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    The Queen's Den

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    Who's Next? Meet The New LIONS DEN Contenders.

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    On tonight's episode of Debate Talk 4 U Radio hear from the newest contenders that will be stepping inside the LIONS DEN.  

    Judah Natzarah


    Emunah Y'srael

    Rob Rack

    Amen Suten

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    Serving A False God Will Make You Fall

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    You better not allow the petition to pass to put a statue of satan (baphomet) on the grounds of the state capitol. Ministers, you say you want souls delivered? Take a stand! Do your God-given duty and fight. I was raised, worked and went to school in Little Rock. It breaks my heart to see people taking an interest in this. Detroit is in same boat. The people of Detroit who are believers in Christ, saw the madness of satan worshippers. Those who have made satan their god is in for a rude awakening. The devil is liar. He has been lying since Adam and Eve came on the scene.


    Joshua 24: 14-15

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    Don't Go To War Without Your Armor

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    Eph 6: 10-17

    A lot of us want to fight in the flesh when things or people get on our nerves. Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt and coffee mug as souvenirs. The God we serve will make His presence known if we trust and believe. Making plans for our lives, they don't go right. Counting on people to come through for us, they betray us. I don't know about you, but I am putting all my faith in Him. Even when things do go as planned, He gets the glory anyhow.

    Are you ready for battle against the enemy? Are you protected by God's armor? Are you putting your faith in His Word? Are you more than a conqueror? Are you victorious?

    If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, then get ready for a fight everyday of your life.

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    Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (Pt. 2)

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    In our first sermon, we talked about how people and situations can get us down. Trying to do the right thing can be hard. We want to do our own thing, go our own way, but that's not what God wants. He knows all that we go through. In 1 Peter chapter 4, verses 12-14 and 16, we looked at how things can come against us, to try us, to think of it as how Christ suffered, we should suffer. We should rejoice because this shows how God, the Almighty, can trust His children in trials. The question was raised; what do we do when we are in a crisis?

    We Plan.

    We Prepare.

    We Pray.

    Beloved, what ever you are going through, don't think of you being in a crisis, but count it all joy because you are in Christ. Think of it this way. You are not in a crisis, but you are in Christ-is. Whatever you need Him to be in your life. Christ Is Love. Christ Is Joy. Christ Is Understanding. Christ Is Peace. Christ Is Salvation. Christ Is Redemption.

    In the next service, we will look at James 1: 2-8

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    I Didn't Mean To Apologize.

    in Christianity

    Matthew 5: 43-48 & 6: 14-15

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    Suffering For Being A Christian (Pt. 1)

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    I've been going through some things and posted my trial and heartaches on my page at LinkedIn. [Aaron Daniel Hubbard] I've had quite a few who came and interceded for me. Praise God for that. But there were others who spoke negative things about me and towards me. I thought we are supposed to lift each other in prayer? I had people come at me wrong and told me I couldn't defend myself or I should be a spiritual doormat. LOL Not Gonna happen!! I refuse to let anyone walk over me. I thank and praise God for all that I had to go through. My tears, my pain and my broken spirit all was a part of God's plan. See, I know throughout the hardships we as children of the most High go through, it's only a test. When the wicked advance against me to devour me, it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall. (Ps. 27: 2)


    This coming Monday, if the Lord says so, I will be speaking on: Suffering For Being A Christian

    1 Peter 4: 12-14, 16

    I. Count It All Planned

    II. Count It All Done

    III. Count It All Joy

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    What Kind Of God Do We Serve?

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    I heard a preacher say, what kind of God do we serve? How awesome is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I am thankful that He is Who He is. Don't you want to see the King for yourself?

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    There Is No Santa Clause, Just Christ.

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    Every year it's the same ole' thing. Parents lying, spending money they don't have to give gifts to their children. That's ok but why give credit to man in a red suit? If there is such a man, then why are we in debt? Shouldn't that stuff be free. Any gift given to anyone, not just toys, should come from heart. Why are we commercializing things that are unreal? Christ is the one we should give honor to. Not just on Decemeber 25th, but all year round. How about giving thanks to a Man who shed His precious Red Blood on a hill called Calvary?

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    Are We Due For Heart Surgery?

    in Christianity

    I have had heart trouble before. Whether it was heartburn, heartache, or heartbreak. It didn't feel good. I don't know what you are up against but you know that your heart is in trouble. Your only issue is to get relief. Not from Tums or Rolaids but from the Master. He has a Word just for us.