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    Shady and Marshall Trades Discussed + Free Agency ready to Explode

    in Sports

    Wow, could we have had a bigger week leading into free agency? Let's just fire away at these topics tonight. 

    We take a look at the Shady McCoy and Brandon Marshall trades in depth. Peyton Manning to return. MJD Retires.

    Marshawn Lynch gets a new deal to stay with the Hawks

    Reggie Wayne no longer a Colt. Greg Olsen gets a new deal to stay with the Panthers. Niles Paul re-signed a 3 yr to stay with the Skins. Boom Herron and Chris Hogan both re-signed.

    We break down a recent high stakes draft, the Trendsetters draft at NFFC. 

    Rumors: Jets will release Harvin. Seahawks floated as possibility for Julius Thomas. Raiders going to take serious run at Randall Cobb (10mil?) and Julius Thomas both? Revis to get "anything he wants" from the Jets? Bowe to be cut from the Chiefs? Saints and Skins taking a run at Justin Forsett. CJ Spiller a fit with the Iggles? Shorts and Wallace are likely goners, Bears make it known Cutler is OTB. Hartline will take less to play with Tom? Harry Douglas to meet with the Titans? Vereen seeking 3.5Mil down from 5M.

    and we can't foget about AD who provided the Vikes with a list of 5 teams he'd be willing to restructure his current contract with - AZ, IND, DAL, SD and TB




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    Critical Discourse – 2012 (Still, by God’s Grace) We Live

    in Current Events

    Well, we dodged “The Bullet”; you know, we were supposed to be goners by 12-21-12?
    It was some year; Climatic disasters, political intensity, economic teetering, social re-engineering.
    The Supreme Court mandated (so-called Obamacare), and speaking of, his devotees were complete with glee, upon his re-coronation – I mean, re-election, as President of the United States.
    The 2 Amendment is definitely the “color of the day”, as the issue of the right to bear arms has been in recent weeks, hotly debated, in the wake of the carnage in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut.
    [Non-medical] marijuana legalized? Well, Obama doesn’t seem to mind, given his most interesting “response” of having” bigger fish to fry” – Hmmm, I wonder if HE inhaled!
    Anyway, we plan to have a 2012 retrospective, as we God-Willing, enter into 2013.
    What will 2013 bring us? A complete fall off the Fiscal Cliff? More suppression of the right to self-defense? More social/family re-engineering/redefinition? How about international affairs? Will John Kerry be confirmed as the next Secretary of State? Voter I.D. laws?
    Join us for what should turn out to be, a most provocative of shows, as can only be heard on Critical Discourse.