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    THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN reveals the impact of the Word of God in the earth when it is shared in Spirit and in Truth, attesting to all that Jesus has done and how it relates to those who believe on Him.

    SCHOOL OF PROPHETS  NO CHARGE. Freely we received, freely we give. An advanced study of Scripture for the Believer seeking knowledge, revelation and transformation of life for service.  

    VOICE OF REASONS PROPHETIC MINISTRY with The prophet Mary Washington who delivers a burden removing yoke destroying word from the LORD! DAILY at 8am 

    We ask you to Partner With Us by giving your gift of any size to be a blessing to the work of the ministry and pray for us as we fulfill the will of The LORD "going out into all the world and making disciples" God bless you for your liberality.

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    Sixteenth Show - Kingdom of Heaven

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    Kingdom of Heaven

    -         Read Matt 24: 32-35 Parable of the Fig Tree

    -         Do you understand the times and the timing of things in your life?

    -         Read Matt 24: 36-44 Will you be ready?

    -         You must always be ready for the coming of the LORD everyday.  Do not slack or take things for granted. You must always be ready for Jesus return.  You should be working until the end.

    -         Read Matt 24: 45-51 Which one are your in the kingdom? Faithful or Evil servant

    -         You have to choose whether you will be faithful or unfaithful, a wise or follish virgin, the first son who said no but repents and did his work or the second son who committed that he would do his work and never did anything.

    -         Jesus has really made this walk easy for us because he was and will always be our example.  Jesus has given us the answers to every situation and he has shown us the right way to do and handle things in our lives.

    Are you going to love Him with just your words but not commitment or are you in love with Him by your actions that show how you love him because you care more about Him than what he can do for you or give to you

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    Fifteen Show - Kingdom Of Heaven

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    Kingdom of Heaven

    Study Matt 21 – Body of Christ – Are you the first son or second son, the just or unjust son, righteous or unrighteous son?

    -         Read Matt 21: 28-32– Parable of Two Sons

    -         First Son – Said that he would not work in His vineyard and later repented and did the work

    -         Second Son –Said that he would work in His vineyard and never did what he promised. His heart was far from what he said in his words.

    -         This parable is dealing with your integrity in serving God with your whole heart and doing what you promised.  It also shows if you told him no and you realized that it was a mistake take the time to repent and talk to God about doing His work for Him.

    -         The first son made a mistake and the second son committed iniquity because he chose to not do what he promised.

    -         Never make a commitment or vow unless you know that you will do it from your heart.  God warns about making vows and tells us not the do them. Sometimes you need to think, wait and pray before you give an answer to any commitment so that you will not be moved by emotions but by obedience and the will of God for your life.

    Read Scripture about making vows – Matt 5: 33-37

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    Eighteenth Show - Kingdom of Heaven and Communion

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    Kingdom of Heaven

    -Read Matt 26: 1-5 Plot to Kill Jesus

    -His own ppl plotted to take his life. Betrayal.  You must stay in a place of forgiveness no matter what ppl do, say, plot, plan, and form against you.

    -Read Matt 26: 6-13 The Anointing at Bethany of Jesus

    -Anger came upon his disciples.

    -Jesus was anointed before he was crucified

    -Read Matt 26: 14-16 Judas agreed to betray Jesus.  He was a thief and an angry man

    -Read Matt 26:17-25 Jesus Celebrates Passover – Jewish customs

    -Read Matt 26:18-30 The Lord’s Supper Communion

    -You can take it daily.  I read the Lord’s prayer and read the Lord’s supper and take communion. My body has not been sick in over a year.  When I did feel a little sick it went away, because of communion daily. You can sing after you take communion and it could be about the blood or whatever God lays on your heart.

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    Let's Talk Kingdom with Catrina-Interview with Gospel/Blues Artist Angi Waldrop

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    Angi Waldrop is a local worship leader/worship coordinator at NoDa29, a new, come-as-you-are Bible based ministry located in the NoDa district of Charlotte. Angi strongly favors the Blues in her vocal style, writes her own faith-based Blues lyrics, and is currently searching for like-minded musicians. Angi has spent her life in church but says that the absolute turning point in her relationship with Jesus was when she was born again in 2007 at the age of 35. 











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    Twelveth Show - Kingdom of Heaven

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    Kingdom of Heaven 

    Study Matt 5 – Body of Christ – Which one are you in the kingdom of heaven?

    -Read Matt 5:1-12 - Be Attitudes

    -V4 – Is 57:18 Mourners of backsliders

    -V5 – Gal 5:22-23 Fruit of the Holy Spirit

    -V6 – Ps 34:19 Many are the afflications of the righteous but God delivers them out of all their troubles.

    -V7 – Merciful people stay at a place of forgiveness on the inside… They will always show mercy to people/situation done to them… so whatever you sow that shall you reap.

    -V8 - Prov 22:11

    -V9 – Eph 6:15 – your feet are shod with the gospel of peace

    -Read Matt 5:43-48 – Love your enemies


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    Eleventh Show - Kingdom of Heaven

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    Kingdom of Heaven

    Study Matt 18 – Body of Christ – Which one are you in the kingdom of heaven?

    - Read Matt 18:1-5 – Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

    - Read Matt 18: 6-9 – Offenses

    - Read Matt 18:10-14 – The Lost Sheep

    - Read Matt 18:15-20 – Handling offense with a sinning brother

    - Read Matt 18:21-35 – Unforgiving Servant

    -  Read Matt 5:7 The merciful

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    How does the bible describe the believer's inheritance in Christ Jesus? JOIN US ON THE GOSPEL TABLE TALK to hear and learn more about it.

    FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK live Morning Broadcast daily at 6:30 am, Prayer, Praise and Prophecy with Pastor Mary Washington, Ft. Worth, TX PUREWORD FOR EVERYDAY CHRISTIANS Evening Broadcasts MONDAY - SUNDAY



    WEDNESDAY ~ 8 Pm IN THE WORD [Mid - Week Discipleship]

    THURSDAY ~ 8 Pm WOMEN OF FAITH [Sister to Sister]

    FRIDAY ~ 8 Pm: MEN OF VALOR [Brothers Bonding]



    Online: School of Prophets Theological Institute (Bible Curriculum).

    FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK one Ministry with many services: Go to FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK for 6:30 am prayer and services. Visit us at www.thevoiceofreasons.org and contact us voiceofreasons@live.com.  We appreciate you, Partner With Us in carrying the Gospel to the nations making disciples; your gift will help us reach more people and fulfill the great commission. Thank you for your generous donation.

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    Tenth Show - Kingdom of Heaven

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    The kingdom of Heaven

    Study Matt 13 – Grounds; Wheat and Tares; Mustard Seed; Hidden Treasure; Pearl of Great Price

    -Body Of Christ – Which one are you in the kingdom of heaven?

    -Read Matt 13:1-9 – 4 Types of Ground

    -Read Matt 13: 10-17 – Purpose of Parables

    -Read Matt 13:18-23 – Explanation of the 4 types of Grounds

    -Read Matt 13:24-30 – Wheat and Tares

    -Read Matt 13:31-32 – Mustard Seed

    -Read Matt 13:33 – Leavened

    -Read Matt 13:34-35 – Prophecy and Parables

    -Read Matt 13:36-43 – Explanation of the Wheat and Tares and Rev 3:7-13 – The faithful Church

    -Read Matt 13:44-46 – Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price

    -Are you God pleasers from your heart or man pleasers?
    No in motive your heart to get things from God but truly loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

    -Both the righteous and unrighteous will be in operation until Jesus returns.  You have to decide which one you want to be in His Kingdom.

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    "Indie Gospel"!

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    Join us this Sunday, April 26, 2015 @ 6:30 p.m. with your hosts, Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle as they continue to bring Independent Gospel Music at its best, right here on "Glorious Gospel Vibes"!  Tune in to enjoy some of the most talented Indie Gospel Artists of all times. Glorious Gospel Vibes is also looking for more independent gospel artists, so contact them at gloriousgospelvibes@gmail.com for an exclusive interview on their broadcast.  Also joining them will be Min. Lois "Candee" Vernon and Sista Vangelist Peppercorn will be in 'da house and as she says, "Don't be slow, cuz we gon be on fa sho" right here on Blog Talk Radio!! Holla!

    For on-air questions and comments: (347) 677-0645



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