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    Partying to the Music of the Jacksons

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    "Don't blame it on the sunshine/don't blame it on the moonlight/don't blame it on the good times/blame it on the boogie!"
    Tune in as host Mikeisha spins all of your favorites from the Jacksons! It's sure to be a great musical tribute! Keep in mind that Michael and Janet have the most music, but each Jackson has released a song or two! And here is where you'll get a sample of them all!

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    The Jacksons and Berry Gordy Back Together Again!

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    b Reminding us that they were once relevant, The Jacksons performed at a recent tribute to Berry Gordy.

    Joking “Be careful what you wish for,” Gordy remembered the time that he let Michael Jackson and his brothers come to live with him after they got kicked out of the California home he had brought them from Indiana to live in.

    According to the Associated Press, Marlon Jackson thanked Gordy for “letting us come to your house and tear it up,” as well as for putting them on the path to a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career in a tribute to Gordy at the Ebony Power 100 gala.

    Gordy, who danced along with everyone else as the group sang tunes like, “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” and “I Want You Back” reminisced, “Michael and his brothers were just incredible to be around…I’m happy they’re here.”

    The event, which honored powerful African Americans including President Barack Obama, Gordy, Forest Whitaker, commentator Van Jones, educator Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Serena Williams, was attended by the likes of Magic Johnson, Victor Cruz, Lala Vasquez and Condola Rashad. Nick Cannon was the host of the ceremony, which also featured a performance from the actors from “Motown: The Musical.”

    Gordy commended Ebony magazine, which provided his Motown record label with its very first cover, for giving blacks confidence by chronicling their accomplishments over so many decades.

    “It was the Supremes. They had no idea how much it meant to us,” said Gordy, who took a copy of the cover out of his pocket to show the audience.

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    The Tony Tatum Story: Surviving the bittersweet memories of a fatal carjacking

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    Join The New Dawn Live Show, this Monday at 7:00 PM EST, as we welcome our guest, Tony Tatum. 

    Tony will share his testimony about overcoming a fatal carjacking in 1993, which ended his best friend Lance Townsel's life. Also, how he lives with the bittersweet memory of having a gun jam, as the gun was placed to his head, in a murder attempt..

    Tune in, and be encouraged as Tony gives an account on how he processed, withstood, and overcame such trauma and devastation. Tony and his friends started out as singers/performers as teenagers. Lets see how this traumatic experience has impacted Tony’s LIFE and how Tony has in turn used it to rightfully impact THE WORLD.

    Mr. Tatum is well known in the Entertainment business. However, I'm most impressed with these following statements.

    "This 6-year-old child Elijah Dillard died by the abusive hands of his father. Join me and fight against child abuse. ?#‎Nomoreabuse"  ~Tony gives back

    "Gotta support the Saginaw kids!!! Positivity does exist throughout the madness." ~Tony gives back

    ~ Tony won the St. Lucia Contest and opened up for the Jacksons in Concert. While there, he entertained at least 300 children from Dame Pearlette Primary Union School - St. Lucia

    ~ Tributes to the Memory of Lance Townsel

    Call in at (267-521-0178) OR simply click on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newdawnministriesllc              

     Q&A  following testimony. 

    The New Dawn Live Show created by New Dawn Ministries, LLC    

    Light For Overcoming Even the Darkest Of Nights

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    A Day In The Life: I Saw the News Today, Oh Boy

    in Politics

    From the threat of Ebola, the ISiS problem, looming midterms, the continued, disenfranchisement of voters and the completely inane, yet somewhat entertaining, antics of the GOP, have made for a busy week. 

    Please join Fred and Marg, on BTR's, Lies My Country Told Me, "A Day In The Life: I Saw the News Today, Oh Boy" on Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 12:00 pm EST (11:00 am Central, 10:00 am Mountain, 9:00 am Pacific and 1:00 pm Atlantic).  Join Fred and Marg in the chatroom or call in with your comments at (347) 677-1814. 

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    On George Jackson Radio we will discuss  what Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe says about  South Africa failing to lead the economic development of countries in the African Union (AU) because its economy is in the hands of the white minority.... is  that fact or fiction?

    We will discuss the case of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal - the  Revictimization Relief Act in Philadelphia,  The bill has been dubbed the “Mumia bill” after Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of first-degree murder in Faulkner’s killing and sentenced to death in 1982. (In 2011, Abu-Jamal’s sentence was commuted to life in prison without parole.)  The carefully choreographed ceremony with Daniel Faulkner widow,  the details of the Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signing  into law a bill that bans former criminal offenders from provoking “mental anguish” in their victims — legislation that the American Civil Liberties Union’s and other critics  say “can’t pass constitutional muster.”

    We will also cover the latest nationally known police killing of 18-year-old Antonio Martin two miles from Ferguson. Nationwide have  activists called for an emergency actions to protest the latest police killing. Living by one motto since the police officers who killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner were not indicted: Shut it down.

    Tonight we  examine important instructions from George L Jacksons " Blood in my eye


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    Being Black in America, The Color of Injustice

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    The outrage began with the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.  It was the watershed moment where America and the world woke up and realized that for young, black men, a trip to the local Walmart can end in death.  America’s problem with race though, including the countless shooting of unarmed , young, black men began long before Trayvon Martin.

    A recent report though suggests that police in American shoot an African American male twice a week.  This is nothing new.  This phenomena is almost certainly underreported as only 4% of police departments within the United States provided these statistics to the FBI and are based on a system of self-reporting.  As a democratic nation, we are not only failing when it comes to race issues, but actually turning back the clock on the civil rights movement.  To make matters worse, it is a rare occasion for police charged and successfully prosecuted.

     Please join Fred and Marg on BTR’s Lies My Country Told Me, “Being Black In America, The Color of Injustice“ on Sunday, October 5, 2014 at 12:00 pm EST.  You can join us in the chat room or call in and share your opinion at (347) 677-1814.

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    Tina's Retreat With Poetry In The Mix

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    Interviews and Open Mic Sessions !!!!! Bring Your Ink & Paper So We Can Bleed Together !!!!!!! 

    Tonight is Part 2 of the discussion, concerning all of the NOT GUILTY VERDICTS, latley as we watch, listen and see our men young and old being taken down by the Police !!!!! Yes, they are suppose to protect and serve us but as of today they are killing us off one by one and we must come together as a people and stop this Ginicide before we loose an entire generation of black males. 

    We also talk about Samuel Jacksons Challenge !!!! Now thats a challenge that we all should do and I promise it will send a message !!!

    Don't be shy... just remember we all had our first time somewhere with that perfect someone, so why not let your first time on the Mic be with me ??? We are one big family, reach one, teach one....... see ya soon.... much love..


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    "Ray Hagins Must Go Campaign" w Honored Guest: Elder Activist Baba Joseph Hayden

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    If you've been living under an Afrikancentered rock for the past week, you may not have heard Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins' comments which people agree openly endorsed the murder of Mike Brown.  Watch the video at this site for yourself: 

    Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins Justifies the Murder of Mike Brown

    The community activist who challenged Hagins in this video is named Baba Joseph Hayden.  Baba Hayden's outrage at Hagins' blind support for the police justification for Mike Brown's murder was evident in his voice, posture, and demeanor.  If we didn't know better, we would think that the elder almost wanted to punch Hagins in the nose for these comments (many of us wanted to).

    Tonight, we are honored to have Baba Hayden on our program to discuss how he felt about Ray Hagins making those comments defending Mike Brown's murderer and what he thinks about the "Ray Hagins Must Go Campaign" which is a Black community-organized movement to push Officer Pokechop or Mr. Mobutu (if you prefer), out of the conscious commuity and send a message to the next vanguard of race traitoring Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons that their kind will not be tolerated. 

    Tune in and enjoy.

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    Free Kat Stacks? The Jacksons what's really going on

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    Andrea "Kat Stacks" Herrera  has been ordered back to Venezuela even after providing statements to the court about Sex trafficking,Domestic Abuse and forced Prostitution and drug use. The infamous Kat stacks has been locked up for over 2 years with no bond and a lot of people  celebrities and Non feel as though it is unfair. Her mom Johnyelsi Cardenas has launched a nationwide petition and protest to have her daughter set free  check out her website www.mamastacks.com   Kat's fan's and enemies around the world have been very vocal about their feelings  so tell me do you think Kat deserves another chance? call in and express your feelings
    What is going on in the Jacksons household? what are they trying to do  to katherine? Is paris right for backtalking her adult relatives? Sound off  and we will have a special guest call in

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    Raymond Luke Jr SpeakZ with Mz OptimiZm about Motown the musical and more!

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    Original cast of Motown the Musical on Broadway playing the roles of Young Michael Jackson, Young Berry Gordy and Stevie Wonder. Raymond Luke Jr. has been singing since he was 3 years old. After being taught by his grandmother, singing has been his passion. In the summer of 2011, he attended Beverly Hills Acting School FABA (For Actors by Actors). He graduated in the fall of 2012. He has completed two commercials for Toys"R"Us and Volkswagen in association with ESPN. Stage credits include the Tammi Mac Minute Mixer hosted by Vanessa Bell Calloway and Tammi Mac. He has also sung the National Anthem for the Penny Marshall Celebrity Softball game. Film credentials include: Bad Father, directed and produced by Jerry Jackson. Raymond has just been nominated for the "Outer Critics Circle Award" for Best Featured Actor In A Musical for Motown. Raymond would like to thank God for blessing him with this talent, all of his family and friends, and most of all his fans.

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    Weekend of L.O.V.E. with "Maker of Dreams" Rob Swinson & Dr. Jeremy Crosby - #2

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    Today's opening theme is S.L.F.: "Sharing Life's Footseps" 

    Happy Birthday celebration all weekend for my friend, Michael Jackson.

    Please see yesterday's posting regarding this show.

    Robert E. "Rob" Swinson

    Michael Jackson's "Maker of Dreams"

    Neverland Park HIStorian & Author

    Blog Radio URL: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/makerofdreams

    Email:  makerofdreams@cox.net

    Website: http://MakerOfDreams.com/

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