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    A tale of two heroes: Iron Man and Green Lantern

    in Writing

    The original Iron Man film and the ill fated Green Lantern film were both created with the intention of launching a shared cinematic universe. One would lead to becoming one of the biggest franchises of the 21st century, the other sent their company back to the drawing board.

    These two series have always matched each other quite well, all the way to the point of being Amalgamated into Iron Lantern of the Amalgam Universe, complete with merging even their supporting cast seamlessly.

    What went right, what went wrong and above all else why?


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    Meet Green Streets - A recycling Story

    in Environment

    Can green enterprise revitalize America’s most distressed communities? Meet entrepreneur Tyrone Mullins and his peers in low-income urban neighborhoods who tell their stories, speak the truth about waste, and mobilize many thousands of residents to recycle and compost for the first time. By showing documentary stories and organizing discussions with property managers, community leaders, public officials and policy makers, our work secures contracts and creates jobs, reducing landfill waste by 50%. Each Green Streets worker recycles approximately 20,000 gallons of waste per month, and becomes a steward of his or her community.

    In neighborhoods plagued by drugs and turf conflicts, enterprising young men and women who used to think they were unemployable are becoming beacons of hope.

    Get more details.

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    The Soul Man

    in Christianity

    The Soul Man

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    Spider-Man Comes Home/New Green Lantern?

    in Film


    -Marvel & Sony's Spider-Man Deal: Breakdown the deal between Marvel and Sony that will bring Spider-Man to the MCU. 



    -New Green Lantern: Discuss the story about David Ramsey being in the middle of a rumor that claims he is in talks to play Green Lantern (John Stewart) version.


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    "The Goddess and The Green Man" with Allan Green

    in Spirituality

    Allan Green has been guiding people through their Past Life & Spiritual Journeys for over 34 years, experiencing over 23,000 individual journeys with people. He has the ability to see what people see, and feel what they feel. The youngest he has worked with was 7 years old. Find your mission and purpose, heal past life wounds that cause pain or issues this life. View inner child, release fears, blocks and phobia’s. Allan has viewed 528 alien species and home planets with people. He guides people into their Soul Light, to meet with their Spirit Guides, see if you have wings, or a Dragon helper in Spirit form. You can talk to people passed over, and if need be, free them to the final light. Allan also does Higher Self and Over Soul readings, giving massive awareness, for your direction and the power of who you really are on infinite levels. Allan started removing implants 20 years ago, where he helped remove 57 implants from one person. That and energy healing, reconnecting, and helping people heal their relationship issues has been a lifelong mission and passion. He says, "It is humbling to be present and witness, the enlightenment and up-leveling people experience. "  Check out his websites: http://www.allangreen.ca and http://www.crystalearthhealingspa.com and his wife, Catherine, who's also been a guest here: http://www.catherinegreen.net and their Ompah, Ontario retreat called "The Goddess and the Green Man".

    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News with Anastasia, bringing starseed topics that you won't hear in the mainstream media!

    Thanks for tuning in!

  • Omega Man

    in Christianity

    Omega Man

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    Soul Man

    in Christianity

    Soul Man

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    Green Leaf Network - Green Leaf Talk Time

    in Entertainment

    Happy Friday

    Green Leaf Network invites you to join us tonight live on Green Leaf Talk Tiime. We interview Jonathan Phoenix Ceo of Universal Music. Hear updates on his offer to Mafiah Leaf 5050 to run Universal Music New York- Hip Hop will they? Did they accept?

    11:00pm est call 929-477-2453 

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    Happy Thursday! 

    Green Leaf Network Invites you tonight to join us live on DJ Night. Green Leaf Network welcomes all Indie Artist Looking to have your song played in the world of Green. Send your track mp3 only to greenleafeverything@gmail.com fees apply. 

    "Green Leaf Network Updates"

    Green Leaf Magazine -

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    Slots available for next issue


    Green Leaf Network -

    Now Satelitte! Green Leaf Network II Satellite

    FM Coming. Power Mix Radio - GLN

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    Green Leaf TV- Looking For Models and Actors 

    Green Leaf Mixtape Series -  Looking for Hot New Music 

    Green Leaf Websites: Graphic Designer Interns Wanted 



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    "The Goddess and The Green Man" with Catherine Green

    in Spirituality

    Catherine has worked  in the healing energy fields for over 35 years. She brings in and receives increased knowledge & expertise to facilitate Balance, Health, Joy & Empowerment for those willing & ready to shift Frequencies into Wholeness.  Catherine’s work  transforms hereditary and karmic frequencies.  Catherine’s first reading with Lavandar affirmed "Catherine, you are Galactic by night and human by day, and often by day you are Galactic".   A challenge is to stay grounded enough to enable conscious destiny to bring in Heaven on Earth.  Although a fairy in human form, Catherine works with the Galactic Sistar & Star Brotherhood of Light to Assist in the Gateway, Portal, Grid work to accelerate incoming Light Frequencies for our ‘Ascension’. She has been  connected with Spirit and energy systems since childhood, and has an exceptional close connection with the energies of  StarShip Gaia. Catherine is a networker, a guide and from early childhood, has been a life coach without even knowing what that was.  In sessions,  information channels through, bringing clarification and direction to those with whom she works. Catherine works with  Zenith Omega modalities of Light Colour Frequency & Sacred Geometry.

    She also has a retreat centre called The Goddess and the Green Man,  offering customized healing retreats in Ompah, Ontario.  Her websites are: http://www.catherinegreen.net and http://www.crystalearthhealingspa.com

    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News with Anastasia, bringing topics of interest to starseeds that you won't hear on mainstream news.

    Now Gathering:
    Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas! For the equinox, Sept. 21-27.

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    Episode 2613 - Drones - WTC and Contrived Chaos - Soul Man and Omega Man

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2613 - Drones - WTC and Contrived Chaos - Soul Man and Omega Man
    Recorded 6-24-2015 on Omega Man Radio
    Contact Italo Marti at: www.facebook.com/soulman.songs