-Graders 
    Nova Scotia doctor to charge employers for sick notes 
    O.J. Simpson Files Final Habeas Brief 
    Thumbless Machinist May Sue Manufacturer 
    Worker Claims Mayor Forced Sex on Her 
    Cops Who Fired 22 Times at Man Weren't Excessive 
    Prosecutors to appeal Oscar Pistorius judgment, sentence
    After transfer from Don Bosco, star and mom told to leave home rented from coach's brother 
    Judge dismisses ex-dictator Manuel Noriega's 'Call of Duty' lawsuit 
    Stan Lee Media Loses Bid for Comic Rights

    Understanding the Law: Week in Review  is a weekly radio broadcast discussing recent legal and business news.  As always, we welcome calls from our listeners. If you wish to discuss any of today's topics please call our switchboard at (347) 855-8831. Please note that this broadcast does not constitute legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship with any of our listeners. 

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    Machinist Get Internet Cash Selling Titanium Shot Glasses To The Crowd

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/leskofreeradio interviews Rick Steinard of http://spiracingwheels.com/, to talk about Billet Titanium Shot Glass. It is a stainless and aluminum shot glass that makes drinking session with guests and friends more enjoyable and memorable.

    Kickstarter Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/g...

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    Where Do You Stand in Faith When Tragedy Strikes Close to Home?

    in Christianity

    Gene Kiepura, a retired railroad machinist, came face to face with the reality of where he stood in his faith when his 14 year old son, Jacob (Jake) was killed on a missions trip to Mexico.  As if the death of his son (who was killed along with five others) was not enough to contend with, Eugene also had to deal with corrupt and greedy local authorities and US Embassy staff.

    Yet, his greatest challenge of all was his faith in God. Believers, who expected him to be a pillar of great strength and a prime example seemed to undermine or even shorten the grieving process.  Gene, along with his wife (41 years of marriage to his highschool sweetheart) Jan, struggled through the tragedy together, along with their other children.

    Gene's transparency about his faith and his struggles will cause one to stand back and look hard at their own faith.  Listen to how God intervened, strengthening Gene in such unexpected and amazing ways that only God alone is glorified!

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    Work The System with Sam Carpenter

    in Business

    Maisha Guy interviews the King of Systems and Operations, Sam Carpenter.  Currently our #EBNREVIEW Book Club Author of the month, Sam's book Work The System, The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less, is giving breakthroughs in their business.

    About Sam Carpenter

    With blue-collar roots, I have a mixed-bag background: land surveyor, heavy-equipment operator, union-man factory worker, door-to-door salesman, technical consultant, hamburger flipper, house painter, department store sales clerk, construction superintendent, design engineer, ditch digger, sales professional, builder, janitor, journalist, public speaker, book publisher, retail store owner, lab technician, logger, mill worker, machinist, stocks and commodities investor, writer, photojournalist, telecommunications entrepreneur, real estate salesman, kitchen worker, handyman, corporate CEO, and business owner. I founded and operate a nonprofit organization that assists earthquake victims in northeast Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and in India (see kashmirfamily.org). Through my business, Centratel (centratel.com), my special expertise is in the practical methodology of telecommunications: taking information, processing it, and then passing it on.
    FSam Carpenter founded Centratel in 1984. With a background in engineering, construction, publishing and journalism, and residing in Bend, Oregon, outside interests include mountaineering, skiing, cycling, reading, and traveling. His book, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less is in its third edition.  Other business enterprises include educational products, software and consulting (see www.workthesystem.com). Sam is founder and director of Kashmir Family Aid, a 501C3 non-profit, aiding surviving school children of the
    2005 Northern Pakistan and Azad Kashmir earthquake.

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    Interview with Broadway Actor Chike Johnson

    in Entertainment

    Trena interviews actor and filmmaker Chike Johnson on his career and current projects.

    Chiké Johnson most recently appeared in the Broadway production of A Time To Kill.  He spent most of 2013 in the Midwest where he was part of The Goodman Theatre’s production of Meet Vera Stark and Milwaukee Rep’s production of Raisin in the Sun. His New York credits include; Manhattan Theatre Club’s Wit on Broadway and Off Broadway’s Lost In The Stars in New York City Center’s Encores! He also appeared in the Off Broadway production of Ruined co-produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club and The Goodman Theatre. Some of his other Chicago credits include: Sizwe Banzi is Dead at the Court Theatre and The Crucible, The Unmentionables and Huck Finn at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Regional credits include a revival of The Unmentionables at Yale Repertory Theatre; Lincoln in Topdog/Underdog at Renaissance Theaterworks; Duke of Cornwall in King Lear at Milwaukee Repertory Theater; Cephus Miles in Home at In Tandem Theatre; Willie in Master Harold and the boys at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre; and Martin Luther King, Jr. in Smoldering Fires at First Stage Children’s Theater. Some of Mr. Johnson’s film credits include Friends with Benefits, Sleepwalk with Me, The Machinist and his television credits include Law & Order, Girls, Veep and Prison Break.

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    Live Chat with Jamaican Reggae legend "Stranger Cole"

    in Music

    Cole was born in Jamaica in 1945 and nicknamed "Stranger" by his family, as they considered that he didn't resemble any member of his kin. Cole was initially successful as a songwriter, writing "In and out the Window", which was a hit for Eric "Monty" Morris. This success gave him the chance to make his recording debut in 1962, instantly finding success with singles such as "Rough and Tough" and "When You Call My Name" (a duet with Patsy Todd) for producer Arthur "Duke" Reid. Further success  with singles for Reid in the mid-1960s, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd (a duet with Ken Boothe on "Worlds Fair"), and Prince Buste, Gladstone Anderson (on "Just Like a River") and Hortense Ellis. In the late 1960s and early 1970s he recorded with several producers, including Bunny Lee, Lee "Scratch" Perry, and Sonia Pottinger. These included further material with Todd as Stranger & Patsy.   In 1971 he emigrated to England, where he toured extensively, and moved on again to Canada in 1973, settling in Toronto. He worked as a machinist in the Tonka Toy factory in Toronto and later opened the first Caribbean record shop in Toronto His first album, "Forward in the Land of Sunshine", was released in 1976, with a handful of further albums released over the next ten years, on his own label. In 2006, Cole released his first album in twenty years, Morning Train, a collaboration with Jah Shaka. Cole is featured in the 2009 documentary Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, in which he and other stars of the rocksteady era reunited to record a new album of the same name, released in August 2009. Cole's son, Squiddly, followed him into a music career, working as a drummer for artists including Ziggy Marley , Amy Winehouse, Mutabaruka, and many more. www.crsradio.com ,www.caribbeanradioshow@gmail.com  661-467-2407

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    Labor Day, Made In America

    in Politics

    What is Labor Day?  Labor day is a day of celebration of the contributions made to America by the workers and the unions. Labor Day is observed on the first Monday in September.
    How long have we celebrated Labor Day? Labor day was founded in 1882. Became a federal holiday 1894.
    Who started Labor Day. There is objection as to who founded Labor Day. Matthew Maguire, a machinist of the Central Labor Union. Peter McGuire of the American Federation of Labor. Labor Day --History.com
    There is never enough talk today about Labor day except for labor day sales. Labor day is a celebration of the unionizing of America which built a better America for all. When employees are valued, they are satisfied, and they perform accordingly. The unionizing of the working class resulted in better lives across America, and has contributed to better lives in other countries. Made in America was the proud slogan of labor days past. Until Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, laborers who chose to participate in parades had to forfeit a day's wages. 
    What is OSHA?  A government agency, signed into law by President Nixon Dec. 29, 1970. OSHA protects American workers. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. a main federal agency charged with the enforcement of safety and health legislation. 

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    It's Not The Law: A History of non-Existent Gun Laws

    in Politics

    Join us this evening as Wayne Barbuto joins the show to discuss the fraudulent gun laws that are currently in place and those they are trying to pass on state and federal level.
    What would you do if you found out that all the gun laws that have been passed were null and void?  That your compliance with those laws is considered voluntary?
    Wayne has written several extensively documented and resourced books the newest of which is “Its Not The Law”! Click here to purchase:   Its Not The Law!
    Included in this book is the chapter on “The true objective of gun control“. The ATF is a private foreign corporation headquartered in Puerto Rico…..just like the IRS.
    Bio: Wayne Frank Barbuto
    I have little formal education, which has proven to be an advantage, considering the dumbing down process used in the government schools.
    I am a Craftsman and Prototype Machinist with over 40-years experience, and owned my own machine shop for over 20-years. I am considered by many to be a Gunsmith, but my knowledge in this field is limited to the guns I like, mainly those of John Browning and Eugene Stoner design. I have personally designed and built many long-range rifles of bullpup design chambered for the .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) anti-tank cartridge.
    In the year 2000 I was unlawfully attacked by the Puerto Rican-based BATF and accused of Manufacturing Firearms without a license, a non-existent  law. Since then I have focused my attention on exposing the devils behind this criminal attack.
    I have written a book titled, “It’s Not The Law” in which I tell my story, and explain a number of important principles presented as mini-lessons in more than 100 chapters which average 3-4 pages each.  

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    Interview with Machinist Union regarding Boeing/NLRB deal

    in Politics Progressive

    Frank Larkin from the International Association Of Machinists and Aerospace workers joins USAprogressive to talk about the recent deal between the Union, NLRB and Boeing.