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    Habits Help! 7 Habits that Will Transform Your Life

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    Taking on the New Year and Vibrant Life Requires Habit Work!

    Webster defines a "habit" as: a settled or regular tendency or practice. These patterns either make or break the goals we long to achieve. Join Nicole Greer, PPCC for seven tips on self-leadership and developing habits  that will release your potential to S.H.I.N.E.

  • Ladies Let's Talk with Coach Jeanna - The Healthy Game Changer

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    Ladies Let's Talk radio is a weekly show for women about women as it relates to family, lifeskills, wellness and business. Guest and listeners are global, all over the world. Women make up a huge part of small businesses and are extremely good networkers. Stay with us. Ladies Let's Talk...

    This week the first Wednesday of the new month of the new year 2015. We have a great show for you, the health game challenge. Our guest Karyn has a jaw dropper story. Join us were ever you are. It is so fun to be apart of a community doing what you desire to do, stay healthy. Some times as we all know, its not easy.

    Share with your friends and if you miss us live click for the archives.

    Wednesday, 8:00 tp 8:30p PDT. Tell your friends. Happy New Year to you!

    About your host Jeanna Brown. http://CoachJeanna.com


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    Daily Meditations for Healthy Sexuality to Repair SA with Carol the Coach

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    Carol the Coach interviews Alex Katehakis, CSAT, who has made it her mission to help sex addicts and their partners to find healthy sexuality again. Mirror of Intimacy contains a year's worth of daily reflections that explore and support the range of human sexualities as a divine gift and a human right. The reflections reference a rich array of approaches: attachment theory, mind/body nexus, neurobiology, 12-step principles, meditation techniques, Eastern and Western philosophy, and ancient world myths. Unfettered by cultural, social, or religious norms, we set our intention to examine 366 topics related to sex and sexuality.

     A reader writes,"As a psychologist, I am happy to have this magnificent creation to use with clients and patients leading to their enrichment, joy and celebration of life. The book will soon be one of the important therapeutic tools in our field."

    It's a promise--these pages will erotically enlighten you and your world!



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    "Healthy Habits & Goal Planing!"

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    Hello World, Today's topic on the WEGO Show we are gunna disscus ways to stay healthy and maintain a healthy life style, While also giving important tips to planing your goals and accomplishing your dreams!...If you have any goal planing or healthy habit tips please feel free to call in (516) 387-1440  our blog your message on Face Book. https://www.facebook.com/pages/WEGO-SHOW/652081391543724?ref=br_tf

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    7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Healthy People

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    "Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just looks good on the outside." ~ Anonymous

    Why is it that some people just seem gifted at keeping their cool no matter what life throws at them? Do they know something that you don't? Maybe so.

    Tune in today for an in-depth look at what highly emotionally healthy people do to stay grounded and enjoy life. Learn how you can create these same habits in your own life and significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and a variety of other negative emotions. You regularly check up on your physical health. Now it's time to focus on your emotional health.

    Join us today for your own personal tune-up for the mind, will, and emotions!

    Call 646-716-6910 or log on to our LIVE chat.

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    Tough Talk with The Intuitive Coach & The RAW Healthy Coach for Everyday People

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Michelle Barr & Nicole van Hattem:

    Michelle Barr is The Business Coach for Intuitive Women helping you turn your life's calling into a profitable, freedom-based business so you can make more money while making a difference. Michelle has been a Personal Transformation Specialist for over 20 years. She teaches people how to Master the Art of Taking Action to create what she calls Sacred Success. Michelle is an Intuitive Coach, Business Strategist, Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Teacher, Author and Expert Thought Leader. I started my business locally in 2007, then closed my brick and mortar in 2009 and built a global online business. I began with a very expensive hobby and now have a full-time thriving online global business. I love to teach others to do the same. I struggled to come into the marketplace with my gifts and to put a value on that and create a successful business. Once I learned how, I have been passionate about helping others make money doing what they love and what they are made to do and helping others.

    Nicole van Hattem is The RAW Health Coach, a raw detox advisor and sought after inspirational speaker.

    With over 25 years in the corporate world, Nicole knows first-hand how challenging it can be to live life well when you are juggling multiple deadlines, conflicting priorities, managing stress and living in an ageing body and mind.  Nicole transformed her own body and mind through applying simple principles and small manageable changes that resulted in her dropping 3 dress sizes, letting go of 17kg (38 pounds) of toxic fat, overcoming a long list of ill-health complaints and gaining energy, joy, and success – all without dieting.

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    Discover Healthy Living Habits and Take Your Life to a New Level

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    Do you have a desire for healthy living?

    Luke Jones is our Healthy Habits Specialist, here to help you and your family realise your health potential, and to empower you to become the best, most authentic version of yourself. 

    A young entrepreneur and blogger at his site Health Room, Luke’s goal is to assist you in dropping the habits that no longer serve you, and aid you in developing healthy ones that will take your life to the next level. So if you’re perhaps looking to eat healthily, lose unwanted weight, exercise regularly, develop mindfulness, or reduce stress; connect with Luke and set off on the path to a happier, healthier future.

    Gain a team of experts and specialists to help you learn and maintain healthy living please join us on our LinkedIn group page for authentic and truthful, life-changing content! 

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    7 Habits of A Successful Woman!

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    January 12th, 2015 Show

    Join host and business success coach Trina Newby as she shares 7 Habits of  A Successful Woman.

    Women around the world are realizing that success is truly a journey and it's all about the positive habits and actions you take that helps to create success along the way.

    Dial in and get ready to have some ah-ha moments as Trina shares positive habits that get results!

    Featured Guest

    Also on the show is featured guest, Krystol Sanders, Insurance Consultant and President of Agents Alliance, LLC.  Krystol will share tips and information on why it's important to get insurance sooner than later!

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    Learning the BASICS with Coach Rea Wilke

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    Are you ready to make 2015 the year to remember? Sometimes doing the basic is all it takes to get back on track. So what are the basics? The basics are the foundation for success. Learning and mastering the basics will make you an expert in what you do each day.

    Keeping your eyes on your vision, while working in every moment and every day to get there. Today I will share with you some of these basics, from managing your time to setting small goals and achieving them. You’ll learn how to stay motivated and excited every day this year.

    Special appearance from Stephen Russell a.k.a. the barefoot Dr. to share a message for the world for 2015

    For more information make sure you visit our websites at: http://YourLifeNow.info or http://CoachingByRea.com

    To schedule your free call with coach Rea visit: http://MeetMe.so/CoachRea

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    Walk Your Talk With LeAnne: What Is This Coach Up To In 2015 Anyway!

    in Self Help

    Please Join me as I share the latest goings on for The Walk Your Talk Coach!

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